Public Transport Strike on Thursday

by Sam Beckwith

Stock image of Prague metro train

A 24-hour public transport strike, from midnight to midnight on Thursday, June 16, is set to cause major disruption in Prague.

Tram, bus, metro and train services will all be severely affected, if not entirely halted, although privately owned bus services in and out of the city are not expected to join the strike. All six ferry services across the Vltava will be operating as normal.

Union members are reportedly planning to block certain streets in Prague, although the exact locations have not yet been announced.

The Prague metro will operate normally on Wednesday night, with the last trains leaving end stations at midnight as usual, but will remain closed all day Thursday.

The unions are protesting a package of government austerity measures that includes reforms to pensions, healthcare and the tax system.

The strike was originally called for Monday but was postponed until Thursday when a court ruled that the unions had failed to give the three days’ notice required under Czech law.

Talking last week, Prague Mayor Bohuslav Svoboda advised anyone who could avoid the city to do so on the day of the strike.

This information was correct as of 12 noon on Tuesday, June 14 but is subject to change.

For the latest information on the public transport situation, see the Czech-language DPP and Ropid websites.

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