Prague Candy Festival

Enjoy a day of desserts and sweet fashion against anorexia

The Prague Candy Festival is a unique event for lovers of all things sweet: chocolate, cakes, cupcakes, macaroons, bonbons, pralines, muffins, raw desserts, cake pops, hot chocolate, sugar-coated fruit, fruit juices, ice cream and of course plenty of sweet drinks.

If reading this hasn't already put you in a sugar coma, this event is perfect for you. On Sunday, April 17th at Hotel Pyramid you can enjoy the sweetest festival of the year that will also feature a fashion show, live cake-making and there will even be competition for some sweet prizes. Does this sound like heaven? Well it's just the reality of the Prague Candy Festival.

There will be a full program from 12:30 until 17:30 full of excitingly sweet performances and presentations. Come enjoy watching live baking of honey cake, pralines and cupcakes. You can also taste some delicious fruit juices that will show you that sweet and healthy can go hand-in-hand.

The highlight of the event however is Sweet Power – fashion against anorexia. Evelyn Cviklová will once again be celebrating women the way they are. The young and talented fashion designer sees fashion slightly differently and she's not afraid of to go against the flow. She wants to be a role model for young women which is why she uses her designs to underline natural female beauty.

The fashion show has a strong name for a reason: Cviklová truly believes that fashion can help the fight against anorexia. The show will contrast serious problems in the form of eating disorders compared to sweet, crisp models. The designer is against the unrealistic ideal that regular fashion promotes.

Because of this idea, millions of girls develop disorders in hopes of transforming their bodies. This is why Cviklová wants to promote natural beauty of women who have hips and a feminine shape. She does not believe in women trying to hide or get rid of the parts of their bodies that they should instead learn to love. The most important thing that women should celebrate is their health.

This Candy Festival will introduce candy and sweets from a variety of companies. Visitors will enjoy classic cakes, trending raw alternatives and even 'fast foods' that are healthy. In combination with the fashion show, the festival will show that sweet doesn't mean unhealthy and will promote healthy balanced eating.

Prague Candy Festival:

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