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male body waxing

Posted by: DooBee - [user profile]
Date posted: Mon 12th Feb, 2007
Category: Health
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Anyone know of a good place in Prague for a guy to go for hair removal by waxing? Prices would be much appreciated as well.

Thanks in advance.

Efka Efka - [profile] Tue Feb 13th 08:45 2007 / #1
Can't say for sure but I bet you they do it at Asklepion,

don't get freaked out by the operating table photo, I here their facilities are very nice.
DooBee - [profile] Tue Feb 13th 18:41 2007 / #2
Hm... thanks for your reply, but I don't see any waxing services there.
rank - [profile] Thu Feb 15th 13:27 2007 / #3

try contacting salon lafayette in narodni trida

they have great service for guys
Simona Simona - [profile] Fri Feb 16th 10:30 2007 / #4
Hi here they do it for sure! :-) very nice place
beauty beauty - [profile] Mon Dec 17th 20:57 2012 / #5
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regg - [profile] Wed Sep 4th 19:25 2013 / #7
I guess we can't complain about not having options for anything that crosses our mind in Prague. I didn't know that the waxing salons also can perform massages. I don't know if I'll be able to find a tantric massage Hong Kong style but I am optimistic about my alternatives in Prague.
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