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About Us

The TV Tower
The TV Tower

Prague TV is an online city directory, entertainment guide and community resource. Started in 2001, Prague TV has grown into the web's most visited source for information related to Prague and the Czech Republic. The site contains an estimated 400,000 pages and is updated daily. It includes comprehensive features that covers all aspects of visiting or living in Prague.

Some features of the site include:

  • Prague Directory (with over 5,500 venues)
  • Events Listings (3,000 events per month)
  • Cinema Listings
  • Prague Jobs
  • Real Estate listings, featuring over 4,000 properties
  • Articles - including reviews, interviews, reccommendations, and useful tips
  • A Visitor's Guide - for those looking to travel to Prague
  • Relocation Resources - for those just moving to the Czech Republic
  • Free Classifieds - buying, selling, trading, finding
  • Expat Q & A - the international community's help resource

  • Tools on the site allow visitors to check exchange rates, convert between currencies, search for local embassies and consulates, look up Czech name days, make hotel reservations, and purchase tickets online. Also, regular users can sign up for free accounts enabling them to customise the display of various parts of the site, sign up for daily email bulletins, configure email reminders, and use the advanced options available in the discussion forums.

    Why the ".tv"?

    It begins with Tuvalu, pronounced "too-VAH-loo." Contrary to popular beliefs, Prague TV was born not in the wilds of Bohemia but on the shores of the world's smallest nation, Tuvalu. (Smallest except for Vatican City, but any country with 'city' in their name should surely be left off the list.) Tuvalu will always be the land of our beginning (it all starts with a name, right?) even if she does sink.

    The Tuvalu Islands are located in the Pacific Ocean midway between Hawaii and Australia. With the exception of tiny Vatican City, it is the independent nation with the fewest inhabitants. Due to their low elevation (5 meters, or 14 feet maximum), the islands that make up this nation are threatened by any future sea level rise. The population may evacuate during the next decades to New Zealand, or Niue, a small Pacific island (independent but associated with New Zealand) that isn't threatened by sea level rise, but does have decreasing population.

    The Pacific Islands nation of Tuvalu, population 10,600, for years had survived by selling stamps, fishing licenses and collecting foreign aid. Now, thanks to an alphabetic quirk, the country makes $50 million a year in royalties from the ability to sell Internet names and electronic mail addresses ending in Tuvalu's country code, ".tv."

    For more on Tuvalu, read the article, Tuvalu and .tv.

    For more questions regarding PTV, continue reading with our FAQ.


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