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Drinking age

Posted by: John - [anonymous]
Date posted: Tue 10th Jan, 2006
Category: Nightlife
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I am going to Prague in two weeks time with my son who is 17 and his friend who is also 17.

I understand the age to drink is 18 but my son and his friend would like to try some of the dance clubs ect, will this be a problem or will they get into everywhere?

Thanks John

sambeckwith sambeckwith - [profile] Tue Jan 10th 12:06 2006 / #1
My guess is they'll have no problems.
pragueboy pragueboy - [profile] Tue Jan 10th 12:26 2006 / #2
depends how they look, tell em not to shave, and they will be fine...
I have never known anyone ever to get carded in prague... but if they have some problems, stick em on a train to a small town, i have been in village pubs where 8 yr olds come in to fill up the family jug of beer, no one ever bats an eye...
johnny appleseed - [profile] Tue Jan 10th 13:51 2006 / #3
A lot of pubs will check ID, I have seen it often--but only with really young looking people. If he looks fifteen, he might be carded--by the bartender. I have never seen people carding at the door, though.
peanutjones - [profile] Tue Jan 10th 19:01 2006 / #4
Hi John
They should be OK in most clubs but a lot of pubs do ask for ID. Main thing to remember is that if theres two, there isnt a problem, ID is asked for if theres loadsa lads trying to get into a club. Also, if they look like they have had too much to drink, or are drunk, then ID will be asked for rather than a refusal to serve. Being sensible helps.
IJ - [profile] Thu Oct 19th 07:31 2006 / #5
Yes, if they don't bring attention to themselves, they will be OK.
Alex Johnstone - [profile] Thu Oct 19th 10:51 2006 / #6
Why don't they wear false beards to make themselves look older?
Lucie Lucie - [profile] Wed Nov 15th 21:37 2006 / #7
Going to club should not be a problem, maybe they will not want to pour them a drink .. but they can still dance :)
Dusty Lou - [profile] Fri Dec 15th 13:29 2006 / #8
Do you think there will be any problems with five lads (Three 18, two 17)??

Also, what ID is acceptable? Will my British drivers license do or do they require passport (which I am obviously reluctant on)?
todd todd - [profile] Fri Dec 15th 14:06 2006 / #9
You should be fine, yeah drivers license is fine. Key is order with confidence and don't get so trashed where you can't order. Here's a tip: unlike the UK you can drink all day and all night in Prague so don't slam as many beers as you can all before 11pm, the night is still very young and you will enjoy Prague's nightlife a hell of alot more if you pace yourself.

good luck!
Dusty Lou - [profile] Mon Dec 18th 16:11 2006 / #10
Cheers Todd
Alex Johnstone - [profile] Mon Dec 18th 17:30 2006 / #11
[this comment moved to the dump; posted from]
IJ - [profile] Mon Dec 18th 20:06 2006 / #12
Alex, you dumpster. Try engaging your brain before you take your keyboard out of neutral :-)
peter peter - [profile] Sat Jan 13th 05:56 2007 / #13
pragueboy: "I have never known anyone ever to get carded in prague"

I've been bloody carded before! Some cheeky bastard in Old Town Square, *right* after Jak (who was obviously with me) had bought his beer. Years ago, but I'm still bitter.
peter peter - [profile] Sat Jan 13th 05:58 2007 / #14
Huh, just realised I'd replied to a comment recently that has recently celebrated its first birthday. Januarys are crap, it always takes a while for the fact that it's a new year to sink in.
todd todd - [profile] Sat Jan 13th 08:36 2007 / #15
Yeah, back to the #13 comment, but Jak is a hairy wombat I mean looks like Lemmy from Motorhead, noone would card him.
Simona Simona - [profile] Tue Jan 23rd 10:44 2007 / #16
it will be ok :-)
xfatxbarbiex - [profile] Thu Jan 25th 22:56 2007 / #17
me who is 17 and my boyfriend is 20 are going to prague in 2 weeks time and i was wondering if it would be ok for me to get into clubs with him?
takingthemick - [profile] Sat Feb 10th 19:25 2007 / #18
I am 17 and i'll be going to my brothers stag weekend in prague wit a big group of lads and i am the youngest, wud you say id be able to get in places?????
IJ - [profile] Sat Feb 10th 20:17 2007 / #19
takingthemick = taking the mick

soffan - [profile] Mon Mar 5th 22:25 2007 / #20
i was 18 the first time i was in prague... and they asked me for ID :(
arguello - [profile] Sat Jul 14th 21:25 2007 / #21
I'm 16 and live in Prague and I invited a friend over and we went to pubs and never got asked for any sort of ID, we even went to Darling Cabaret and one of the bouncers asked my friend how old he was and he said 18 and the guy was basically joking and didn't care
I haven't been to a club yet but the key is confidence and dressing right
leosdaly leosdaly - [profile] Mon Sep 17th 12:51 2007 / #22
Men don't worry they will be ,ok ...i have some expirience and in haven't been at that time even 17
breakingdecency - [profile] Mon Sep 17th 15:08 2007 / #23
does anyone read the timestamps on posts anymore?!
jayr - [profile] Mon Apr 14th 17:08 2008 / #24
[this comment moved to the dump; posted from]
toranaja - [profile] Mon Oct 18th 19:21 2010 / #25
ha ha ,, i like comment#23
alexmust - [profile] Sun Nov 28th 19:00 2010 / #26
I think will be no problems with your son! Good luck!
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step95 - [profile] Tue Apr 23rd 23:03 2013 / #28
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PurpleHope - [profile] Wed Aug 7th 16:24 2013 / #29
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