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Costs of eating out in prague - advice appreciated

Posted by: newlywed - [user profile]
Date posted: Sun 25th Sep, 2005
Category: Food & Dining
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My husband and i are undecided abotu prague. we heard that it was very cheap for eating out and for beers etc but then we heard that it has gone up recently? we are looking at going next feb. can anyone advise the cost of
a) a main course meal
b) bottle of wine in restaurant
c) pint of beer
many thanks


todd todd - [profile] Mon Sep 26th 13:33 2005 / #1
Hello Laura, congratulations first of all. Ok so there has been some articles written in the past but as a rule of thumb beers cost about 30 CZK or just over 1 Euro, a good bottle of local wine can be had for
150 - 250 CZK. Main courses vary in price obviously depending on the kind of restaurant, but you can eat from 150-400 CZK in most decent restaurants in Prague. Some tips below:

Come on people give the newlyweds some food tips
Tribe - [profile] Mon Sep 26th 18:54 2005 / #2
If you want to venture into Yugoslavic/Balkan/Mediterranean food, go to Gitanes (near the US embassy) Tr??i??tì 7 Prague 1 - Mal?? Strana

Here's a review I pasted from Fodors:

Outside, small clusters of flowers in terra-cotta planters lead into a Mediterranean-inspired interior. The cozy dining room has colorfully painted arches, flowered table cloths, and Balkan music, all of which help to make you feel warmer inside. Spot-lit photos and paintings hip up the atmosphere and add to the glow. The food is mainly Balkan, including such festive treats as muckalica (a thick Balkan stew with chunks of pork, tomato, and peppers) and cevapcici (grilled ingots of spiced ground meat); or you can choose from a host of more popularly known dishes such as paella.
newlywed - [profile] Mon Sep 26th 23:38 2005 / #3
thanks very much people. is there a particular area of prague where its cheaper restaruants/bars etc? in which case, is there a more affordable area to stay in? we havent booked our hotel yet.
many thanks
todd todd - [profile] Tue Sep 27th 09:13 2005 / #4
Zizkov is pretty affordable with lots of cheaper restaurants, bars and clubs. Personally I recommend private apartments over hotels, more personal, plus you can cook for yourselves saving a bit of cash, also nice for an intimate evening at home. Here is a list of private apartments in Prague, close to the center but not too expensive.
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yogesh - [profile] Sun Sep 7th 12:52 / #6
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