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Prague TV / PILL Flood Fundraiser
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Prague TV and The Pill would like to thank all that made our benefit bash a success. The musical feast provided by Beefart, the Zip Orchestra, and DJ Robin Hood left none hungry. Prizes, delicious food, and free beer completed the rounding of everyone's bellies.. All the proceeds went to Charita which will in turn distribute the money to those in need.

Very special thanks to: Bohemia Bagel, Kingpin, City Bike, Fraktal, La Bodega Flamenca, Café Veverka, The Prague Post, Radio 1, Radio Praha, Alien tattoo studio, El Centro, Gitanes, Quadrant Sound System, Bbarak, Prague Center for Further Education, Babi leto festival, Anagram bookstore, Black Market, Pizza West,

and of course YOU!


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