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The Butterfly Effect?

Mon 14th Jan 2013
Price: 120 CZK

Exhibitions: All
Galerie Rudolfinum
Alovo nbe 79/12, Prague 1 - +420 224 893 205
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The Butterfly Effect?

The Rudolfinum Gallery is hosting an exhibit The Butterfly Effect? which explores the deconstruction of the whole through March 10th.

The exhibit features six painters from three different generations that in their own way seek to deconstruct or defragment unity.

The butterfly effect expresses the sensitive dependence of the development of a system on initial conditions where a small change at one place can result in large differences to a later state. According to the organizers, the question mark in the title of the exhibition refers to the multiplication and mirroring of the questions themselves established by the authors in the basic layers of the exhibited paintings.

For more details, visit the official Rudolfinum Gallery website. (In Czech and English)


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