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Futura - Centre for Contemporary Art - Prague, Czech Republic

Holečkova 49, Prague 5
Phone: (+420) 251 511 804
Tram: Bertramka
Open: wed - sun 11 - 6 p.m.
Website: Launch Website

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Description from Futura - Centre for Contemporary Art

Founded in June 2003, Futura is a non-profit space focused on the exhibition and promotion of both international and local contemporary fine art and events. The three-floor building (formerly a factory) has been reconstructed into a combination of "white-cube" exhibition halls and a series of cellar-style spaces, host to a wide variety of visual art including photography, painting, installation, sculpture, and other media. Located in the district of Prague 5 just 10 minutes from the city centre, they have over 800m2 of exhibition space. Open Wednesday to sunday from noon to 7 p.m.

( 24.9. – 30. 11. 2008)

“Archivo Sur”

Art between identity and the mask

curator: Antonio Arévalo participating artists: Aequator lab (Maria Rosa Jijon, Juan Esteban Sandoval in cooperation with Fabian Kueva) / EC / CO/, Alexander Apóstol / VE /, Patricia Bueno / PE/,  Tania Bruguera / CU/, Jota Castro / PE/, Donna Conlon / US / PA/, Juan Downey / CL/, Regina José Galindo / GT/, Alejandro Gomez De Tuddo / MX/, Diango Hernández / CU/, Antonio Manuel / P T/ BR/, Ronald Moran / SV/, Carlos Motta / CO/, Iván Navarro / CL/, Giancarlo Pazzanese /CO/, Javier Téllez / VE/ Recently in Latin America an artistic movement has emerged whose contribution to the contemporary artistic scenario is innovative and creative. "Archivo Sur" represents an opportunity to approach a region that has gone through deep social, political and cultural transformation. The language used by these artists: video, film, diaporama, has a precise purpose in the image world, has a realistic character, adventurous and visionary, to build up a "cadavre exquis" of what Latin American identity may represent in our days. ( 24.9. – 30. 11. 2008)Zbigniew Libera a Guma Guar –he third pair from the project confronting different generations


Description from Prague TV

Open since 2003, Futura focuses on both international and local contemporary art. Located one tram stop past Anděl, in a beautifully renovated building, there are pockets of art throughout the labyrinth taking up three intimate, but abundant levels -- a must-see among Prague's galleries.

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