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Are all Czech Girls-Ladies easy, as to Shag ? Or do some want a long term Relationship, and or Marriage ?

Posted by: Big Dog - [anonymous]
Date posted: Tue 5th Apr, 2005
Category: Expat life
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I wish to know, if all Czech-Prague girls are easy, and do not wish to have one man, boyfriend, and or husband ? Are some faithful ? I will assume, not all go to night clubs each weekend night, as to get Shagged ? Are any homebody types, as keep their man home, and cook for him, and Yeah ? Do some like the simple things in life, that does not cost an arm, and leg ? I am not Rich, and wish to move to Prague, and live. I wish to find a Beautiful woman that is not only faithful, but that would make a great Best Friend, Companion, and Lover for life :-) Are all the woman there only concerned with how much dollars you have ? In America, I have had my share of Beautys, and I am just average life style. But, it is getting worse for men here, as the Hot ladies wish a guy to have some Big dollars, and they are Truely Bitches. This will only lead to divorse, if you marry one from here... I am 40, and wish to get married, and have a family. I wish to make the marriage work. But, I also want a very pretty to beautiful woman, that is Intellegent, has a great personality, and is Faithful. Do you see many Expats that are married to Czech ladies, and is it working for these Guys ? Well, I know, a long post again :-)
Please give me some Great answers. Thanks again :-)

Dick Novotny - [anon] Tue Apr 5th 20:14 2005 / #1
hey, once and for all, can someone explain to me what the fuck "shag" means?
fatman - [anon] Tue Apr 5th 20:19 2005 / #2
I think Big Dog is a legend in his own mind
Modern Lover - [anon] Tue Apr 5th 21:33 2005 / #3
Dave, you're starting to scare me now. Just a little.:) Czech women are like women all over the world: some cheat, some remain eternally faithful, some are married for 20 years and slip up once or twice, some will periodically sleep with other men, others are fiercly proud of staying faithful and look after their man. Some are witches. Others complete angels.

I know some Czech women who would only date foreign men; some who couldn't see themselves with anyone else other than a Czech.

No, Czech women aren't just concerned with dollars (not that the dollar buys you much here these days). Some are, of course, but I would say the majority aren't.

If if were you, I would just come. See for yourself what they're like. Bring enough money to live for 6 months or a year, as work at first can be difficult to find. But if you're serious about staying -- and as you imply, you're more interested in life's simple pleasures rather than living the high life -- then I'm sure you can make it work.

(By the way, I'm not quite sure that you'd warm yourself to many Czech girls with title threads like "are Czech girls easy", but you seem to be fairly comfortable (prolific even) in the ladies dept. so I'll defer to your better judgment there.)

Anyway, good luck with everything.


Jonathan Richman
Big Dog - [anon] Wed Apr 6th 10:12 2005 / #4
Hello Posters

Post #1 A Shag means getting laid. I am sure you must know this ?

Post #2 I know you are kidding. But little do you know ? Yeah, thats right. IF you need a dozen phone #'s , and ask them who the legend is, and they will say, " So you know Dave " Ha, Really. I have done many wild ass things, things that people would just shake their head, and say" I really can't believe he did that", so many people started calling me the Legend. Well, if you ever meet me, in time, you will realise it is true.
I was not the High school football star, but later, when I went to college, it all started for me to really realise my confidence, and that, I had a gift. That is in many more ways than, I can ever explain.

One of "my" favorite motto's was " You can sleep when your Dead "
and after I thought, I was going to bring a girl home, and I was ready, I would look her in the eyes, and say " So are you ready to go " I hardly ever, was told no. But, I remember, a few times, they would ask" what ?" (me thinking Dumb chicken) and I would have to say it again. Then they would get it :-) Many times, its just that simple.
It is really surprising how many will think, Dam this guy owns me ? That is the look they give you, and act like you are the Man. I used to go to night clubs for many years, and sometimes, four nights a week. I do not even go out to clubs here in the U.S. now, as there is not anything worth going to see, and or catch. Yeah, I have had hundreds of trophys. But, I am here trying to find information, as to see, if I wish to move to Prague. I have asked all these questions because of all the sad storys here, and how guys talk of the CR ladies. I only know of what is going on there, from what I have read on this TV site. I am only saying things as guys here have talked about. I do not know of the ladies there, and wish to get to know the real truth. I do not wish to plan to come there, and waste my time ? I am sure, I could do just fine, but I am looking for a good woman, and not a hoe. If there are not but very few nice girls there, then I can do better in Ukraine, or Russia. I hope you guys can understand. I have had my days of taking them home, and getting a little. So, I am past this. But it was sure allot of fun. Sure if it is offered, and its hot, I guess, I cannot say no :-) Yeah, I am Cocky, and not Modest. Thats me. HA.
But if you do not talk the Talk, you can not walk the Walk. I can Talk, and Walk...
I see a guy here answer that he told girls he was poor, and got Nada, then he told them he was Rich, and then they were all over him. I never did this. I did not want a woman for what I have. But, many times a gal would ask what do you do ? I hated this, and I would answer, " I work at Mcdonalds " They would say Ya, or No, you are kidding ? I would say no, thats what I do. Is there a problem with that ? The dumb chickens would walk off. The smart good ones would know, I was pulling their leg, and I usually got her...

THanks Modern Lover for your nice reply. I thought, this would be the case. I have just looked at all the unhappy guys on here, and how they talk of the ladies there. That is, that the ladies are not so bad, but many of the guys on here, seem to have bad attitudes towards them. I am guessing, they got dumped for a better guy ? WHat most guys forget is that, if you meet a woman in a Night club, and or Bar, you can not expect much, other than a Shag- lay. Long term no way. If one becomes your girlfriend, and you date her for awhile, so be it. But in my life, they all failed, that is in one way or another. I figure, I wasted allot of time going for women in night clubs. But then it was just for getting Shagged. I was into working out, sports, and competitions. I did not really have time for gal friends. So, I did not have commitments, and owned my life, as to what I pleased, when, and where. Today - Now going to night clubs, I really do not care. As, I am looking for more. I do not know if any you guys can understand, and respect this ?
I figured that all women are really the same, whether it be in the U.S, Ukraine, or CR. Some good girls, and some hoes. Some that wish to get married, and some that are not looking for that, and would probably cheat on you.
The thread " Are Czech girls easy " I asked this of you " Expats" as to get some answers. But most guys here just hammer me for my questions, and what I say about myself. I do some of this to get reactions. Also to find a few guys that realise, I am, the Real McCoy.
I am just trying to get information. I have posted many things as to get, people to answer questions answered. Some of them truely sound stupid, but, I am trying to get people to react, and to maybe answer the answer, I have been looking for ? It has been truly a hassel, to have to write so much. But, if I did not go about it this way, I guess no one would answer my questions ? I told you all about myself, as to see, who on this site here, would tell me, as to what I could do ? You do not know me, and so how can I explane it ? As, I guess most guys here think, I am braging, but I can get the job done... Sure, I am older (40), than probably most of the guys here. But, I seldom get dogged by women. It's all in the personality. IF you do not give up, and are persistent, you will succeed. Sure its allot easyer to scam on ladies, after they have had a few drinks. As this is really quite easy. Its allot harder to take a gal home when she is sober, as meeting her in a coffee shop, but I have.

I was already thinking of staying six months to a year for sure, and having enough cash to do this. But, then to maybe stay forever. Well, most of the time. I may return to the U.S. for other business. I may put my money in R.E. Loans, and draw the % at like 15%, and I could live off of the interest no problem. But in time, to start a business, and put allot of $ in to this. I only wish to do this, if I really think, I will stay for ever.

So, Jonathan R, what do you do there in Prague. Whats your story ?
How old are you, gal friend or not ? You seem to have it all together, and you have kind of figured it all out, about me. As you are friendly, and have seen into all my posts. So many just write stupid answers, and say what the Fuc!. I have kind of figured it out, that from what I see here, that the Polish gals are the most Christian, and faithful. But the finest looking ones are the Czech ladies, even if they are more easy. Keep in mind, this is in Night clubs, as to what I am seeing here, on the site. That is for answers. I have been looking to make friends with a few strait up, honest, and smart guys like you. It looks as if most here, are afraid of any competition, and do not answer my questions honestly. I figure, if I ask enough questions, and enough times, and in different ways, I will get to the bottom of it, as to get my answers :-) If you wish, you can email me off site ? As I have posted it. I would like to have a few good guys to talk on the phone with, as prior to coming there. Plus, I then would have friends when I get there. This will not happen that soon. I need to sell my house, and extra belongings. I figured, if I plan to stay, I will come home to the U.S. and bring the rest later, and or sell it all off. Maybe the end of summer ? As I have not decieded yet. Well, drop me a note off site.
Thanks Again, all you good Posters. Sincerely Dave
llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrn... llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogeryc... - [anon] Wed Apr 6th 10:26 2005 / #5
"If there are not but very few nice girls there, then I can do better in Ukraine, or Russia."

dude, if you want to OWN a woman, go to ukraine. plenty will look at you with TAKE ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE eyes. and it won't be cuz of your good looks. You won't get that here, but a girl here also won't break your toenails if you forget to take her coat off :-)
Micah Micah - [profile] Wed Apr 6th 11:34 2005 / #6
What's the story? It's almost as though someone is trying to get even with a Czech girl he thinks reads this site - or talk trash about some American guy who stole his girlfriend. Can we close the book once and for all on this misery by saying that Czech girls are just like other girls, only they speak Czech? Can we get a reality check on "grown" men who need to know from off the internet if "girls are easy" before they move to a foreign country?
Will - [anon] Wed Apr 6th 11:51 2005 / #7
Hi Dave,

Well I can see you read my post in another thread. I hope you were not refering to me as one of the posters you do not like. In any case, I only tried to show you my experience here. An expat friend of mine has been dating a Czech girl for about a year now, and he seems very happy with her. She's been faithful, and is a good girl. The only thing is that she can't cook a damn thing, so either he cooks or they go out, which is fine for him.
I really think you should come here and see things for yourself. I'm sure you can make it work here for you. In any case, you'll never regret your experience here. ;)

Good luck mate!
peter peter - [profile] Wed Apr 6th 12:05 2005 / #8
Unfortunately not, Micah.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Wed Apr 6th 13:37 2005 / #9
1) Will, stop encouraging this guy he is obviously in need of serious professional help.

2) BigDog, shut the fuck up. You are not American, you are not funny and you in all probability have some very serious psychological problems that you should sort out at the earliest possible opportunity.
Comparite - [anon] Wed Apr 6th 16:52 2005 / #10
Anyone care to compare these two postings?

Micah Jayne, Prague TV, Tue Oct 12th 12:07 2004

So do Czech parents just turn the page quickly when they see their daughter taking it in the ass from "King Mambo"? Where do they think the 40-odd Czech porno magazines get these girls from? A special town in Moravia? Gimme a break. Actually, that'd be a fun math project. How many Czech porno mags are there? How many girls do they feature in each issue? How many issues do they "pump out" a year? What is the total number of girls per annum featured pod nula needed to meet the needs of the page-turning public? What is the percentage of the female Czech population between the ages of 17 and 30? In a year, what percentage of those girls would have to smile for the camera to keep the mags in print? My guess is that the answer is ugly, but it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone...

Micah Jayne, Prague TV, Wed Apr 6th 11:34 / #6

What's the story? It's almost as though someone is trying to get even with a Czech girl he thinks reads this site - or talk trash about some American guy who stole his girlfriend. Can we close the book once and for all on this misery by saying that Czech girls are just like other girls, only they speak Czech? Can we get a reality check on "grown" men who need to know from off the internet if "girls are easy" before they move to a foreign country?

Sorry Micah, no offense meant - it just made me smile y'know... :-)
Micah Micah - [profile] Wed Apr 6th 17:48 2005 / #11
None taken. Girls will be girls. I stand by my observation that there are a hell of a lot of porno mags around, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the girls in them will let any ol' dog pee on the hydrant...
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Wed Apr 6th 19:46 2005 / #12
What self-respecting yank uses the term "shag".
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Wed Apr 6th 19:46 2005 / #13
What self-respecting yank uses the term "shag".
Big Dog - [anon] Thu Apr 7th 08:52 2005 / #14
Hello Posters

THanks for the great replys :-)
I have come to love the Bull sh!t on here.
If anyone could just learn to read, and then answer ?
Dont the Ass holes realise, I started the thread to get
nice answers, and honest replys. Not Shut the fuck up ?
If you do not like my posts, DO NOT REPLY PERIOD, CAN YOU READ ???
I started the thread, and wanted honest answers. As I see
only a few good guys answering. Yeah, I do know as to the
attitude of the Ukrainian, and Russian gals, as I lived in the
Ukraine for a month, and a half. I liked there looks, but No
class, and bad attitudes. THey seem to think they are so
dam smart, and or better ? Most are scammers that I met.
It's quite remarkable as to what they will tell you, and think,
a guy is maybe that stupid ? I am not...

Czech gals sound Grrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttttt :-)

Thanks Will, and a few others. I like your posts, as you are personable, as answering honestly, and nicely, are truely nice guys.

As so many, are off post, and have their heads up their ass. I am asking
questions, and they talk about something, so far from the post ? I guess it must be lets practice our English ? and Practice our English...

IF you did not put Shag into the films, and talk about it all the time, then I guess we Americans would not use it ? Plus, it makes a good example of what a gal gets, when she leaves with a guy from a Night club. I only call these shags. You would not wish for me to say we are goin to do her down, and dirty ??? Would you ???

Please Posters. If you are anonymous, then you are not taken seriously, and with any respect here, unless you have the class to answer nice, with some thought ? and play nice with all the Nice CR Girls :-)

Yeah, I can talk the Ch!t Toooooooooooooooo. Biiiiitttttttttccccchhhhhh !!!
AND, I am a White Boy...
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Thu Apr 7th 09:03 2005 / #15
Big dog, if you are going to say you are an American, at least spell realise with a z. You'll appear more authentic that way.
unanonymous - [anon] Thu Apr 7th 10:11 2005 / #16
American my great ass. You are either Czech or British.

Look at this: "." See it? I'll repeat it. "." It's called a full stop, right? this mark right here: "." You should use it. Because all the question marks are giving you a Czech accent.
ck1 - [profile] Thu Apr 7th 11:04 2005 / #17
"Czech gals sound Grrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttttt :-)"

Hey man, love your cereal.
Will - [anon] Thu Apr 7th 16:18 2005 / #18
Post 16,

British??!!!WHAT ARE YOU SAYING??!! Do you actually think that's how we write? You sure are ignorant if really mean this.


Reminding me of my Frosties I used to have as a kid. Great thought.. ;)

Big Dog,

What has the colour of your skin got to do with anything? What are you trying to say?
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Thu Apr 7th 20:02 2005 / #19
Big Dog,
go away, you are embarassing yourself and it is pathetic.

PS you don't like the anon posts? Fuck you. Don't read them.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Fri Apr 8th 06:28 2005 / #20
Hey Post #15, sorry if I am in a hurry, and can not spell.

Post #16, I do this to make a point, as to what, I am, or someone else
is saying.

#17, Grrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttttt. Pretty cool huh ?

Will, its from the end of the last post. I can talk the

CHit Toooooooooooooooooooo Biiiiiittttttttttccccccccchhhhhhhhhh. As like a brother from America. I thought you were from England, or Brit ? and can speak, and write English ? look at your post, and see the color of your skin. Look at what you said. As Color, is spelled this way, not colour. But good try for some one that has not been trained in the UK, or America :-)

Anon, you are pathetic, and need to wake up Bitch. I am the one that started the post, so please answer the questions correctly, and nicely, as so people learn from the answers. There is nothing to learn from your bad attitude period...
Big Dog - [anon] Fri Apr 8th 06:51 2005 / #21
Sorry I forgot to say it was me Post #20. It would be nice, if everyone was saying who they are...
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Fri Apr 8th 07:49 2005 / #22
It would be nice if everyone said they were, you mean. No commas. And Americans call this "." a period. Why do you put commos in so many places?
TheFerret - [profile] Fri Apr 8th 10:12 2005 / #23
If they do want to marry a foreign national its because they want to get immigration papers.

Czech girls may be easy but they always find a way to make you pay for it.
virgin - [anon] Fri Apr 8th 10:28 2005 / #24
girls? are there girl in czech?. all i came across was the faggots. and as there was so many of them getting in the way, i left.,
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Fri Apr 8th 11:30 2005 / #25
In the UK "color" is spelt "colour"!!! YOU FUCKING FAT DOG!
Will - [anon] Fri Apr 8th 12:03 2005 / #26
Sorry for the last part of the above post Big Dog. It just was on the spur of the moment. I'm very proud of being British, so it got me a bit about you saying me not being trained in the UK. Sorry. Have a nice day.
Big Dog - [anon] Fri Apr 8th 19:27 2005 / #27
Hey Will

Sorry for the missunderstanding ? I am not from the Uk, and so, I thought that all the English was taught as I have learned ? I like people from the Uk, and have no problem with Brit's. Sorry for you taking it wrong. I thought, maybe you were a Czech, and practicing your English ? Each guy here hammers me for my bad spelling, so I thought, I would bring it to, a few others attention also. But, now I have put my foot in my mouth :-) Not trying to hammer you as others do me. You have been a good guy, and I still think that. It was more in fun :-)
See Ya. Have a nice day.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Fri Apr 8th 22:34 2005 / #28
you have no problms with Brit's (!!!), but you have problems. So stop it please!
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Sat Apr 9th 14:40 2005 / #29
very sad indeed.........
sushijunkie - [anon] Sun Apr 24th 11:40 2005 / #30
I'm going to come out and say it. All women are whores.

Some come with bigger price tags than others. And do you know why they are that way? They are raised without honor. Senior women train them to scoff at the best qualities in men. Men have a lot to live up to, but women laugh at us. "Pissing matches", "bravado", they dismiss our defending them because we love them as "macho" and "chauvinist". Hand them a sheaf of bills and shag them until they whimper. It's what they really want. So they can go shopping.

Until all humans are taught to honor what is good and decent, it will not change. If you have daughters, teach them the meaning of honor.
NEONTOAST - [anon] Sun Apr 24th 17:45 2005 / #31
hahhah..U guys gave me a lol ! thanks...chill out people. Life is too short to get all hostile on each other. : )

There are bitches worldwide, and there are knock-out-goddess-treat-you-like-a-king worldwide. Stereotyping can only lead to misunderstanding and not being able to truly take in how a person truly is.

Everybody is different!
Big Dog - [anon] Wed Apr 27th 23:37 2005 / #32
sushijunkie good Post :-)
Woman have no honor, it is the Parents fault...
In America, it is so very BAD. All the woman think they are spoiled little Princess types. THis is why, I will never marry a woman from here, NEVER, EVER. You can date, and your woman is nice, and good. But once you marry her, she becomes Jeckl, and Hyde, or Witch. THis is the Truth. I wish to marry a woman from Europe, preferably a nice Czech girl :-) But who knows ? I think all woman are Bitches. THat is in time. I should know, as I have probably dated thousands,and shaged 350 plus. But in time while dating, the real person comes out, and then you realise that, she is not the right one. I may never get married. I think, you just find a nice one, have children, and never marry her ? This way she will always want to be married, as she will live for the Dream, and she will have respect for you. Her Dreaming of some day being married, that is if she is a good woman to you. I have been treated like a King by Goddess, and they become a Bitch in time also. Here in America, I see some poor dumb ass guys, dating FAT girls, and these Bitches talk to their man poorly, and order their man around, as Like he is a Child. All woman think, they are the Queen ? I am sick of it. I look at these fool guys taking shit from some Bitch FAT ass Bitch woman. I would be asshamed. I would not take a woman as these to a Dog fight. I am only seen with a Beautiful woman, and Only in bed too. I have pride, and care. Some guys do not care, and have no pride in themselves, and or as to what people think of them... Well, have a Great Day. Its a nice Sunny day here. I am going out to soak up some Sun...
Big Dog
Hey Will, where are you ??? The Anonymous guys must be tired also ???
Some of their shit is kind of Funny. I do not get it, as they hide behind the Anonymous deal, and then hammer me ??? As I am to take a person serious, that is affraid of me knowing who they are ? Jokers :-) HA...
andrew - [anon] Fri Apr 29th 19:57 2005 / #33
i really am quite amazed at some of the awful people who post on here. i am british and very proud of that, its obvious to me that most of the posts are made by over weight ,under educated, trailer park american trash who spend way to much time wanking over internet porn.
please get a life and go out and actually find a women, (the nearest mc donalds should suffice). - [profile] Sat Apr 30th 19:03 2005 / #34
That poster isn't an American, you retard. He's a troll, probably Czech.

Or one of those mongoloidal English stag-boys.
Nitro - [anon] Sun May 1st 02:23 2005 / #35
I am a woman, born in the Czech Republic, raised in the United States and presently living in the Czech Republic. I am proud to be an American Czech. I have respect for all people, from all nations, of all religions, all cultures, all walks of life, etc. I judge people on their personality and I personally feel the following things:

1. There is no way you are an American. Discussion closed on that.

2. Women are women all over the world, good and bad, etc. - same with men.

3. How dare you insult two entire nations of women (that would be the plural of woman, by the way). You insult the Czech women and you insult the American women. Have you considered the possiblity that you are an inadequate man?

4. Aside from that, I would like to comment that just by the context of your very first post, this American/Czech wouldn't go out with you if you were the last man on this glorious planet we all share with one another.
I find the very premise of your first post deeply rooted in ignorance.

5. To Andrew from the UK, you should be proud. I am proud also. :-)

6. Just as a suggestion, perhaps you should consider the cultural and historical context of a person before you throw us women all into one pot. Of course, that would require some sensitiivity on your part.

7. To the guy from the Ukraine.......... you're a primitive, ignoramus (American slang, New York City to be more specific) who should have been aborted.

8. Oh and my professional opinion Big Dog......a Narcisistic, Sociopathic, compulsive liar and professional conman.

And if you can "Walk"... please do so.

[ anonymous ] - [anon] Sun May 1st 02:28 2005 / #36
And Andrew from the United Kingdom..... there is also no need to insult an entire nation of men. You're all the same from all parts of the world. he he he
andrew - [anon] Thu May 5th 23:03 2005 / #37
well it really is difficult to see past ignorance. most people use these sites to pass the time between there dinner hours, or just to post something they think as original context.
i am actually visiting prague on june 10 with nine of my friends, and was actually looking for useful information on the city. but all i have found is that the majority of people who post are really quite stupid.
as for the comments on the majority of american men being stupid and obese, the facts speak for them selves. i mean george w bush anther five years common please.
andrew - [anon] Fri May 6th 01:43 2005 / #38
sorry about the bad spelling!
XYZ - [profile] Fri May 6th 02:40 2005 / #39
Andrew, I'm not a religious man myself, but I do remember a few things from Catholic school growing up. You may want to reference this one before posting next time: "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone".

Well, since you're british this may be easier for you to understand: "Let he who is without teeth, cast the first beer mug"
burned guy - [anon] Fri May 6th 13:34 2005 / #40
I think everything dependes on what you want.Ferret is right.Czech girls are in general full of surprises.They seem submissive but they have always a purpose difficult to foresee.Traits from Slavic and German personality create a unique combination and make girls more attractive than their Polish and Slovak counterparts.
In general CR is the best place if you want to date some phantastic models spending some reasonable money for Western average.There are many girls who have many boyfriends simultaneously and will sleep with you after some dinners.They are not religious like Polish girls, do whatever feels good.
Slavic girls fall in love quickly and offer as much as they can to their boyfriends.What Czech girls will do for you is much less from what Ukranian girls offer because in Ukraine the girls are afraid of losing you.It is impossible to find somebody better.In CR they have many chances since the country is full of foreigners and next to Western European countries.
So Czech girls are reasy if you compare them to German or Dutch or French girls.A guy dating an ugly,fat German girl is very likely to be so popular in CR as to date a hot tall blonde and even cheat her.If somebody is considered cute in Western Europe he will feel like a superstar in CR.Girls who in England and Germany date only very rich,famous or very cute guys are ready to have a relationship with an average looking and with average income man in Czech Republic.
Of course these girls do not like so much to cook for you or do housework.If you want such girls travel to Ukraine.
Burning Man - [anon] Fri May 6th 15:53 2005 / #41
I think BigDog is hilarious. He is obviously just trying to take the piss out of (pardon my British slang - even though I'm not british - it means piss off) the average American expat. Maybe he is even trying to mimic one. But everybody here jumps for the bait ...

what a laugh
INDIANA - [anon] Sun May 8th 03:34 2005 / #42
Big Dog, I know that the majority of women in the US act like if they were princeses (at least the good looking ones), but I think that you have a big problem when it comes to relations, communication, tolerance... There are also normal girls down there, you just have to find them. Your biggest mistake is that you don`t want to get a "whore", but you are one. Well if a girl likes to have sex this doesn`t makes her a hoe. You can`t demand things from other people, which you yourself can`t do/give. I just want to say, that you can`t be so hippocratic and accuse other people instead of cleaning infront of your own door. You had sex with a lot of women, so you can expect to find a similar woman. Everyone gets what he deserves as a consequence of his past actions. "Life is an eternal circle, which runs without flaws. Nothing is forgotten, everything is written down, everything gets back, everything is repaid." Good luck in your future actions.
burned guy - [anon] Mon May 9th 13:32 2005 / #43
Maybe US girls act like princesses.Slavic girls think that of themselves too but they never show it.It is against their culture.The young generation shows some attitude more influenced by Western style but hopefully they are still minority.I think what Big Dog has in mind does not apply to the real situation in CR.The girls in this country like more young,handsome adventurous boys with Mediteranian characteristics.They are deeply disguised by men who try to pick up them with their money although they tend to take from them as much as they can and they do it really clever.This is very often the case in places like Moravia.It is very possible that even if somebody picks up a hot Czech girl this way and he is not very special she will abandon him as as soon as she finds somebody better,which is very possible in a foreign country with wealthier men.
I would suggest to Big Dog to search in Eastern Slovakia where the girls are in much worse economic situation and tend to marry in a very young age and the competition from local guys is minimal and there are no foreigners.Another similar place is South Eastern Poland,for example Katowice,Krakow or Przemysl although there some people are rather conservative.Polish girls make ideal housewives and show much more commitment than Czech girls.
Of course Ukraine is by far better for you but you seem to prefer some personality and culture as well.
butthead butthead - [profile] Mon May 9th 14:07 2005 / #44
Jesus H Christ!
Answer the dumass's question.
They are as easy to shag as any girl. You put your oecker in and move it in and out!
calisurf - [anon] Mon May 9th 14:28 2005 / #45
please refer to prior thread 'Big Dog is an Idiot'. I can't believe you sensitive, word loving pussys are even paying lip service to this moron. "Are Czech girls easy?" I don't know sperm boy, was getting tea bagged by your Trekkie friends easy?
butthead butthead - [profile] Mon May 9th 14:32 2005 / #46
tea bagged?
calisurf - [anon] Tue May 10th 03:16 2005 / #47
Tea bagged: The definition per American Slang; To place one's balls on anothers forehead.
burned guy - [anon] Tue May 10th 11:28 2005 / #48
Unfortunately it is true that many people travel to CR not to admire the monuments and enjoy the culture but in order to pick up girls and drink beer.Czech girls know that and some of them wait for the foreigners to strip them off their money.Tourists return home with no money and czech economy improves.This brings about a bad reputation for the country.Many Czech people also regard tourists as primitiv,aggresive and uncultured.It would be better if sex-seeking people knew the truth about the situation and avoided coming to Czech Republic.
Nitro - [anon] Tue May 10th 19:48 2005 / #49
lmfao........ don't miss the point, we are princeses............
Splog - [anon] Wed May 11th 11:10 2005 / #50
Having been involved first with American women, and now with Czech women, I have to admit that I cannot think of any way in which Czech women are not superior. The Czech women I have met have tended to be better educated, more open minded, much slimmer, significantly more beautiful, and far less greedy than almost all of the American women with whom I have been involved. Perhaps the most significant difference, though, is that Czech women tend to be much more pragmatic about what equality means (sharing rights and responsibilities equally) - whereas I am aware of an underlying (if subtle) culture of perceived "victimhood" that encourages many American women to talk about (and "fight" for) women's rights and men's reponsibilities, which makes relationships with them, at times, a game of near psychological warfare.
burned guy - [anon] Wed May 11th 14:13 2005 / #51
Splog is right.Czech feminism is much more attractive to men than the American one.Czech girls demand less than the American girls and do not make you fight for everything a man deserves.Victimhood does not exist in CR;Girls believe more in destiny and do not regard men as trying to exploit men.They are ready to offer more than US girls without having to check men so much before.US sense of feminism is really annoying because it means you have all the time to challenged and fight,something nobody intends to do when he enters a relationship.Simply when czech girls attract you and you respond they find it normal while US girls tend to raise some demands as well.On the other hand Czech girls are not so submissive like the other Slavic girls(Polish,Ukranian),which can cause a great disappointment to somebody seeking an easy to handle and stable relationship.In terms of beauty and education Czech girls rule all over Europe and leave US girls far behind.
butthead butthead - [profile] Wed May 11th 14:20 2005 / #52
Of course there is the small problem that a huge majority of them are INSANE!!!!
especially the ones that fall for expats.
(or does that go without saying?)
alex james waite - [anon] Wed May 11th 14:48 2005 / #53
ive just met a czech girl and she is an absolute babe, i was working and made a delivery to a house where ( hana ) was working as a nanny.she was so gorgeous a just had to bgo back and sak her out. im just wondering if someone can give me a load down on the best approach for a first date?
burned guy - [anon] Mon May 16th 14:03 2005 / #54
Let's say you would like to have a girlfriend like Eva Herzigova.There are many girls who look like her in CR and some look even better.What are your real chances if you are a foreigner 22-32 y.o,with average money,average looks and not more time than 6 months in CR,which is the common situation?The answer depends on the place you are picking.
In Prague your chances are 5% maximum.Girls want more than an average foreigner.In province of Cechy,cities like Plzen,Ceske Budejovice,Hradec Kralove the chances rise to 15-20& and you are supposed to pay some money for the girl let's say 400$ in presents etc.In Morava where economic situation is worse,that is in Brno,Ostrava,Olomouc,Opava the proportion of girls looking like Eva lowers but there are still quite a few.There your chances are about 25-30%.If you travel more east to central,eastern Slovakia chances are almost 75% and the girls look more Slavic and more like Hungarians.Sklenarikova's face and body are very common,about 7%.If you decide to spend more money or stay more time, the chances raise considerably.You should estimate that you have double chances of getting just a pretty girl than a model looking like Herzigova.These are roughly the opportunities in CR although many will not agree with this kind of thinking.
who cares - [anon] Mon May 16th 18:46 2005 / #55
I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention...oh yeah, this guy is a fucking douche bag.
Bobbo - [profile] Mon May 16th 20:08 2005 / #56
As Mark Twain noted, "No generalization is worth a damn!"
Big Dog - [anon] Tue May 17th 18:46 2005 / #57
Hello Burned guy, and unhappy posters :-)

I posted this post, to find out what every one thought, as to what the woman there think like ? I was not trying to hurt anyones feelings, and or to start a Riot. I read many posts prior to mine, and most talked so very badly of ladies there. I really do not recall a post that talked kindly of Czech ladies. If you read the original post in its entirity you will be surprized as to all that I wished to know ? It has both sides. I asked the part about " Are Czech girls easy to shag ? to see if the woman, will just fuck anyone, and for money or what ? As I am not looking for this kind of woman. I worded it a few ways, as for answers. I then said, I was looking for a woman to marry, and have a family with. I am, and I want a very nice looking woman, with a good heart also. Very simple. But it seems that there are a bunch of unhappy ass holes on this chat site. Or they are affraid that others like me are going to come, and take their Pussy from them. Why ? Because, I am looking for Marriage, and they are just there in Prague to just have fun with the ladies ? So lets hammer the honest good guy, and deter him from coming to Prague. I am looking for good answers, and honest answers. Not stupid answers from some unhappy ass holes. I would appreciate, nice good honest answers. Like the ones the burned guy, Will, sushijunki, and even INDIANA wrote. I am looking for True honest answers. Not like anonamous, and Nitro's answers> She is probably a fat ass bitch, like so many of our American woman here. Ya, and calisurf - You can pull your head out of your ass also. I am thinking you are some Sissy boy, there in Prague for shaging guys, and are jealous that I want a woman. Ha!!!. Sure there are good ladies here in America, but as I have said, in time, maybe after marriage they turn into Jeckl, and Hide. These ladies were very nice looking ladies, many with good educations, and seemed nice at the time. But in time, they all failed, as showed their true self. I should know, as I dated probably a thousand beautys. But they do not think like us men, and become a problem in time. Most woman, I see, are not as fair, as like men are. I even see Fat woman ordering their man around, and treating him like he was some Bitch. I just can not even imagine, as to what dumb ass's will date a fat woman like these ? We call it Pussy wipped. WHat do you Brit's call it ? DO not worry guy's, as I am only looking for ONE woman, and for Life. As I posted, I am looking for a nice pretty lady to get married to, and have a family with. Please people, have some sense, and write something worth reading. Thank you for your time. As I am sure, if only a few guys had the Intelligence, to read my whole original post, they would see, I deserve good answers. As I am asking, this , and that questions. I am not out to hurt anyone, or insult anyone. I am asking for good answers to questions. Again, Thanks to the good posters here. Big Dog...
interjoeit - [profile] Tue May 17th 18:52 2005 / #58
I didn't read all the mind numbing posts, so I am sure that I missed something, but just to offer my two cents.....all girls are easy

[ anonymous ] - [anon] Wed May 18th 19:00 2005 / #59
Just because someone says they are a nice guy doesn't make it so. You posted here, dude. You've got to expect to get flamed for a posting a thread like this. You say you're looking for just one special little lady, yet you want to know the situation on all Czech girls. Kinda hard to generalize a whole nation of women, don't ya think?
That's cool man, you're not out to hurt anyone's feelings or insult anyone, no problems there. Look, I am in agreement with you in regards to American women not really being worth the effort, the curse of the American male really seems to have no end in sight. So, I think it's a good call to seek love elsewhere. That said, there is only so much wisdom you can gain from asking a serious question in a place like this.
Fuck it man, if you are as confident as you say you are and in search of an adventure, go out there and find this lady of yours. If not, quit bitching about people making smart assed comments, because frankly, you posted here and you deserve what you get.
Nitro - [anon] Mon May 23rd 22:04 2005 / #60
I read your post in its entirety and still came to the same conclusion. You're a looser. And no.....for the record, I'm a model. So take that information where the sun doesn't shine.
burned guy - [anon] Mon May 30th 20:52 2005 / #61
I think Big Dog is right to ask about women.Women discuss the same subjects with their friends very often and they know very well what to expect from a British or an American guy for example or from a guy coming from the South of Europe.There are certain stereotypes for everyone and many of these work in everyday life.It would be unfair for men not to have the same kind of information.A lack in information and experience makes them easy victims and easy targets.
unypsaver - [profile] Mon May 30th 22:28 2005 / #62
I've been in Prague for 12 years,

First 2 years I was stupid and I trusted Czech girls and they took me as they should - as an idiot.

Other 2 years I was frustrated and I shagged half of Prague - and I was dumping them, they were dumping me

Other 2 years I was in a wonderful relationship, but the problem was that I was in love - so she took me as an idiot and dumped me

Other 2 years I was finally a GUY as every guy should be, I was playing it keen and mean, and I still am. I barely say to my wife (yeah my wife now) I barely tell her "i love you" she is telling me all the time... When it came to marriage, I was openly opposing it, saying why should we rush we have time, bla bla bla. She wanted to marry, so I said OK (even though deeply I wanted to marry as well :)

OK in the meantime my business rocketed and I got a lot of money, I bought two sporty and one lux car, speedboat pershing, a huge flat in mala strana and chata in slovakia and beach house in croatia, I guess that helps if you want to have a lasting marriage or relationship :)) - g-luck to all u guys.
kendall - [profile] Tue Jun 14th 23:37 2005 / #63
FYI, USADave: I'm a male model. But to satisfy your burning questions..., all Czech-Prague girls are easy, and do not wish to have one man, boyfriend, and or husband. None are faithful, and they all go to nightclubs each weekend to get Shagged. I have personally "Shagged" trillions of them, only to become syphillitic (list available by subscription.) Aah, such trophies. None are homebody types, or keep their man home, or cook for him, and Nay. No Czech-Prague girls like any of the simple things in life, that do not cost an arm, and a leg. Yes, all the woman there are only concerned with how much dollars you have. I have seen many Expats who are married to Czech ladies, and it is not working for these Guys.

Who is the original poster-boy here, anyway? Shouldn't we have more strict immigration laws? Please give us a break here. Please move to Prague and live. And Andrew, my 900 pound American wife wants me to weigh her in to say "Fuck You Bofe." She's eating a Mc'Donald's Quarter-pounder with cheeze, while she beats me. And, adds that, "If Big Dog devoted as much time and attention to a woman, Czech, or otherwise, rather than to his PC, he wouldn't have to take a survey as to her virtues/vices. Could anything this idiotic be human?" Our species is shamed. Beautiful woman? I could only dream. Sorry I can't help.., I'm just pussy "wipped." My woman is uglier than sin, as are any who are not Czech. Guess I'm just jealous of you. Apologies to the Czech gals too, for you.

Ok, so I can't leave it alone. Sue me. I'm just an asshole who doesn't know his place in the world. Generalisations chap the ass. My wife is also a model..., which makes her more fun to "shag." God help us that we could "shag" but homely Americans. Truth is, she takes the breath, leaves the money, and sets off car-alarms. Please don't hate us for not being Czech. Good luck, and Peace.
soufiane - [anon] Sun Jun 12th 13:02 2005 / #64
really, i don't know what say to this big fucker!!!i did never see some who want a sirious relation,and he put himself in a like situation,you can tell me what's the bugger gonna if you get a pretty girl,nothing of sure ,any where you can find nice girl& ugly girl,wise girl& stupid girl ....
form me i can tell you:i'm not from czech niether europe,but i'm merried with czech girl,since 5 years ,1 kid, i find her very pretty&intel as the first
time i see her, at last ,just intelligence can make better.

good luck.
Cowboy - [anon] Wed Jun 29th 21:52 2005 / #65
I know that most czech girls like anal sex. hehe hee
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Thu Jun 30th 08:13 2005 / #66
I think cowboy likes to have anal sex with his man too
raja imran - [anon] Mon Jul 4th 13:16 2005 / #67
i want a sensior and the honest person who will share their personal and important problem with me and vice versa.
magdalena - [anon] Fri Jul 8th 15:53 2005 / #68
If you want hot girl - you can find her everywhere but
if you want find princess of your life - why are you looking for her ONlY in Czech Republic? Are ONLY there sensetive and beautiful women? I'm sure you won't married with valuable girl (if you'll still think like that)
ps. sorry for my english

there aren't beautiful women- it's only changing fashon
Ol' Dirty Bastard - [anon] Tue Jul 12th 23:03 2005 / #69
No way that moron is American. His english skill level is lower than of my 4 year old cousin.

Wu-Tang bitches!!!!!!!
skin - [profile] Wed Jul 13th 00:00 2005 / #70
I can't decide, he shouldn't be. If he's someones work of fiction the author should be writing professionly, lol funny, and if you read all his posts there's a consistency, in a deranged way, he's going to open a bakery-karate school and spent a very long time in the Ukraine which lasted six weeks. I think he's great.If you are real Dave tell me when you turn up, I've got to have a few beers with you and see the legend in action.
PS, Dirty, perhaps your four year old cousin just has better English than a few adults, he could be dyslexic slightly.
Or thick.
Old School JP~ - [anon] Wed Jul 13th 00:18 2005 / #71
WoW! At least 50% the posters on this thread were a bunch of pathetic losers who probably couldn't get any sex and/or companionship if they tried! Randomly & anonymously insulting each other. Brit twit this, yank wank that. Come on... Are we all still in the 5th grade? Being misogynistic & derogatory toward women & also to each other w/no respect what so ever. Grow up. Go out there & meet some real people. Learn a sense of tact & some etiquette. I think that Peters gonna make people register if they want to post anything on this site pretty soon to try & curb having a bunch of trolls writing moronic crap when ever they so please...

Jp. - [profile] Wed Jul 13th 08:03 2005 / #72
Word. - [profile] Wed Jul 13th 08:56 2005 / #73
I agree with skin, this guy is funny, I would almost bet he's either a)British. or b)Butthead.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Sun Jul 17th 16:10 2005 / #74
I often take a look on this site but never bothered to join the fun until now.

This idiot asking what are Czech girls easy! What a loser. I’ll tell you what they are like from my perspective.

I have done some time in this fine country, we all know there are annoying aspects to life, but I would say that Czech girls are fantastic.

The good stuff:
They look fantastic
They can drink
They can play pool (billard)
They have great humor
They take care of you

The bad stuff:
They are quite calculating, but whats a smart girl going to do?

I'm sadly back in shitty little England, an island of thugs packed with fat vile pigs dressed in drag. They call them girls! I pay too much tax, work too hard and franky I only wish I was back in Praha.

So two things please, don't be so rude and stupid about Czech girls and if there are some on this bb, maybe you would be so kind as to help an Englishman escape to a better place and better times.

TJ - [anon] Mon Jul 25th 02:23 2005 / #75
Hello dave, I honestly think it is possible to find an excellent woman nearly anywhere in the former soviet union. I am married to the best one, perhaps not the most beautiful in YOUR eyes, but certainly in mine. There are also some loosers there as well as in the good ol' USA. So be careful! They may tell you what they think you want to hear. However I am curious, are you simply looking to get laid, get laid by a beautiful woman, or are you looking for a REAL LADY for a life long commitment. You may want to keep in mind that you may find a real beauty at only 20 yrs. or so. You may fall in love with her because she is beautiful. Where will your heart be when she is 40 or 50? Perhaps parts will be saggin and draggin. Will you STILL love her as she loves you, unconditionally????
skin - [profile] Mon Jul 25th 09:22 2005 / #76
No TJ, you get a new one. Every man knows his girlfriend should be half his age plus 7 years, first thing I learnt in maths.
Big Dog - [anon] Wed Jul 27th 11:20 2005 / #77
Hey guys, and gals
I posted the post, as to get feed back only. I am not looking for easy girls. I just asked a question. But so many Dumb asses can not get it. I asked many questions, and many just opposite ones. Why ? to get the aswers either way. I figured, if one person answered one question, maybe it was a poor answer, and so I set everyone up to either lie, and or answer wrong one way, and maybe answer right the other way ? I do not know if you Drunks can understand ? As I seem to just get hammered by most everyone. I am guessing it is the Loosers, that did not find their easy Czech girl that night, and they are on here pissed at me about it ? Doing this post was to get answers to many questions. As both ways, as coming, and going. I do not want a Hooker mentality in a woman, as it seems that they are there ? I found this to be the same in Ukraine. Everything is bought. I used to get model looking ladies here in the USA, but the last few years, they too are only looking for Money. I am not looking for this kind of mentality. I want to meet a Fine looking woman, that just wants a good man, that is Inteligent, attractive, to have a lifetime realationship with, being best friends, comapanions, and Lovers for Life. Just that simple ? Please excuse me for my frankness, and I do appreciate the nice people here, and their answers. The others, that write the Sh!t they do, Wake up, and smell the Coffee. You are wasting my time, and everyone elses also. Get a life, and quit hammering people. We all have a Opinion, but be nice, and do not throw stones. For the people that still can not understand my reasons for the post now. You need to go back to school. I quit even monitoring this site now. I have not looked at it for over a month. I find it just a waste of time. Why ? So many very unhappy people there, and Dumb asses that can not read, and jump to conclusions that are not even there ? Read the Post. It's like a Dumb Drunk Chicken, as trying to answer my questions ? NO thinking, just blind Stupidity. Also, you know who you are ? Yes, you dumb drunk ass chickens, Dikes, Fat ass bitches, Yes like you Nitro, wake up, and do not waste our time posting to my Post. Please, all the rest of you nice people that aswered nice, and had some sense, you all have a nice Day :-) All the others, do not waste what brain cells, you maybe do not have left. Also, Thanks to Old school - Jp, as you say, you can see it, just a bunch of brainless Loooooooosssssssseers.
Skin you are a Funny guy, and thats cool. Unypsaver, thanks for the nice post, and information, as I like good posts, like yours. Also, do not forget the Burned guy, thanks again for your good responce, and keep it up. Please do not waste all the good peoples time here, iF you do not like the post, do not answer to it, as your answers, are not worth reading...
ya, and the last one " Post # 76 that was a good one Skin :-) Posts like this, they are amuzing, and worth reading. Maybe everyone else, can learned somethin from this, HUh ??? :-) IF you still do not get it, read post # 57, and the original Post. Thanks Big Dog...
skin - [profile] Wed Jul 27th 12:40 2005 / #78
So Dave, who and whatever you may be, are you coming to Prague or not?
You should by the way.
And good to hear from you again, please try to write once a week to tell us what you're thinking.
girl czech jkla - [anon] Mon Aug 1st 14:42 2005 / #79
Hi there,

Why would you Americans or "westerners" think everybody is after your dollars?

The truth is I also want to meet an English speaking man-"western man" because i lived in Canada, in the UK and I love the English language and I love the way well educated non-Czech guys treat women.

Cheating doesnt even come to my mind. I wish for a normal healthy relationship, that is all.

I am a good looking girl but I guess I am not a model type you all are after. Threrefore, it is easy for me to be faithfull you might say.

Realize however, that most of the men are after beautifull girls, therefore they get more chances to be unfaithfull. And then you complain they are easy........more beauty she has, more she can ask for it and she knows is that simple.

If you have to offer more for her beauty than another guy, then you win.

Every man is somehow attractive, most of the guys have nice personality, most of you treat a woman well when you are in what differs you from another?

Money, not every man can offer money......

Most guys are after beauty, most beautiful girls are after is simple........

So your question why are all the girls after money is the same as to ask why are all the men after beauty.......

Dont look for a model girl and you dont need to have much money........but simple faithful girls you dont find in bars.
skin - [profile] Tue Aug 2nd 04:51 2005 / #80
"Every man is somehow attractive, most guys have nice personality" . No Jikla, you haven't met "cuddly" Dunc, face of death and personality to match. But appreciate your blind optimism.
skin - [profile] Tue Aug 2nd 04:58 2005 / #81
And I think I must of read your post above wrong. Because what's wrong with Czech men?
damsss - [anon] Thu Aug 4th 12:40 2005 / #82
Terrible story.... There is always at least one bastard on any forum...
Rustyjames - [anon] Thu Aug 4th 22:55 2005 / #83
If I may add my comment, I was recently seeing a lady from prague and fun times were had and now we left it in agreement, the only difference I can say between eastern european women and the west is the fact here in western society we are liberalised to the extent that PC culture has led people to never state openly whats on their mind, so u get this round about way of defining oneself. Yet as a former communist state where emotional attitudes were see as bourgeois capitlaist ways, were scorned. So what we can see as a coldness is in fact a refreshing directness which I loved. Also regarding some of the comments here, your gonna meet people who are shit everywhere, the thing is to be true to yourself and if they are awful people f*ck em and walk away, your own diginity of knowing who u were not trying to be something you are not holds firm. But after all this (and now with a russian intellectual beauty) eastern european women have a better sense of ass than western women lol..!!! let us be realists let us insist on the impossible..
skin - [profile] Fri Aug 5th 03:24 2005 / #84
Bet she loved being termed Eastern European! Great for a wind up.
Big Dog - [anon] Wed Aug 10th 03:06 2005 / #85
Hello Posters, and newbee ( girl czech jkla )

Its nice to recieve nice responces back. Well at least with some intellect.
Sure as most guys, I am looking for a fine looking woman. But a average woman there in the Czeck Republic is like a beauty here in America. So ( jkla ) you may be in ? :-) Most ladies that do not think of themselves in such high regard, are a truely beautiful woman. ? Well, at least inside :-) I am searching for a good honest woman, that is very pretty, kind, clever, faithful, loving, and romantic. But with a personality, that is quite lovely. This sounds so simple, Huh ? Most all woman, all fail, in one way or another. I just wish to be happly married, and have a family. This woman will become, my best friend, companion, and lover for life. Does anyone know this woman ? HA, Ha, ha... If anyone does, send her my email. It is at the start of this post above. I am not like everyone else here, I am not hiding, and or playing to be anonymous.
My plan is, to fix up, and sell my house now. Then take time to visit, and maybe live in the Czech Republic. As while there, I hoped to meet the woman of my dreams, and get married. Just so you know, I am no fool, and am quite clever. So please no scammers respond :-( Ya, skin, I will be there, but not as soon as I had planned. I am trying to get ahead enough to fix my house up, as so it will sell for the bigger $. So it may be a few more months to save up, a few to fix it up, and a few to sell my house. So probably after the new year ? We shall see ?
FilipKubat - [anon] Wed Aug 31st 06:06 2005 / #86
Big dog, velky pes hovno, whatever your name is..

I couldn't help notice that you have spent more that 4 months wasting your time on this retarded conversation. You will never know for yourself what prague, the people, the culture.. etc. is like until you go.. .. just take a week off and GO there! You will love it...
I know i did.. :)

Big Dog - [anon] Wed Aug 31st 09:45 2005 / #87
I do not have the $ to go now, and visit. I am trying to get ahead enough, to fix my house up, and sell it. In around 4 to six months, I would assume, I will be able to leave, and visit Prague. But for now, I must stay. Our economy hit us hard these last four years, and I am just making enough to pay my house payment, only... I will come when, the time is right for me. I may be living there for sure, as I have a friend that says, he has been offered a good Job there, and I think, he will help me to get one too. As I am more qualified to do the job, and am a man that can do it well. So, I will take it, if it is offered to me. But, until my house is sold, I can not leave. OK ... Thanks for your time...
Big Dog...
plainfact - [anon] Fri Sep 2nd 13:08 2005 / #88
I do understand what Dave or Big Dog is looking for - beauty and faithfulness. The analogy for the two are almost like fire and water. I wish you lots of luck. I am from California but always thought american women from the midwest are more honest and down to earth, and some are beautiful and very fair. Dave, have you tried dating women of your desire from the midwest? I personally think northern european women (swedish, danish, etc.) and prague women are beautiful. I personally think it is worth a gamble or to take a chance for you going after or spending effort and time seeking for a Prague woman whom you desire. Life is short! you should travel there and spend sometime finding this one prague woman. My advise - Find a beautiful Prague model woman, impregnant her, have multiple kids with her, and she will surely become a homebody person.
Big Dog - [anon] Sun Sep 4th 12:06 2005 / #89
Hello !!! Plainfact
Sounds good to me :-)
THanks for the advice...
Expat in CR - [anon] Thu Sep 8th 00:23 2005 / #90
Reading this converation I really understand why there's war in the world... :-(
skin - [profile] Thu Sep 8th 03:48 2005 / #91
Explain Expat.
freshsqueezed - [profile] Mon Dec 10th 15:57 2007 / #92
I am American and I have a Czech girlfriend but I met her the way you would meet a woman in any country. We started to have a conversation and hit it off. Some of the guys on this site come off as very desperate and shallow. I like her because she has good family values and it probably the sweetest person I have ever met. She also happens to be beautiful. Show some respect and learn the language. I am learning and its difficult but she is worth the effort. She speaks 6 languages so its the least I can do. She comes from Stramberk though and I think that makes her much more family oriented and faithful then a girl from Prague. As said above Czech women are like women everywhere some are nice some are not some cheat and some don't.
karennorthover - [profile] Tue Dec 16th 06:41 2008 / #93
Czech women tend to be more free with whom they have sex with, regardless if they or the other person is in a committed relationship and in some countries that would be consider "easy" or "whorish" Keep your eyes open and your wallet closed. If she is true to her nature you will soon find out whether she is genuine or not.
Mickemowsecapade - [profile] Thu Oct 14th 19:56 2010 / #94
I'm actually moving to Prague in about 6 months. In response to the TERRIFYINGLY lame, desperate question posted by the original 'author'...Dude, there's no way you've laid anything in your bed other than pillow.

Instead of looking at Czech women, Ukrainian women or whatever as some little sex playthings, try using your opportunity of going to another country just for the experience of learning something new and whatever happens, happens.
wasidah - [profile] Fri Aug 8th 05:12 2014 / #95
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