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US uses Czechs as Euro Trojan Horse

Posted by: Letnan
Date posted: 2008-02-11 11:49 (edited on 2008-02-11 12:06)
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Czech References in Guardian article:

"Washington appears close to striking accords on the new travel regime with Greece and the Czech Republic. Both countries have sizeable diaspora communities in America, while their citizens need visas to enter the US. Visa-free travel would be popular in both countries."

"A senior EU official said the Americans could get "a gung-ho frontrunner" to sign up to the new regime and then use that agreement "as a rod to beat the other member states with". The frontrunner appears to be the Czech Republic. On Wednesday, Richard Barth of the department of homeland security was in Prague to negotiate with the Czech deputy prime minister, Alexandr Vondra."

""Prague hoped to sign the US memorandum "in the spring", Vondra said. "The EU has done nothing for us on visas," he said. "There was no help, no solidarity in the past. It's in our interest to move ahead. We can't just wait and do nothing. We have to act in the interest of our citizens.""

"While the Czechs are in a hurry to sign up, Brussels is urging delay in order to try to reach a common European position."

""There is a process of consultation and coordination under way," said Jonathan Faull, a senior European commission official involved in the negotiations with the Americans."
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Pacman - [profile] Mon Feb 11th 17:29 2008 / #1
Not to mention that an American may become the next president. That is, if they ever get around to voting :)

And, the supporters are the "left wing" here. It's a strange world. I mean I can't get my head completely around European politics. But let me get this straight. A UK newspaper is criticising the Czech Republic for being too closely allied with the US??? Give me a break. Seems they forgot about their own little lapdog fairly quickly.

Like it or not but EU skepticism is high and someone needs to fill that gap. I think they need to do some housekeeping of their own because of course the US will sweep in and use them for whatever they can. That's what the US does. What's the big surprise?
Captain - [profile] Tue Feb 12th 14:14 2008 / #2
Every thinking person acts in their own self interest. The smarter ones act in their own enlightened self interest (meaning looking into the future). Seems to me that the Czech Republic is making pretty much the right decisions with respect to this. The main threat to the soverignty and economic security of the Czech Republic is not the United States but the unelected bureaucracy in Brussels. Just imagine Hitler with a bad French accent and you pretty much have it. The UK is a complete lost cause as they now have decided that although polygamy is against the law the wives acquired in another country are eligible for benefits. Talk about strange!
andrewgray - [profile] Tue Oct 9th 13:13 2012 / #3
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step95 - [profile] Mon Apr 22nd 04:56 2013 / #4
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