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Cross Club - Prague, Czech Republic

Amazing industrial music venue
Plynrn 1096/23, 170 00 Prague 7
AKA: Klub Cross
Phone: +420 736 535 010
Metro: Ndra Holeovice (line C)
Tram: 12, 24, 54 (stop: Ndra Holeovice)
Open: Open daily from 14:00
Website: Launch Website

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Description from Cross Club

Located a stones throw from Ndra Holeovice on the ground floor and basement of a rundown housing block (the club's staff and their cats live upstairs), the Cross Club began life as a private hangout, with a strict "friends only" policy until just over a year ago. Now having acquired all the permits and licenses required by Pragues fastidious bureaucrats, word on the club's varied program of DJs, bands and, on Sunday nights, new Czech theater is spreading. Read more...

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Description from Prague TV

Music club in Prague 7-Holeovice.

Welcome to the website of Cross club, an alternative culture centre in Prague. Cross club daily offers music program focused on nonmainstream music styles, both bands and electronic music. Czech and foreign projects meet on two stages and you can often get to see headliners of great festivals from the whole world. Ska, punk, rockabilly, reggae, dub, world music, hardcore, alternative hip-hop, electronic and progressive projects, funky, soul and others dominate in terms of live music. From electronic music you can meet with drumnbass, jungle, breakbeat, dub, dubstep, bassline, tekno, techno, house, electro, psytrance, glitch, brecore and many other music genres.

Besides music parties and concerts you can find here debates, lectures, travelers confabs, exhibitions, theatre and movie screenings. The entrance is often free or at a reasonable price.

The club arose from DIY principles and thats why you can explore incredible interior and exterior pieces created by Frantiek Chmelk and his team. The pieces, such as furnishings and exterior gallery, are made out of iron waste, wood or ceramics. You can find here also a caf offering quality coffee and tea, wines, cocktails, something to munch on and a free wi-fi. The caf is open daily from 2pm and on warm days (from spring to fall) there is an open garden as well. Two music halls arent open until the evening (one opens at 6pm the other one at 8pm) and theyre open till early morning (from Sundays to Thursdays at least until 4am, on Fridays, Saturdays and days

before holidays were open at least until 6am).

If youre interested in an alternative culture in Prague, you should visit us.
This club could be a pretty pleasent place to go out to if it would not be full of thiefs!!!!

Watch out for your stuff! This club is known for thefts of all kind. The local police told me that this happens at the club EVERY day!!!
This place is by far the trippiest club in the world. It's like someone dismembered a troop of terminators and stuck 'e, all over the walls and ceilings.

Crazy music, crazy stoned people, great night out.

I think they stay open till morning, have never been able to stay longer than 4am and they are still going.
Sam Beckwith
Even if the music (drum & bass, jungle, free tekno, pystrance, reggae, punk) isn't to your taste, it's worth checking Cross Club out just for the Terry Gilliam-goes-cyberpunk decor, which has to be seen to be believed.

In the summer, the two-tier garden's surprisingly pleasant, given Cross's location deep in the dark heart of Holeovice.

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Cross Club

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