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In July Prague is going to be flooded with young...

The sixth year of the football CEE Cup will see 250 players from eight countires including Germany, Brazil and China

The sixth edition of the international football tournament for youth...

CEE Cup - Prague.TV | 27.06.2016
Summer Fun: Climbing in Prague

Enjoy rock climbing outside, inside - everywhere in and near Prague

Rock climbing is a perfect way to have some fun, get a work out or try something new. There are many climbing opportunities in...

Olena Kagui - Prague.TV (Foto: | 13.06.2016
Euro 2016: A guide to the Czech Republic’s...

European Championship kicks off this coming weekend in France

It’s finally here! The UEFA European Championships kicks off on Friday evening when hosts France tackle Romania in the opening...

Mark Smith - Prague.TV (Foto: Česká fotbalová... | 08.06.2016
Czech Cricket

Českomoravského kriketového svaz


Category: Cricket Clubs |
HC Hvězda Praha

Ice Hockey Club in Prague 6

Na Rozdílu 1, Prague, 160 05

Category: Ice Hockey teams and clubs | +420 235 352 759
FK Dukla Prague

FK Dukla Praha

Na Julisce 28, Prague, 160 00

Category: Football Clubs | +420 220 514 312
Czech Footballgolf Association

Footballgolf is for everyone!

Náměstí Lužické 211/15, 408 01 Rumburk, 408 01

Category: Sports Centers | +420 737 278 711
Fotbal Park Praha

First Prague Footballgolf course

Formanská 446, Prague, 149 00

Category: Football Clubs | +420 725 917 917
Prague Black Cats American Football

Prague Black Panthers Ladies Team

Vladivostocká ul. 1460/10, Prague 10, 100 00

Category: American Football Clubs |
Praga Arena

The largest and most modern go-cart arena in Czech Republic!

Jiriho ze Vtelna 1731, Prague, 193 00

Category: Go-Karting | +420 777 499 999
HC Sparta Praha

HC Sparta Prague

Za Elektrárnou 419, Prague, 170 00

Category: Ice Hockey teams and clubs | +420 266 727 454
Ski Go Home

Ski Rental, SNB Rental, Ski Service, Bike Service

Na Březince 8, Prague 5, 15000

Category: Ski and Snowboard Rentals | +420 608 871 851
AC Sparta Prague

AC Sparta Praha

Milady Horákové 1066/98, Prague 7, 170 00

Category: Football Clubs | +420 296 111 400
Gorumet Plus Club

Business gourmet club offering its members 30% off total à...


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Holmes Place Premium Karlín

Flexi membership with summer months for free!

Visitor Centre Staropramen

Uncover the unique story behind the Staropramen brewery in...

Kotlářka Prague

Kotlářka Praha - American Baseball

FK Dukla Prague

FK Dukla Praha

Prague Black Cats American...

Prague Black Panthers Ladies Team

HC Hvězda Praha

Ice Hockey Club in Prague 6

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