Moustache + November = Movember

by Sam Beckwith

Gentlemen, start your moustaches — Movember is almost upon us.

Starting on Sunday, this “month-long celebration of the moustache” aims to raise awareness of of prostate cancer, and money for its prevention and treatment.

Participants are encouraged to begin November clean-shaven then grow a “mo’” as the month progresses.

Originating in Adelaide, Australia in 1999, the Movember (“Moustache November”) phenomenon has now spread around the world, reaching the Czech Republic.

Movember in Prague culminates with a Stereo MC’s concert at SaSaZu on November 28 and will benefit the Nada?ní fond onkologie pro 21. století cancer charity.

See the links below for more information on Movember here and around the world.

Movember ?eská republika (in Czech)
Movember Worldwide (in English)

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