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Security work in Prague!!!!!

Posted by: darren - [user profile]
Date posted: Tue 9th May, 2006
Category: Jobs
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Hello all,

currently with my czech wife and have been for 9 years, i speak some czech but not fluently and need help!!!!!!!!

I am a serving police officer in the UK and have business degree. My wife wants to move back as her parents are getting older, can you give me some tips on jobs or areas of work available.

I have also managed pubs, supermarkets and have been a chef!!!! also armed forces? the more the merrier i suppose, please help!!


Yes of Course - [anon] Tue May 9th 18:53 2006 / #1
You will fit right in here with no neck and shovel face SECURITY at any herna bars. Good luck.
skritek skritek - [profile] Wed May 10th 20:48 2006 / #2
Ignore the shit-brained comment above.

I bet you might be able to find some work training cops or better yet re-training some of these cops. I have spent some time in London and am from NYC and I can say that London cops are some of the most professional and courteous cops I have ever seen. Granted I wasn't on the wrong side of anything but I knew a few in Kosovo and used to watch how they policed. Compared to the American cops they were so much better at dealing with the community.

The need here is for training. Most of the cops are dirty, racist, sadists or some combination of all 3. I would try to get something along those lines.
czechfriend - [profile] Thu May 11th 07:58 2006 / #3
skritek yeah british cops are the best if you are white...if you are not things turn out a bit different....speaking from experience and also pretty well documented .... actually i think last week they played the documentary about the BBC guy who joined police in UK and you should have seen the rasism there...makes czech cops look like amatures...
DHL - [anon] Thu May 11th 10:05 2006 / #4
Skritek, how many years have you been here? Advising him that he may be able to find work as a trainer shows you know nothing. He cannot speak Czech, that isn't where it stops though, police forces, and their trainers are EXCLUSIVELY for nationals..
Darren, post to an expat web site and you will get misinformed expat opinions. Post here and you will find your thread turned into some sort of a USA hate bashing contest....children abound here.

Try a real site, one that CAN help you to acclimate into the society,

There, you can learn czech and not be mislead by the rantings of a select 10 or so that THINK they are doing the world some good by slamming their own country. Look at the history of the threads here over the last two years, notice the same jokers?????Foul mouthed children that dont seem to understand how to impliment real change. The refuse to use the proper channels, approach their congressman, lobby for change. They speak highly of drug use and cannot make a valid point w/o using profanities. Apply to companies like DHL, make use of your business degree, forget about security here w/o fluency.
The Grinning Lemur The Grinning Lemur - [profile] Thu May 11th 10:42 2006 / #5
DHL, get your facts straight. The Czech police force has been importing UK and other foreign cops here for years for purposes of training and diplomacy.

For the most part the beat cops are rookies because of Havel canning the entire police force aside from the administration due to red affiliation. They are brought in to coach the fresh blood on the new influx of foreigners. Like yourself.

They have translators for this purpose.

How long have YOU been living here?
DHL - [anon] Thu May 11th 11:40 2006 / #6
Those are words, and only words, you have not backed it up with anything other than your distain for police.

Translators yes, trainers in English, no! I have many czech police friends and you are poorly informed. If you think not, post a link! Been here for 10 years, fluent Czech...

Translators also work for the US military here in our joint operations. I have two friends that perform these services on a seasional basis.
How the heck can you train someone in Englsih that doesnt speak it! Or wait, he is to beleive that they translate all the training and material into English???

He is not qualified to be a translator Einstein, he made that clear...
DHL - [anon] Thu May 11th 11:42 2006 / #7
INTERPOL trains in English also...try them Darren
DHL - [anon] Thu May 11th 11:45 2006 / #8
Additionally, there was talk a year or so ago of setting up a foreign police force to deal with the influx of English tourists, but the funds were not found. Now they offer English lessons for free to recruits

The Grinning Lemur -get your facts straight!
The Grinning Lemur The Grinning Lemur - [profile] Thu May 11th 12:34 2006 / #9
You have friends that are cops. Brilliant. You're in the military. Even better.

About three years ago I actually spoke with a high ranking police official here who was complaining about the fact that it was so expensive to import foreign trainers. Yet it was being done.

Of course that is word of mouth as well, so where does that leave us?

How do you think think they deal with foreign lecturers in universities?
DHL - [anon] Thu May 11th 12:57 2006 / #10
uhhh, in English, the International Language, its an educational setting you dip! Has NOTHING to do with the uneducated police force!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pilots also MUST speak English, but that is not relevant ! We are talking about cops with a high school diploma 9 times out of 10 !

You spoke with a high ranking police official ???Brilliant. Even better.

Two years ago some NYPD cops came here to instruct, FOR TWO WEEKS, then they went home you dip. Not exactly a full time job, and I am guessing he is looking for more than summer employment!

Your having a problem with the only langauge you speak, what part of the above stated that I was in the military?????

Your word of mouth crap is non substantiable, as usual, but you did a nice job of jumping on the military, for a lack of anything Bush to bash :}
DHL - [anon] Thu May 11th 13:10 2006 / #11
Na vysok?© ??kole m????ete studovat v bakal???™sk?©m, magistersk?©m, doktorandsk?©m studiu. Vysok?? ??kola je ve?™ejn??, soukrom?? nebo st??tn?­. St??tn?­ vysok?? ??kola je vojensk?? nebo policejn?­. Na ve?™ejn??ch a st??tn?­ch vysok??ch ??kol??ch mohou cizinci studovat bez ohledu na fakt, zda maj?­ kr??tkodob??, dlouhodob?? nebo trval?? pobyt na ??zem?­ Ä?R. Cizinci studuj?­ na vysok?© ??kole za stejn??ch podm?­nek jako ostatn?­ obÄ?an?© Ä?esk?© republiky v p?™?­padÄ›, ??e jsou schopni studovat v Ä?esk?©m jazyce.

NO CZECH, NO POLICE! Certainly no trainer!!!!!!

skritek skritek - [profile] Thu May 11th 13:11 2006 / #12
Czechfriend. Yeah my experience was as a white guy but with some west indian policemen but I am sure it is a serious problem just like everywhere. And DHL, who is the ranting zealot here? As we have said many times, why don't you contribute something if you feel we are USA haters, and Bush bashers etc. Why not defend your views in a commentary piece with some well thought out points. I would be happy to show you how DEMOCRATIC we are unlike the people whom you so zealously defend. And you know, I am not a child, I am not an english teacher (not that anything is wrong with that, I was one once, it's a great way to see the world, meet intersting students and provide a service) and I got hired by DHL but I turned it down. Why not tone down your hate for a second and offer us something that might change some minds?
The Grinning Lemur The Grinning Lemur - [profile] Thu May 11th 13:24 2006 / #13
So you give me something substantial. Try to do it without the name calling (the last refuge). Can you? Of course if you want to get into name calling, i'm up for it. Doesn't really solve this guys problem though does it?

I'll go as slow as i can for you: They learn English in Highschool here. It's being going on for years. As the International language, what language do you think the cops speak to deal with foreigners? In terms of lectures by foreign cops they have translators.

I jumped on the military? How outrageous. I'm think highly of the people who serve their country.

Give it rest...
DHL - [anon] Thu May 11th 13:38 2006 / #14
was there something relevant in that posting Skritek ?
You give bad advise to this guy, unsubstabtaited advise and back it up by telling the obvious, that in HS they learn Englsih? Can you understand Czech Lemur????

He cannot work here in that capacity, factually. Name calling, r u kinding, that is what this site is all about, well, at least for 12 (oops Micah is back in Prison) 11 of you!!!

End it, go back to copying and pasted articles written by pros as if your opinion was asked for by the editor!

Lemur, u think highly of the people who serve their country???? Thank you :}}}}

How about you, what have you done for your country???
Tribe - [profile] Thu May 11th 22:22 2006 / #15
Don't mean to mix in here, but what did happen to Micah?
Is he "back in prison?" This is the 2nd time I've read a post referencing Micah being jail? Or is it just people taking jive?
DHL - [anon] Fri May 12th 10:19 2006 / #16
according to those that were supposedly his friend, so they said, they now claim that they don't know where he is, which leads to the obvious:

Someone of Micahs mouth, so intent on furthering the already tarnished reputation of the states, just up and leaves....NO, its not possible. They know where he is, but telling the truth would not benefit their cause so they are all in denial :}

Would someone so insignificant, one who believes that he is never wrong, one that thinks he was promoting democracy, when in fact he was only exposing himself as the drug addict with a foul mouth that he was, just up and stop posting one day??? not possible. Micah, who chose his name to try and affliate with the arabic world, is either dead or in now others have taken over his post of : post inflamitory remarks against the worlds last superpower as if you were actually making a change!

Well educated students also have issues with these topics, they are just not so poorly educated as to think that posting liable statements on a small web site read by few in a ever smaller country is the way to enact change, they studied the proper channels, and engage those channels to the betterment of the states.

Micah was his own worst enemy...
Konkrete - [anon] Fri May 12th 10:57 2006 / #17
It's not the world's last superpower. It's just one in a long line of many.
Nobody here is trying to change the world. They're just expressing opinions.
DHL - [anon] Fri May 12th 11:01 2006 / #18
As stated by CNN yesterdday, America is the worlds last superpower...expressing opinions of hatred, endorsing drug use, using sewer mouth words to try to convey a point??? The few Americans that post here shame our country....

No wonder no one of influence visits the site...
Konkrete - [anon] Fri May 12th 11:08 2006 / #19
You get all your opinions from CNN? The only expressions of hatred i've heard has been from you. And who 'of influence' would you like to see visit this site. Or are you not influential.
skritek skritek - [profile] Fri May 12th 12:08 2006 / #20
DHL someone like you shitting on Micah is hilarious. He is in the states making documentary films about NGO projects in the 3rd world. A far cry from you sitting at your desk at DHL and taking silly potshots at people with your unintelligent and venemous rants, and preaching about patriotism etc. And I'll say it again BTW, you think our site is so biased and so left-wing, please contribute an article. If it is well written it will be published. You continued criticisms of our site are unfounded and would be considered slanderous if you were to take it a little further. You should familiarize yourself with our Terms of Service before you go accusing people of backing a certain agenda.

And I do not feel in anyway that my initial response to try the police force here was so off the mark or from such an uninformed position. Awaiting your contribution.
DHL - [anon] Sat May 13th 09:12 2006 / #21
First of all, dont you think yourself a tad presumptious thinking I work a DHL?? I dont...:}

Micah is doing films uh, and hasnt found the time to log in to his favorite site, Im calling your bluff! If true, why didnt you answer the previous postings asking where he was, people have been asking for a month! More BS...
FedEx - [anon] Sun May 14th 21:39 2006 / #22
DHL, aren't you the guy that stole the laptop and cell phone?
DHL - [anon] Mon May 15th 10:29 2006 / #23
Sorry FedEx, if you read the thread, you would realize that I DONT work for DHL...
lub - [profile] Mon May 15th 15:34 2006 / #24
FedEx, DHL, UPS who gives a shit? back to the topic. darren, you can also try to set up your own small business. you should have a know-how that lots of czech companies dont. i have seen many expat entrepreneurs taking advantage of this fact over czech businesses. If you are interested in getting some economic insight i can do a little research for you. i am interested in this field too.
jeff jeff Mon May 15th 15:40 2006 / #25
Thanks for getting it back on topic lub - :]
John D. Bailey - [profile] Tue Oct 24th 01:27 2006 / #26
I know that this is an old post, but thought I would see if you are still looking. I'm an American owner of a Czech company that is looking for someone to be responsible for security of the facility just north of Prague, in Roudnice nad Labem. I can offer salary plus paid housing and utilities for someone with military/police experience.
segramila - [profile] Sun Dec 30th 01:37 2012 / #27
Hi guys,
I know this post is several years old, but we seem to be stuck in the same situation. Has anyone know about a decent job for UK ex-RAF police officer/close protection officer/dog handler? Over 20 years of experience in security industry, unfortunately not other industry. Any useful response highly appreciated.
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alok20082000 - [profile] Mon Mar 31st 00:47 / #31
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