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Prague may allow skyscrapers in more places

A proposed zoning plan would cover city development for the next two decades

Prague is known as a city of historical buildings, and for much of...

Raymond Johnston - Prague.TV (Foto: | 19.07.2016
Modřanský Háj: Next Stage of Development Has Commenced

New flats and family houses with gardens to be completed in November...

Prague.TV | 15.07.2016
Malostranské náměstí to open up for the public

One of the initiators of a petition to take back the square discusses its future

There will be a big change on Malostranské náměstí as of July 1. For...

Raymond Johnston - Prague.TV | 29.06.2016
Interview with Serge Borenstein, CEO, Karlín Group

Of Visions and Partnerships

I was excited to meet Mr. Serge Borenstein, CEO of Karlín Group and the man who is primarily associated with the successful and...

Czech Leaders Magazine - Prague.TV | 09.11.2015
What’s driving the property boom?

The current mentality regarding real estate similar to someone looking for a new car

We can describe the situation with a quick story comparing...

Nathan Brown - Czech Point 101 | 21.09.2015
Interview with Brent Watkins - Svoboda Williams Investment Management

Prague “is not a financial center.” But there is “a juicy bit of...

Anna Storm - Prague.TV | 08.08.2015
9 staggering truths about property rental laws

Advice on renting a flat in cooperation with our Partner Czech Point 101

If you are either a tenant or a landlord in Czech Republic, here are...

Nathan Brown - Czech Point 101 | 30.07.2015
Private apartment rather than a hotel - different tourist experience

FLAT IN PRAGUE is offering an attractive alternative to hotel stays

Your friends are coming to Prague for a few days and ask you to...

Flat in Prague | 19.12.2014
In a hotel like a tourist or like a local in a private apartment?

FLAT IN PRAGUE is offering an attractive alternative to hotel stays!

While hotels might be the first place that springs to mind when...

Prague.TV | 16.12.2014
Nový Žižkov Project

A modern urban area surrounded by greenery

Can you briefly introduce the project you are preparing? A brand new, modern, sophisticated urban area set into greenery and...

Nový Žižkov Project | 13.08.2014
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Visitor Centre Staropramen

Uncover the unique story behind the Staropramen brewery in...

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Cobbler's Prague Bakery

First Cobbler's Prague Bakery shop to open in PALLADIUM...


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