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Burger King at Metropole Zličín

Braving crowds of Christmas shoppers, Brewsta visits the American fast food chain's first Prague outlet

Burger King at Metropole Zličín
Photos: Brewsta
By Brewsta
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I always do the first line well, but I have trouble doing the others.
The first thing I noticed at the first Burger King in the Czech Republic was the herd of people waiting to place an order.

Burger King, Prague

There were three times more people waiting there than at the Metropole Zličín mall's neighboring McDonald's or KFC.

I was surprised how small the service counter was.

Burger King, Prague

Luckily, I chose the line with the fastest cashier and got to the register in about five minutes.

Others waited quite a bit longer, especially if they asked for custom-made burgers. There were pre-made regular Whoppers and Big Kings to expedite orders.

While waiting, I pondered the menu meals, which include fries and a drink.

Burger King, Prague

1. Whopper menu - 109 CZK
2. Double Whopper menu - 129 CZK
3. Big King menu - 99 CZK
4. Big King XXL - 129 CZK
5. Double Cheeseburger menu - 99 CZK
6. Crispy Chicken Sandwich menu - 99 CZK
7. Long Chicken Sandwich menu -- 109 CZK
8. Grilled Chicken Wrap - 105 CZK

You can get a bigger drink and fries for an extra 10 CZK. Bacon and cheese were available for an extra 10 CZK.

On a paper menu they gave us, I also saw they had items like wings, onion rings, and salads. But we had already placed our order.

While I was in the mosh pit at the registers, V was in search of a table, all of which were taken. This was no full restaurant. Just part of the food court.

Burger King, Prague

Metropole Zličín mall was a madhouse, especially because it was holiday season.

She saw some people finishing up and waited by the table. Then, she had a little confrontation with a man who tried to take it.

"I was waiting here first," she said.

"Yeah, but you have no food. I'm ready to eat."

"It's coming," she replied, standing her ground.

"That's not right," he grumbled and moved off.

I arrived at the table with our order: a Double Whopper, a grilled chicken wrap, two orders of fries, a Coke, a Coke Light (Diet Coke), and three ketchups (5 CZK each).

Burger King, Prague

The total was 249 CZK.

The Double Whopper was much the same as the many others I've eaten. It had that great flame-broiled flavor that puts it a step above McDonald's in my book.

Burger King, Prague

I love the smoky taste.

The build-quality was not the best I've seen. The best I've ever had was a beautifully constructed, well-balanced, fresh Whopper at a BK just outside Munich.

It was the BMW of Whoppers.

The one at Metropole Zličín was the Škoda of Whoppers, which is no bad thing these days. But not top of the line.

Burger King, Prague

The biggest fault was too much mayo, followed by haphazard onion, lettuce, and beef patty placement.

I like BK fries better than McDonald's fries. They are slightly thicker cut and feel more substantial.

Burger King, Prague

There were fewer little runt fries at the bottom of the bag.

I had a couple of bites of V's grilled chicken wrap. She liked that the meat was not breaded and also had the smoky flavor from the grill. It had a tomato salsa inside, along with wilted lettuce, and mayo.

Burger King, Prague

I didn't think the mayo and salsa went well together. Also, the flour tortilla didn't have much structural integrity. It was floppy and hard to hold without the chicken falling out. Best to stick with the burgers.

More outlets will probably open in the center.

But I don't I'll be going to a Czech Burger King again anytime soon.

For a while at least, they'll be like the one at this mall: crowded, hectic, and generally unpleasant.

I did well with the first line. But I'd have trouble doing it at the others.

Burger King, Prague

Burger King
Metropole Zličín
Řevnická 1
Prague 5

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• This article was originally posted on Czech Please, a weblog dedicated to the food and drink scene in Prague and beyond

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