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Hany bany - or honey bunny?

Posted by: Truck - [user profile]
Date posted: Tue 15th Nov, 2005
Category: Nightlife
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Does anyone know anything about this place? There's something odd about this site...

Micah Micah - [profile] Tue Nov 15th 13:38 2005 / #1
Man, there used to be a place called Hany Bany next to Indigo, around the corner from UK and the city library. It was a smokey little place where the young ladies liked to drink their bily strik and that. This place looks to be something completely different - possibly sinister... Some of those underwear girls looked drugged...
jeff jeff Tue Nov 15th 14:16 2005 / #2
Yeah, i know there were few good house parties there a few months ago, but some friends said that it was somehow attached to a strip klub or whorehouse and that gradually the line blurred as the wee hours dawned.. I imagine the parties were produced by independents..
KP - [profile] Tue Nov 15th 15:57 2005 / #3
it is in the congress centers parking lot. Another poor attempt to lure foreigners into an over priced slut lot...

They cant develop a page to save their life...
RacerX RacerX - [profile] Tue Nov 15th 17:36 2005 / #4
Yeah, I've been there. It's next to the Congress Center and definitely a weird place. It's a cheap disco that desperately, opaquely wants to be more, not unlike the people there. The web site certainly should win some sort of award.
Pacman - [profile] Wed Nov 16th 02:00 2005 / #5
Dude, Vanilla Ice is playing there on the 25th! count me in!!!!

no, I m actually kind of serious.

maybe not.
Webdrinks - [profile] Thu Nov 17th 13:55 2005 / #6
Good place, they buy lots of different beverags from us. You can too on
kr??ska - [profile] Sun Nov 20th 05:45 2005 / #7
Curiously next door to webdrinks. It's beginning to make sense..
Webdrinks - [profile] Sun Nov 20th 13:32 2005 / #8
Kraska, we would be silly not to sell to a place in our own building complex, don't you think? Otherwise, webdrinks is for online sales. Hany Bany is looked after by Euro Center Trade.
kr??ska - [profile] Sun Nov 20th 20:34 2005 / #9
You would have to read the whole thread to understand my post. Don't worry, I don't expect much from you.
Webdrinks - [profile] Sun Nov 20th 23:45 2005 / #10
Kraska, as you're obviously brighter not only than me, but everyone else who posts here (a bit of Cimmerman actually, been everywhere, seen everything etc.), I would mighty sure fine appreciate your explaining your post, so as I can one day be worthy enough to earn a higher expectation from you.
kr??ska - [profile] Mon Nov 21st 00:13 2005 / #11
You will never be worthy. Aim for my sympathy. That, you might achieve.

Read Jeff's post. It might help.
Webdrinks - [profile] Mon Nov 21st 00:52 2005 / #12
'Fraid not. Looks like I'll never be worthy of your expecting much from me. Damn, damn shame. Sympathy I'll pass I think, have more than enough to go around.
kr??ska - [profile] Mon Nov 21st 01:48 2005 / #13
Less clever than I thought.
pragueboy pragueboy - [profile] Mon Nov 21st 09:48 2005 / #14
Veronica: Heather, why can't you just be a friend? Why do you have to be such a mega-bitch?
Heather Duke: Because I can be.

- heathers, 1989.
kr??ska - [profile] Mon Nov 21st 19:04 2005 / #15
Still have her poster over your bed, or did the wife make you take it down?
pragueboy pragueboy - [profile] Mon Nov 21st 23:16 2005 / #16
Nope, the heathers poster is in the water closet, like to think of girls like you whilst pinchin’ a loaf... btw, congrats on all the friends you seem to be makin', must take a lot of self-hate to piss off a chill crowd of people such as this...

btw, webdrinks, do you carry swiss cannabis ice tea? There are a lot of knockoffs already, but c-ice is the best. Only place i have seen it so far is in Caf?© Kaaba, Manesova 20.
kr??ska - [profile] Tue Nov 22nd 02:21 2005 / #17
I wouldn't have figured you for that kind of kink.

Makes sense, though.
pragueboy pragueboy - [profile] Tue Nov 22nd 02:53 2005 / #18
your psych 101 skills truly baffle the mind. haven't we met at some local mensa meetings? seems to be available, send me some pics and a bio, and i'll make you a site...
kr??ska - [profile] Tue Nov 22nd 03:41 2005 / #19
Cool. Please use this photo: jpg

Can you give me some bio guidelines?
black and white - [profile] Tue Nov 22nd 10:11 2005 / #20
This disco might not be cool enough for a bunch of hyper cool expats, but the place definitely has some big name performers. I am not as cool as the rest of you studs, so maybe that is why I love this place. Remeber this is not the West. Every disco in these parts has the prints of the Albanian, Israeli, Serbian, etc. Mafia on it. You can get just about anything at these places. Doesn't mean you have to, but it is available. Gabry Ponte (part of Eiffel 65) from Torino is an amazing DJ. I am sure the place will be packed when he performs. I know a few big fans in Poland that will show up. Sash! gets big crowds even in in the USA. Gigi D'Agostino!!! One of the best Italian Djs around. Crazy but cool. I saw him in Zurich a few months ago (along with Danzel and DJ Tatana). He puts on a good show. Sonique is ok. She was really big a few years back. I always was more of the Alice Deejay type at that time. I am sorry if this disco scare some of you. College frat parties always did the same to me. Hell, the Senior Prom was bad enough. Thank God I found my little slice of heaven. :) By the way, did anybody notice Samer Issa in some of those pictures?? Hey, its gotta be cool if Samer Issa shows up. lol ;)
pragueboy pragueboy - [profile] Tue Nov 22nd 13:21 2005 / #21
how cute kr??ska, we have matching nipple rings.
as for bio guidelines, you're the professional WRITER here, not me... hell, i need a spellchecker just to post to PTV
ChrisC - [anon] Tue Nov 22nd 14:01 2005 / #22
One day people will figure out that being smart is not the number one thing to be. Being kind, being useful etc..rank higher. Kraska youre a shithead...tho of average intelligence...not low.
Webdrinks - [profile] Tue Nov 22nd 15:56 2005 / #23
Kraska - what's worse, I'm less clever than I thought. Luckily my ego carries the day....
black and white - [profile] Tue Nov 22nd 22:38 2005 / #24
A kr??ska (or two) is a good thing to have in every Eastern European country. She is like a living dinosaur that reminds us why things will always be better for us here. Just remember, there are many thousands of kr??skas waiting for you if you decide to go back home for good. Thank you, kr??ska. :)
tommm - [profile] Wed Oct 16th 07:07 2013 / #25
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denismarin1 - [profile] Fri Nov 7th 02:51 / #28
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