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Interview with Brent Watkins - Svoboda Williams Investment Management

Prague “is not a financial center.” But there is “a juicy bit of...

Anna Storm - Prague.TV | 08.08.2015
9 staggering truths about property rental laws

Advice on renting a flat in cooperation with our Partner Czech Point 101

If you are either a tenant or a landlord in Czech Republic, here are...

Nathan Brown - Czech Point 101 | 30.07.2015
Private apartment rather than a hotel - different tourist experience

FLAT IN PRAGUE is offering an attractive alternative to hotel stays

Your friends are coming to Prague for a few days and ask you to...

Flat in Prague | 19.12.2014
In a hotel like a tourist or like a local in a private apartment?

FLAT IN PRAGUE is offering an attractive alternative to hotel stays!

While hotels might be the first place that springs to mind when...

Prague.TV | 16.12.2014
Nový Žižkov Project

A modern urban area surrounded by greenery

Can you briefly introduce the project you are preparing? A brand new, modern, sophisticated urban area set into greenery and...

Nový Žižkov Project | 13.08.2014
Purchasing your own home in the Czech Republic

Czech Republic is an ideal country for both investing and living

The long-term stability enjoyed by the Czech Republic makes it an ideal country for both investing and living. Interest from...

FINEP | 05.06.2014
Tips for renting and buying apartments

What to expect and what to avoid when looking for an aparatment

Every year, thousands of people head to Prague because of work, study and perhaps even happiness. There are also many foreigners...

Home Sweet Home | 18.02.2014
Czech Property Forecast for 2014

A look back at our 2013 property forecast

To begin we'll take a quick look back on our forecast for 2013 and see what actually occurred and what did not. In 2013 we had...

Nathan Brown | 02.01.2014
Major Legislative Changes Regarding Real Estate in the Czech Republic Introduced by the New Czech...

A complex recodification of Czech private law will become effective...

Rutland Ježek | 11.12.2013
President to look for a new office

Campaign aims to draw attention towards the corrupt business practices of Czech politicians

“Centuries-old castle in the heart of Prague's historical centre...

Nathan Brown | 15.09.2013
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