French Kiss DJ’s at Akropolis tonight!!!

by Norman the Nomad

French Kiss in action

DJ French Peanuts and DJ Space Monkey play at Palac Akropolis tonight in Mala Scena. Check it out if you like dancing to funky music so much that you would happily ram yourself headfirst through a concrete wall to get to the party. I mean, Akropolis has doors so you won’t have to actually do that, but that’s the love of music we’re talking about here. This time they will be bringing a live saxophone player to thicken the plot.

Here’s a little sample of them in action:

Do not be tricked by imposters! Make sure you find the real thing!

If you can’t make this show, they play again tomorrow night in Club Vertigo, where it will be French Kiss vs. Mindbeam Digidub in an all-out melange of amazing sound.

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