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TEFL Reviews and Testimonial Scams

Posted by: ITTP - [user profile]
Date posted: 2012-10-11 23:07 (edited on 2012-10-12 06:54)
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Hi :-)

This post is in response to Chris Westergaard's earlier post 'TEFL Reviews and Testimonial Scams', which has recently been brought to our attention.

Yes, I agree that the industry needs some tighter regulation.
Having lived in Prague and having been involved with the EFL/TEFL industry now for over 17 years, I am painfully aware (from first hand experience) of some examples of behind the scenes activities which TEFL schools are known to get up to.
Had we realized just how competitive the industry was then we might have initially re-thought our decision to join it.

Let me start though by addressing the 2+2=5 logic put forward by Chris. I think we are aware that a few schools assume that because we are the top rated school on that we are somehow linked to that site. A competitive school has anyway been taking great lengths to try and smear this laughable claim on us. For the record: we are not and if we did have the time to run such a site then we would simply not as it would be unethical. That's all I am going to write about regarding this as I feel the (unfounded and many) allegations by this school are nonsense.

Regarding Chris' other point, I do have to agree.
Quite a few years ago there appeared on a local expat website in Prague a prolific forum poster with the forum name handle 'John Cold'. Whenever anyone had a question about this or that TEFL school, John would be there to help out with his seemingly unbiased feedback. He created a lovely little niche for himself on that site and was regarded as an authority on TEFL. To cut a long story short, it transpired that John Cold ran the TEFL school up the road from us and this very person has posted recently in this Discussions section of

I think it was a shame back then that this individual had obviously stumbled blindly off the path of ethical business and it is a shame that today they choose to spend a large chunk of their time attacking our school instead.

We wish everyone all the success which they deserve and peace and TEFL love.

Hezky den!/Lovely day!

Neville :-)
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