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Tue 27th Nov 2012 at 20:00
Price: 490 CZK / 620 CZK

Music: All
Lucerna Music Bar
VodiŤkova 704/36, 110 00 Prague 1 - +420 224 215 957
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American post-punk band Swans celebrates 30th anniversary that coincides with the new album The Seer at Lucerna Music Bar on Tuesday, November 27th.

Crawling out of the same noisy, arty New York underground that sired Sonic Youth and Lydia Lunch, Swans created a dark, abrasive, murky, slowed-down noise rock that served as a starting point for their ruminations about alienation, depression, depravity, and the disturbing side of human nature.

Led by Michael Gira, the band first appeared on record in 1982 with a self-titled EP, entering its creative peak with 1987's Children of God and the follow-up Feel Good Now, securing a deal with MCA. Their first MCA album, The Burning World, came the closest to mainstream rock of anything they had done up to that point, and 1991's White Light From the Mouth of Infinity continued that trend until the band dissolved in 1997.

After a nearly 15-year break Swans reformed in 2010. Since then, they've released three albums. Their new album, The Seer, released in August this year, according to Gira took 30 years to make. "Itís the culmination of every previous Swans album as well as any other music Iíve ever made, been involved in or imagined. But itís unfinished, like the songs themselves. Itís one frame in a reel. The frames blur, blend and will eventually fade.Ē


Advance tickets are available through Ticketportal, Ticketpro and Ticketstream for 490 CZK or at the door for 620 CZK.


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