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English-Language Graduate Studies in Prague

Several Prague universities offer master's and doctorate programs suitable for expatriates working in the city

English-Language Graduate Studies in Prague
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Whether you want to improve your CV, increase your options, raise your salary, or just gain some brain, it's possible to earn a master's degree or doctorate in Prague from a school that you actually may have heard of before!

Charles University (Univerzita Karlova) and its related faculties -- the law faculty, philosophy faculty, etc. -- offer a multitude of master's and doctoral programs. For more information on English-language courses, see the Charles University website.

The University of Economics, Prague (Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze), meanwhile, offers many programs in conjunction with international universities, at both the master's and doctoral level. For more information, see the VŠE website.

Although these two schools cover a wide range of graduate programs, their courses are mostly full-time, multiple-year study programs -- bad news for anyone who has to work.

Many of the graduate programs presented here are more flexible, business-related courses, such as MBAs and human resources qualifications, geared towards professionals with exacting schedules.

Issues such as visa requirements, accreditation, scholarships and financial aid differ from school to school. For more information, see the Ryan Scott article Studying in the Czech Republic.

The table below provides information on the universities, colleges and institutes in Prague catering for international students and to professionals who want to study in English.

Please note that the information presented here is subject to (often ridiculous) changes. Remember my motto: "When dealing with [insert expletive + word] in the Czech Republic, it's never the same story twice."

But because the schools listed below frequently work with international institutions, you may have better luck finding someone capable of providing you with accurate information.

CMC Graduate School of BusinessEMBA, 15 months, full-timeThunderbird School of Global Management, Arizona, USA39,500 USD
MBA, 20 months, full-timeDePaul University, Illinois, USA

19,950 USD

MS/MSc in Human Resources Management, 14 months, full-timeDePaul University, Illinois, USA13,000 USD
University of Public Administration and International Relations, Prague (Vysoká škola veřejné správy a mezinárodních vztahů)MA in International Relations and European Studies, two years, full-time
 55,000 CZK per year
Czech Technical University - Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies (České vysoké učení technické - Masarykův ústav vyšších studií) MBA, combination of five-day blocks and one-day workshops
Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, UK
321,000 CZK + VAT
MS/MSc in Human Resources Management, combination of five-day blocks and one-day workshops Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, UK

450,000 + VAT

Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague (Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze)MSc/MS in Agriculture Economics and Management; Informatics; Natural Resources and Environment; Forestry, Water and Landscape Management; or Technology and Environmental Engineering, two years each, full-time Various EU partner universities Contact for information
Institute of Finance and Administration (Vysoké školy finanční a správní)
MBA, 15 months, weekends and online
City University of Seattle - Bratislava, Slovakia
231,000 CZK + VAT/books
The New Anglo-American College in Prague (Anglo-americká vysoká škola)MBA, 18 months, weekends Chapman University, California, USA
231,000 CZK + VAT/books
MA in Quantitative Asset and Risk Management (begins Fall 2009), two years, full-time
Various international universities Contact for information
MA in Public Policy, two years, full-time
 Contact for information
MA in Humanities, two years, full-time  Contact for information
MA in International Relations and Diplomacy, two years, full-time
 Contact for information
University of New York in Prague
MBA, 18 months, 1) online and 2) weekends

1) National American University, South Dakota, USA

2) Institut Universitaire Kurt Bösch, Valais, Switzerland
299,000 CZK
EMBA in Tourism Management, one year

Contact for information

MA in Professional Communication and PR, 15 months, weekends
La Salle University, Pennsylvania, USA
207,000 CZK
University of Northern Virginia Prague
MBA Finance/MBA General Management/MBA Marketing/MBA Project Management, 18 months, weekends
University of Northern Virginia, USA
224,000 CZK + VAT
University of Pittsburgh
EMBA, 15 months, one Wednesday-to-Sunday session per month
 Contact for information
US Business School Praha
MBA, one year (full-time) or two-to-four years (part-time) Contact for information

• All the above information is subject to change

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