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Hip/urban galleries & artist collectives?

Posted by: One L - [anonymous]
Date posted: Tue 27th Jun, 2006
Category: Art & Culture
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I am looking for galleries in Prague that blend of urban activities: music, art, fashion, skateboard, dance, etc…

Some thing like: html


pragueboy pragueboy - [profile] Tue Jun 27th 23:53 2006 / #1
artists here are individualists, not really into collectives
you want berlin, try the tacheles
Pacman - [profile] Wed Jun 28th 04:35 2006 / #2

these guys book most all of the best shows in Prague, as well as maintain a gallery near Ip Pavlova that has a new opening every month. You can even join their email list, and get updates on all the new upcoming shows. Music as well as Art. They are the only ones that I know of that are doing something like this.

Also check out for updates dealing with the art of local artist Jeremiah Palecek. Jeremiah recently was on such hot websites such as , , , and is currently the blog of note on the homepage. He also plays "music" under the alias King Vitamin which is basically him screaming into a microphone while he plays some beats (sorry if you see this!!!:)

Another art group is the anarchist collective, Groupe Guma Guar , They recently had a piece in the Prague biennale (which is still on display if you haven't caught it yet) and they do the occasional show at Cross Club as well as do a lot of video work. Most of their work is overtly political, and certainly isn't for everyone. However they are quite active, and I imagine they'll be playing this years czechtek.

Other sites that pertain to Prague and the local art scene are
a must see if you re in Prague, and interested in art. Futura does its best to bring artists from all over the world. The basis tends to be on video, and conceptual work, however the presentation is nice, and the artist are generally well known within the contemporary art world.
a small gallery right near the vltavska tram stop. check it out, and have a beer. not my favorite gallery, but still worth a visit or two.
a new space, which could prove to be more influential in the years to come. Its new, its young, and there will always be something to gawk at whether you hate it or not.
a great magazine showcasing art in and around the czech republic. Really cheap, and can be picked up at shakespeares and sons or anagram, in english. Also the best thing is, theres basically no advertisements which is absolutely ridiculous for an art magazine.
above the roxy, theres a gallery as well as a theatre. check the program here for weekly events. New openings, and strange music.
a group of like minded artists and musicians seeking to bring the strange, and industrial to prague. Also they are the ones behind the yearly Prague Industrial festival.

If you re more into grafitti, and hip hop I d suggest braving the horde of 16 year olds who act like they re from detroit monthly at Akropolis. Theres a beat boxing competition, a breakdancing battle, a graffiti contest, and an mc battle. Worth seeing at least once! (hey the hacky sack champion is actually pretty amazing)
jeff jeff Wed Jun 28th 08:17 2006 / #3
Cool, Pacman - this is a great breakdown ..

PragueBoy is on the money with his assessmenet as i think about it. One of the potentionally top-spots- Roxy/NoD might be a art/music/scene focal point, there is no collective vibe, no shared strength. I would say this is true of the alternative theater scene as wel, lots of individuals and small splinter groups. Maybe there was too much communal work shoved down people's throats in the past for it to be sought after now.

( Or more likely, there are no collectives because it's too hard to collect any artists. Calling groups of over 4 together requires an act of strong will. The citys' best virtue, it's relxed vibe, can also be it's worst enemy. Sitting on street corners drinking wine as the tanks roll in..)

Go to Cross CLub. There are things happening there as well. Maybe more smoking than anything, but walls are alive. It's a must-see for any visual artist.
stevesmith - [profile] Tue Sep 9th 09:37 2008 / #4
Check out the Names festival at Trafacka until Oct 13 article about it here
melphys - [profile] Tue Sep 24th 19:21 2013 / #5
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