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getting Czech driver's license

Posted by: Colin the angry young man - [anonymous]
Date posted: Fri 18th Feb, 2005
Category: Relocation & Visas
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I have decided I should probably get a Czech driver's license after several years of driving around without one. I have found a couple of these driving schools but they all want me to spend dozens of hours driving around with them and then ACTUALLY take the state exam.

I refuse to believe that in this ridiculously corrupt country I can't find someone to whom I can slip a fat brown envelope and just get the license without further hassle. Does anyone know such a firm, and where I can find them?

jeff jeff Fri Feb 18th 11:21 2005 / #1
I assume you do not have a valid US license, right? OR is that no longer useable after some time of living here?
colin the angry young man - [anon] Fri Feb 18th 14:41 2005 / #2
I have a US license. The problem is that this is only valid in the CR for three months, after which you are supposed to get a Czech license. It's a little difficult to claim that I've only been here three months when I've got four or five long-stay visas in my passport.

The embassy web site also has another interesting thing which says there is an exception - you don't need the Czech license if you have an international driver's license. I would like to know if that's true, because you just order those damn things through the mail. They are just glorified translations of your license.
Micah Micah - [profile] Fri Feb 18th 14:53 2005 / #3
Colin, it's partly true about the international license. I've never had a problem with it, anyway. It seems like the Czech license is an unnecessary hassle. Also, I've heard that with your international license you can go directly to take the exam without the humiliation of cruising with the big red Z. Schools won't tell you this, of course, because they will then lose their 14k fee...
jeff jeff Fri Feb 18th 14:54 2005 / #4
I heard that as well. Had one. But now is long after the one-year duration. AAA sells 'em.
colin the angry young man - [anon] Fri Feb 18th 16:32 2005 / #5
sweet. I'll order one. What are you two negroes up to, we should grab a beer sometime and wallow in hate and loathing for all things GOP.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Fri Feb 18th 18:17 2005 / #6
the FINE for not having a czech drivers licence is 300kc
cost of getting one with drivers ed lessons - min. 6000kc
(average i think is 8500-12000)
so, you can get pulled over and fined minimum 20 times ( not like they write your name down when they fine you - that they would catch on to what you are doing ) before it actually pays... also, usually a cop won't scan your passport thorough enough to figure it out...
i have been driving with one for 11 yrs here, never once paid the fine...
Colin the angry young man - [anon] Fri Feb 18th 21:13 2005 / #7
The last time a cop fined me he told me that although it might seem like it's easier just to pay the fines, you're really screwed if you get in an accident and it turns out you don't have a valid license.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Sun Feb 20th 01:39 2005 / #8
The last I heard on this subject, the Czech government passed a law almost three years ago which said that foreigners who want to drive in the Czech Republic have to either a.) have a Czech driver's license or b.) have an international driver's license along with one from their own country. I've never heard that only a Czech license is allowed.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Sun Feb 20th 20:37 2005 / #9
By John Lettice
Published Tuesday 1st February 2005 16:24 GMT

The European Parliamentary seems likely to give the go ahead to Commission proposals for a single European driving licence format this month, following support from the Parliament's Transport Committee...
It also suggests a "European driving licence information network" to combat fraud and "licence tourism." ..
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Mon Feb 21st 01:11 2005 / #10
Yes, a Driver's license from any EU country is acceptable here, but that doesn't help those from US. Unless...

I have heard it is quite cheap and easy to get a driver's license in Poland, In fact many Germans are going there to save money.

Also, #7 is correct - it's no big deal until you get in an accident.
daran - [anon] Tue Mar 22nd 13:47 2005 / #11
Is there the posibilty to by your drving license in the Czech republic and not take a test?????
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Tue Mar 22nd 13:57 2005 / #12
International Drivers license plus home state license and you are good to go. Don't forget about that pesky insurance though, and the right to ride the highways sticker it can cost up to 15000kc if you are caught without it.
todd todd - [profile] Tue Mar 22nd 16:07 2005 / #13
Yes Darren it is possible, it will cost you 7,000 CZK last time I heard.
Hubert - [profile] Fri Apr 22nd 20:54 2005 / #14
Anyone know if possible to obtain a Czech DL, with out been resident for 6 mounts?
Gerald - [anon] Mon Jul 18th 14:54 2005 / #15
Hi Todd,

Can you let me know where I can get a Czech DL without being a resident for 6 months. Would appreciate your help.

jeff jeff Wed Sep 14th 14:48 2005 / #16
[this comment moved to the dump; posted from]
airport_scooter - [profile] Fri Nov 11th 21:03 2005 / #17
I have a US driving licence , so what do I have to do to get a czech's driving licence
airport_scooter - [profile] Fri Nov 11th 21:04 2005 / #18
or international driving licence
kr??ska - [profile] Fri Nov 11th 22:04 2005 / #19
BS. If someone is giving out DLs without making you take the test, it's illegal. And you'd better be careful it's not a setup, since they ARE setting these up nowadays.

I answered DL questions the other day in another read - but I can't remember where it was now.

If you are an American, Canadian, or other non-EU citizen, you need to take the Czech driving course. In Czech language, about 8000 kc. In English, about 18,000. On an automatic, a little bit more.

To get an IDP, if you are American, you mail a current photocopy of your DL to the head AAA office in Heathrow, FLA (really, any AAA office can do it) with your 10 bucks and they will mail it to you. They are good for one year, and you have to send away for a new one each time it expires. Takes about 10 days to get.

I'm not positive whether an American without a long term visa can get a Czech DL. Seems silly that you would want one.
airport_scooter - [profile] Sat Nov 12th 18:20 2005 / #20
kraska , thank you
Thank God , any city in europe has great public transportation
Webdrinks - [profile] Thu Nov 17th 14:04 2005 / #21
Been here 15 years, driving on a foreign driver's licence and once every few years even got around to having a valid international one (1 year). Had lots of accidents, DUIs when I was young and stupid, speeding fines etc. and NEVER had a problem - even with an expired international licence. I of course apologize profusely for my behaviour and promise never to do it again especially since I am now in the alcohol business ( - online Christmas shopping for all your beverage needs). Where was I? Oh, yeah, don't worry about the licence thing....
jsdiver - [anon] Sun Mar 19th 23:22 2006 / #22
is there anybody who can help me to get an Czech DL. IÂŽve lost my German DL and i need a DL dated onto the Mid of November 2005. Please contact me under
Please i need this Help very quickly!
Thanks for any Answer.
Regards J?¶rg
skritek skritek - [profile] Mon Jun 19th 10:55 2006 / #23
The issue is if you own a car here and do not have a czech driver's license, any claim you make on your insurance (which they will let you set up) will be void.
Stupid - [anon] Thu Jun 22nd 11:53 2006 / #24

im living in germany. Ive got a u.s licence and I was wondering is there anyway to get an e.u licence the easy way. If i have to go to latvia i will! or let me put it this way, is there any country in the e.u licence countries that accept a u.s licence without having to do the test,driving school, and burocratic stuff? Trying to do one in germany with the testing is a pain in the ass, and maybe someone here has some advice, any infor will be kindly appreciated

Stupid - [anon] Thu Jun 22nd 11:55 2006 / #25
[this comment moved to the dump; posted from]
French - [anon] Wed Jun 28th 15:34 2006 / #26
I am considering Supposedly they can get a EU DL for 450Euros. Anybody else have any additional info on this?
skritek skritek - [profile] Thu Jun 29th 12:38 2006 / #27
well that's about what you'll pay here to bribe the driving school people and get the license. My total was about 11,000. I was stupid though. My friend found a school to bribe for 7,000. either way, you take the test or pay the bribe, the amount you'll spend will be between 7 and 11 thousand
milovenus - [anon] Thu Jul 6th 20:35 2006 / #28 is a scam... Please do an on-line search for - the previous site of the same guy/scam.
Andrew Jackson - the creator of this scam is always simply running away with the money.
The process he describes is impossible. There is NO credible post on the on-line from people who ever get anything from this scam.
He had the same scam under the name: dlswap,, - NOBODY ever got anything...
ufuk - [anon] Sun Jul 9th 21:02 2006 / #29 is a scam...
ufuk - [anon] Sun Jul 9th 21:07 2006 / #30
It seems Andrew Jackson just never gives up. He is up again, and offering allegedly legal Hungarian, German drivers licences for $530 for anybody who naive enough to send him his/her personal data, scanned picture and signature.

Whatever he does with these data, pictures, signatures is unknown, but it is very well known what he does with the money: runs away, ceasing all communications. The only contact info he provides an e-mail address.

The site contains some bs about how he could get those documents, and how legal is he. The problem, the process he desrcibes is impossible in both Hungary or Germany (and in any other EU country.) He is ignorant enough to post Hungarian language documents, containing info that proves that he is unable to get any legal document.

By doing on-line and/or ripoff report search for dlswap plenty of complains are available.

As of Mr. Jackson's contant info. Though dlswap was removed, but the registration info is still there on Tucow's whois site. It is public, accessable free for anybody. (It seems to be a valid adress, but not necessary his address.)

Something else: many people found his site by searching the net for euro drivers licence, and seeing it among "sponsored" links. Sponsored means simply the site owner - Jackson - PAID to be there. It does not mean GOOGLE sponsors it.
Claire - [anon] Wed Jul 26th 11:14 2006 / #31
could you please advice. Is there a chance to get any extra driving lessons in Prague /for reasonable money - for people from UK with valid EU driving licence (driving on the other road side) ?
Bonjour - [profile] Thu Sep 21st 23:38 2006 / #32
Can you pass the information of 7000 Czech for buying license. I need it urgently as I am not able to pass in Czech. So please let me know the details
kgs105 - [profile] Fri Sep 29th 14:40 2006 / #33
hey can someone pass on the buying license info to me too! email it to please. really appreciate it . im not really in a fixed location right now so any way to get the license easily like this would be much appreciated!
skritek skritek - [profile] Mon Oct 2nd 12:43 2006 / #34
Contact me at my profile's email addres and I will give you the info. Be warned though. This is not 7000 and you get a licnese. this is 7000 and you get to take the test without going to school. They fake the results of your test but you still have to drive with the Komisar and you must speak Czech for this. your other option is the driving school in Zizkov that doesnt he course in English. they are above board though so you will have to attend the classes.
DNG2006 - [profile] Tue Oct 17th 13:47 2006 / #35

Tried to contact under your email adress but it did not work . Do you have another one ?


DNG2006 - [profile] Fri Oct 20th 12:55 2006 / #36
Can soemone else answer this request ?
bigdaddy - [profile] Thu Nov 16th 11:00 2006 / #37
I just ordered the international one a year ago. It has been fine, and it's a damn sight cheaper and easier than paying off the locals - which, I might add, also exposes you to their new point system. Been stopped several times, the cops just look at it in some confusion, grumble and send me on my way. I used to get fined all the time with the US license. This has been great.
jeff jeff Thu Nov 16th 15:39 2006 / #38
Thanks BigD - that's hilarious.. I'll get one .. :]
DNG2006 - [profile] Fri Dec 8th 17:37 2006 / #39
Hey man,

How do you get one ? I'd like to exchange my US DL
IJ - [profile] Fri Dec 8th 23:08 2006 / #40
MyCandyCane - [profile] Sat Dec 16th 23:52 2006 / #41
This question is more than likely self explanatory, but just to be on the safe side, if you don't intend on driving, you do not need a Czech license, correct?
IJ - [profile] Sun Dec 17th 01:17 2006 / #42
You are a bright girl. American?
Nataliya - [profile] Fri Dec 22nd 09:02 2006 / #43
Hiya . After having read this , wondering myself now . I am currently in Dubai , and will betransfered by my company to Prague . I have a driving license which has been issued here in UAE , I am going to covert it to international , but am wondering now whether it will be accepted and OK , or do I have to go through misery of getting a Czech one ? . Thanks , Nataliya
IJ - [profile] Fri Dec 22nd 09:33 2006 / #44
A valid International driving licence will be accepted here. You will have no problems.
alpinmd Fri Dec 29th 14:45 2006 / #45
If living in the US, having a revoked, yes revoked, license, how might one gain a driver's license from another Country w/out (1) traveling there and/or (2) quickly? Perhaps I'm seeking the impossible, but I doubt it. Any suggestions?
jay - [profile] Fri Dec 29th 16:01 2006 / #46
you can't be serious
IJ - [profile] Fri Dec 29th 20:31 2006 / #47
Steal one .....
sirfish sirfish - [profile] Fri Feb 2nd 12:01 2007 / #48
HELP !! I need a drivers license for europe.
YES, I have a USA DL and Im living in Berlin now for 7 years and needx to get a european one.
NO, I can not just trade my USA one. Wrong state: (
Please ehlp if you can with any contactrs, ideas, suggestions GREATLY appreciated!!
sirfish sirfish - [profile] Fri Feb 2nd 12:06 2007 / #49
hey can someone pass on the buying license info to me too! email it to please. really appreciate it .
IJ - [profile] Fri Feb 2nd 12:23 2007 / #50
International Driving Permits (USA)

Although many countries do not recognize U.S. driver's licenses, most countries accept an international driving permit (IDPs). IDPs are honored in more than 150 countries outside the U.S. (See AAA’s application form for the list of countries. p;amp;clb_id=212&secure=N
They function as an official translation of a U.S. driver's license into 10 foreign languages. These licenses are not intended to replace valid U.S. state licenses and should only be used as a supplement to a valid license. IDPs are not valid in an individual’s country of residence. Before departure, you can obtain one from an automobile association authorized by the U.S. Department of State to issue IDPs. Article 24 of the United Nations Convention on Road Traffic (1949) authorizes the U.S. Department of State to empower certain organizations to issue IDPs to those who hold valid U.S. driver’s licenses. The Department has designated the American Automobile Association (AAA) and the American Automobile Touring Alliance as the only authorized distributors of IDPs. Many foreign countries require deposit of a customs duty or an equivalent bond for each tourist automobile entering its territory, and the motoring associations are equipped with the necessary facilities for providing expeditiously a standard bond document (Article 3 of the Convention). The Convention is not applicable to United States motorists using their cars in the United States.

Before departure, you can obtain one at a local office of one of the two automobile associations authorized by the U.S. Department of State: the American Automobile Association (AAA) and the American Automobile Touring Alliance.

* AAA (American Automobile Association) , 1000 AAA Drive, Heathrow, FL 32745-5063. The application is available on-line.
* American Automobile Touring Alliance (AATA), 1151 E. Hillsdale Blvd., Foster City, CA 94404, tel: 800-622-7070; fax: 650-294-7105

To apply for an international driving permit, you must be at least age 18, and you will need to present two passport-size photographs and your valid U.S. license. The cost of an international driving permit from these U.S. State Department authorized organizations is under $20.00.

The Department of State is aware that IDPs are being sold over the Internet and in person by persons not authorized by the Department of State pursuant to the requirements of the U.N. Convention of 1949. Moreover, many of these IDPs are being sold for large sums of money, far greater than the sum charged by entities authorized by the Department of State. Consumers experiencing problems should report problems to their local office of the U.S. Postal Inspector, Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the Better Business Bureau, or their state or local Attorney General’s Office.
sirfish sirfish - [profile] Fri Feb 2nd 12:50 2007 / #51
Yo IJ, I know all of this.
The fact is, I am not legally allowed to drive if I dont have a german or european DL after living in Germany for more than 1 year.
The IDP is worthlesss.
To get a german one is friggin MEGA beurocratic and expensive. (more than 2,000€ - a right ripp off!)
IJ - [profile] Fri Feb 2nd 12:57 2007 / #52
Damn me, that is expensive!
Have you considered moving across the borders for a couple of days a year, then moving back to start a new year?

I use to do it here, years ago.
rockstar - [profile] Thu Apr 26th 18:43 2007 / #53
i am considering this site you think its good idea or its a scam?
adelup - [profile] Fri May 11th 04:01 2007 / #54
is a scam can anyone help?
Stacy - [profile] Sun May 13th 09:08 2007 / #55
Is there a way to get your US DL changed over to a European one without a test?
Sektor B - [profile] Tue Oct 23rd 16:40 2007 / #56
The quick and simple answer is.....NO!

Sektor B
Paulkoma - [profile] Mon Nov 16th 07:23 2009 / #57
Hey, does anybody know where I could get Czech driving licence? I live in the US right now and I need Czech driving licence so I could drive in the US. So if you know good web site or know anybody let me know at
I realy need it.
warrigal - [profile] Tue Dec 22nd 04:45 2009 / #58
Carfull a lot of Scams out their
identical lokking websites , same scam

Maybe their actually put up by each countrys licencing authority to catch people out HA HA

gregory - [profile] Tue Apr 13th 09:38 2010 / #59
lost my dutch driving licence a couple month ago. Got a job offer in cz and planning to strat in the beginning of june.
Looking for the quickest way to get a cz driving licence.
any ideas?
thanks in advance
vdshah9 - [profile] Thu May 27th 10:02 2010 / #60
Hello folks,

I have a Swiss Driving License. I wanted to know that whether I will be able to exchange my Swiss Driving License with Czech Driving license. Whether I will be able to drive in Czech based on my Swiss Driving License? Thanking you in advance for your quick feedback.....
todd todd - [profile] Mon May 31st 16:11 2010 / #61
Not sure with a Swiss one, if it was EU then you would be ok, however I think Swiss might be ok as well, probably just better off to drive and don't worry about it :)
vdshah9 - [profile] Tue Jun 1st 10:40 2010 / #62
Thanks todd for your reply... Do you have any source from where I can come to know in order to be sure on this? - [profile] Wed Feb 16th 10:14 2011 / #63
Hi guys,

Please check out

It's a site I put up to help English speaking expats pass the Driving Test exam to gain a driving license here in EU.

It's an unofficial translation of the test in It is a contribution from different people to help for future takers and current drivers alike.

For comments and suggestions, please send an email to

Thank you!!
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jhonmarshal - [profile] Thu Jun 26th 07:58 / #94
I have decided I should probably get a Czech driver's license after several years of driving around without one. I have found a couple of these driving schools but they all want me to spend dozens of hours driving around with them and then ACTUALLY take the state exam.
pama - [profile] Sat Jun 28th 14:16 / #95
I have found a couple of these driving schools but they all want me to spend
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