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Unique impressionist photography on display in Prague at the start of December

Unique impressionist photography on display in Prague at  the start of December
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Prague Impressions, the third annual Christmas show and sale of work by Canadian impressionist photographer Paul Pacey, combines urban snapshots and nature landscapes for the first time. The exhibition, brought to life by premium fine art printing studio ArtImaging, will be held at Galerie Jakubská, Prague 1, on December 6-7, 2012. The pictures on display address the viewer with a strong power and indicate the maturation of a new art genre – impressionist photography.

“If you are looking for a particular message in my pictures, you’ won’t find it. So much of contemporary art has become so intellectual that it’s become a parody of itself. Clever is easy to find in an art gallery, but how many people want it on their walls?” asks Paul Pacey. “It’s not that I believe message doesn’t have a valuable place in art. But for this collection, it’s more important to me how a piece of art simply looks and feels than it is about making some type of statement. I’d rather people meditate to my pictures than have to think about them,” he says.

Making beauty out of chaos
Pacey, 40, has been studying photography independently since 1997. His impressionist photography style started to develop in 2008. Previously, he spent several years shooting fashion. “Fashion is one of the highest forms of combining art and commerce in photography,” he says. But after a while, the passion that he started out with gave way to a sense of creative stagnation. “To succeed within fashion, one must maintain a meticulous sense of control over the tiniest details, and above all, be consistent. Once I began to learn what worked from a client’s point of view, the sense of experimentation that was my greatest weapon when I started was eventually replaced by a repetition of formulas. … The more I learned about how to shoot fashion, the less satisfied I felt about it,” he recalls. In 2006 Pacey moved to Prague to leave behind his portfolio and re-approach photography with the eyes of a beginner. Two years, and several directions later, he began to uncover a new style for himself. “Impressionist
photography appealed to the same sense of spontaneity and experimentation that had served me before I figured out what was allowed or not. When I discovered it, it felt liberating because I didn’t have to worry about comparing myself to any other photographers out there ,” he says.

Refining a new art genre
There are other authors who already claim to represent impressionist photography, but Pacey plunged head-on into the style in an attempt to refine it. “I’ve spent four years refining this technique. For me it is the perfect balance between control and chaos. And that touches me personally. On the one hand I control the technical elements of the camera, even moving it like a brush, but the chaos comes from the room that I leave between the moment I press and release the shutter. This brings an element of surprise and uniqueness. I couldn’t reproduce the same photograph twice even if I tried,” he says.

“Impressionist photography is a genre waiting to happen. It is so totally different from how the camera has been traditionally used, and it is just waiting for the recognition it deserves,” he notes.

City landscapes and nature impressions
Prague Impressions embraces two central themes: urban landscapes and the natural world. The exhibition brings together some of Pacey’s most successful Prague Impressions masterpieces, plus a series of new items based on nature motifs. In total, the exhibition features 21 images printed on premium-grade fine art canvas by ArtImaging, plus 21 new smaller pieces on watercolor paper. It runs Thursday and Friday, December 6-7, 2012, and is open to the public from 18:00 to 20:30 at Galerie Jakubská in Prague 1. The exhibition features a silent auction, where visitors can bid for individual works of art.
“I think my ego may have been too fragile to attempt an auction format in the past,” Pacey says. “Yet, at the end of the day, my job is to create the work, and let it go. I’m too close to the work to try to assign a dollar value to it. Only the public can do that. The fact that I have no idea how it will all turn out is in the same exact spirit of the unknown with which the work was created. I control what I can, and the rest is simply beyond me” Pacey concludes. “I love that.”

ArtImaging, the premium art reproduction studio responsible for the quality prints for the exhibition, started collaborating with Paul Pacey from its very beginning in September 2011. “Since then, we have been working together on several projects and exhibitions, learning to support and appreciate his unique way of capturing and sharing the beauty around us,” said Flavia Parvu, owner of ArtImaging, who lived in Canada for 13 years before moving to Prague in 2009. “I believe that Paul’s art blurs the boundary between photography and painting, and these are the very domains where our studio functions and where we know we can deliver value to artists. It has been amazing to watch Paul develop his technique and grow his artistic career. We always admired his courage in taking calculated risks with both of them, and we feel privileged and proud to have contributed to Paul’s success,” she said.

ArtImaging is a premium art reproduction studio that specializes in museum-quality digital image capture and Giclée art printing, with adherence to the archival printmaking standards. ArtImaging proudly serves visual artists, photographers, museums, art galleries and art collectors.


For more information please contact:
Flavia Parvu
Managing director
m: +420 734 457 823

Cristina Muntean
Media Education CEE
PR advisor
m: +420 776 574 925

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