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Keeping your pooch happy and safe

Keeping your pooch happy and safe
Photo: Jerry Reynolds
By Martina Čermáková
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Whether you’re a seasoned dog owner or a first-timer, a Praha veteran or you plan on relocating to Prague together with your four-legged companion, here is a rundown of questions you’ll likely be asking yourself at one point or another.

Where can I take my dog?

Dogs are welcome most places and, most of the time, you’ll be able to take them to cafés and restaurants. Public areas where dogs aren’t allowed are clearly marked with no-dogs signs.

If you’re traveling by public transit, makes sure your pooch has a muzzle on and a valid ticket unless they’re in a carrier.

What are the rules for walking my dog?

You might be surprised, but, officially, your dog should be on the leash in all public places except for designated off-leash areas. Bigger parks like Stromovka, Letenské sady and Riegrovy sady, have off-leash sections marked by signs. While the rule isn’t often enforced, you can be fined for letting your dog run free. A bigger worry than fines should definitely be off-leash poorly socialized dogs, and you’ll notice that, unfortunately, Prague has plenty of those.

Although Prague officials have attempted to address the poop-lined sidewalks—including a proposal of DNA tracking by Prague 7— you will most likely need a “special” pair of dog walking shoes. Rarely done, but police officers can fine you 1,000 CZK for not cleaning up after your dog.

What should I do if my dog gets lost/runs away?

If your dog doesn’t return to the spot you’ve last seen him/her within two to three hours, contact the Trója shelter at 283.011.711 (V Zámcích 56, Prague 8) to find out whether someone has already reported or found your dog. Make sure you give them details about the dog and your contact information, and keep checking their online database regularly.

If your dog has a microchip, also contact the National Dog Owners’ Register at 602.611.053 and inform them about the time and place of disappearance, your dog’s microchip number and your contact details. If you’re a paying member (or for a one-time fee of 556 CZK), you can have the information about your missing dog sent out to vets, animal shelters and other organizations.

What do I do in an emergency?

In case your dog needs emergency care and you can’t get him/her to a veterinary clinic, you can contact Pet Medic at 724.184.840 who provides first aid in urgent cases and will transport your dog to the nearest clinic.

What if I’m leaving town and my dog needs to stay behind?

There are a number of pet hotels in and around Prague. If you’re looking for individual care or want your pooch be looked after in your own home by a professional, then Pawz would love to help you out. We also offer dog walking, dog running and puppy care, all tailored to your pooch’s needs. We understand the bond between you and your pet is a strong one, and we tailor our services and communication accordingly. And by that we mean top-notch customer service, reliability and meaningful feedback.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Martina about any pooch-related questions at or 602.318.006.

Martina Čermáková

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