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I want to move to Czech republic. Any Advice?

Posted by: I Love Czech republic - [anonymous]
Date posted: Sat 17th Apr, 2004
Category: Relocation & Visas
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I am considering a move to Czech republic but am a bit lost as to where to start.

Obviously I would need to learn the language before I could get a job. I plan to do this while in Czech Republic. Im sure this would be possibble?

I plan on moving to Brno or Prague. What is the price difference between apartments in these cities? Although I realise I would have a better chance of succeeding in Prague Im not sure if I want to live there. Its a bit lik eany other major european city and I have seen and lived in many of them. Nothing wrong with that mind you, but I also quite fancy Brno as it seems to me to be less touristy etc. beautiful city mind you.

Im a music teacher. Not like teaching piano or guitar, but recording studio/engineering, electronic music making. I would love if I were able to do this in Czech republic. Do the schools and colleges there teach this sort of subject?

I have lived in many cities and countries around the world and it was by pure chance that I visited Czech republic a couple of months ago. From the very second I got there I sort of felt very comfortable. It was as if I got the feel of the place straight away.

Apologies for the long post but if anyone has any experience with moving there (the good and the bad) I would be most grateful to hear. Even if you want to just tell me your experience that would be great.

Im not married and dont have children so nothing keeps me where I am now.


todd todd - [profile] Sat Apr 17th 15:34 2004 / #1
Go to Ostrava, much cooler than Brno
unreg - [anon] Sat Apr 17th 16:27 2004 / #2
Hi Todd,

thanks for your reply. But why is Ostrava cooler? I was actually there for an afternoon and it looked very industrial to me but maybe I didnt quite get a good look at it?

Are you from Czech republic, or did you move there from somweher else?

If so what was your experience of moving?

Apologies fo rthe questions.

OH, and I have searched the site and found most of what I was initially looking for, but cant find any rental apartments in Brno.. Any suggestions?

todd todd - [profile] Sat Apr 17th 17:31 2004 / #3
Hmmmmm, ok well in a nutshell, Ostrava is Prague 8 years ago. It is cooler because it is smaller and the nightlife is better try the street Stodulky with a collection of bars and clubs that is remiscent of Bourbon Street in New Orleans. There is also a very large University there which means there are alot of young people, craving knowledge and fun, wihich is a good thing.

I am not from the Czech Republic, and moving was as easy as not moving if that makes any sense.

Brno, real estate, we don't cover Brno, yet :) here's a good link, its in czech but the prices are on the right hand side of the page, between 5,000 and 10,000 per month
Paris Paris - [profile] Sat Apr 17th 18:37 2004 / #4
Hi Tony,

I don't know about Ostrava myself. I didn't find it that hip, but Todd knows his stuff. I like Brno too and can really recommend it. You'll find Brno much cheaper than Prague in almost all respects. But unless you plan to be an English teacher or find work with an international company, knowing Czech becomes really important. And don't expect to pick it up in a year or two. I was able to be nearly fluent in German after two years in Berlin but after five years in the Czech Republic I'm still not even close to fluent. It's an incredibly difficult language.

By the way, I know what you mean about feeling at home here. I felt the same way when I first came here twelve years ago and I still feel that way. I don't plan on ever leaving. Good luck and email me if you have any specific questions. --David
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Sun Apr 18th 10:55 2004 / #5
Thanks David and Todd. Much appreciated.

I never knew the language was so difficult to learn and is a slight concern I suppose. Still, doesnt put me off. Ostrava sounds good being a university type city and if I was to get in to some kind of teaching that might be an idea to check out Ostrava a bit deeper.

Thanks again

David I may take you up on that offer opf emailing you. But I wont bother you to much :)
todd todd - [profile] Sun Apr 18th 12:43 2004 / #6
Yeah the language is a real fun time, you will definately learn it quicker out of Prague primarily because there is such a large english speaking community here, by nature most people are lazy so it ends up easier and more convenient to hang out with them rather than czechs, a shame really as it doesn't really mean that you are "living" here. Try Ostrava or Brno, both are in Moravia which means good wine, great Slivovice, and damn near perfect women :)
radka - [anon] Fri May 21st 09:46 2004 / #7
Hi Tony!
I am from the Czech Republic. I live just about 60 km from Prague and I can say that me I don´t wanna live there. It is better to find job over there but u know the traffic jams and everything there is so busy. it is better to live in any small town close to Prague and go there. Prague is better for tourists than for living, I think. I like Brno, I have grandparents there and Brno is really amazing city with many interesting places etc. Ostrava is really very industrial but there is better air than before. I reccomend you Brno if you want. But it is all up to u. If you have any question, opinion also to czech words (I know that it is difficult but don´t worry, U can do it).
Bye, Radka
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Fri May 21st 11:10 2004 / #8
Ostrava's a good city but you're right it's very industrial with a history in steel making and coal mining. There's a music school there (music=hudba in Czech) in the city centre but I don't have contact details for it I'm afraid.

Hope this helps.
peter peter - [profile] Fri May 21st 11:43 2004 / #9
"Great slivovice" - hmm! Almost as likely as "great" paint thinner. Now, Becherovka, on the other hand...
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Fri May 21st 12:30 2004 / #10
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Micah Micah - [profile] Fri May 21st 12:35 2004 / #11
Zlin is Slivovice HQ, but not too many jobs for expats there...
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Fri Apr 14th 18:46 2006 / #12
Hey I'm in Zlin, where is this Slivovice HQ you speak about?

PS there is not much on the site about Zlin?
fatman fatman Fri Apr 14th 23:12 2006 / #13
Paris is completely rigtht

Maybe I'm biased because I live here.
Brno is definitely prettier than Ostrava, and it has a lot less unemployment. Its just damn nice here, and a lot of jobs are being created in Brno. You can find a really nice apartment near or in the center for about 7-10,000 crowns/mon. Its easier to get an English teaching position here and they pay better on average than in Prague jobs. Reason being is that the market is not saturated like Prague. In fact many of the schools here are dying for native speakers, because right now there is not that many of us here. If you have tech experience, you could probably get a job with the many tech companies in Brno, that usually require English anyway.

I'll suggest another great town in Moravia, and thats Olomouc. Beautiful and less "forward" than Brno, it REALLY has that old Czech town feel. And its completely off the tourist map.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Sat Apr 15th 12:43 2006 / #14
Are they dying t-shirts to attract native speakers or maybe dying carpets for their flats? I guess they are not too picky on the level of English teacher they get. ;)
Jennifer - [anon] Tue May 2nd 16:57 2006 / #15
go to
Matt01 - [anon] Tue Jul 11th 20:31 2006 / #16
Ciao. Like Tony, I'm also interested in moving to Prague. Are there any visa requirements if I'm not planning on working there right away. I here that every 90 days I should leave the country and then return to get my passport restamped. In other words, expats/foreigners are only allowed 90 days within the country (w/o a visa). Does this seem right?
How's Vinohrady for anyone who's lived there?
Thanks, Matt.
FailedInJapan - [profile] Wed Jul 12th 10:10 2006 / #17
You could marry a Czech girl. I did. It really helps on the border. Also, you can get a real job!
Vickey - [profile] Wed Jul 12th 23:23 2006 / #18
Hi Tony.

As a Czech I can try to give you a brief introduction to Czech province cities for you to decide :). Czech rep. is divided in 14 provincies (13 cities, Prague being capital for Central Bohemia as well as it s own). I will rather divide it to 2 posts:


Praha (Prague, population 1,170,000)
Czech capital, Bohemia (historical land name) capital, favourable situated in mid-west of the country, the far best known, having all the characters of a capital: highest salaries, highest rents, quite big foreign population, central administrative, international companies offices, foreign tourists, widest opportunities to find a job without speaking Czech... World s largest historical town protection. World s largest integral architectional complex. World s largest gothic monuments heritage. World s largest stadium. World s largest tram production (probably not more since factory s efficience remanaging in late 90 s). Europe s 3rd popular tourism city; in tourist/locals rate (behind Venice and Florence). Too much writen about Prague here, just see :)...

Brno (population 375,000)
Moravia (historical land name) capital, South Moravia, 210 km SE from Prague, 130 km N from Vienna, Austria. Highway to Prague, Bratislava. Highway to Vienna planned. Second largest cultural centre. Second largest: salaries, rents, prices, foreign community (IBM Central Europe base placed here in 2005), but very very less touristy... Second largest commuter belts as weel, of course (but first in women s beauty, locals would say). A castle and a cathedral as twin hills dominates creating the city ego.A recreation dam here, base to Moravian Karst reaching. Czech republic moto GP here. Brno is the world s hugest village, while Prague the world s smallest city, how is usual to banter when talking about Prague – Brno rivality J.

Ostrava (population 315,000)
Part in North Moravia, part in Silesia (the 3rd historical land), 375 km E from Prague, 140 km W from Krakow, Poland. Untypical urban structure. The easternmost region of the 1st continental industrialization decade in turning 18th to 19th century. Coal mining since 1763, steelworks since already 1828. Industrial city with recent restructural problems, not good reputation and relatively high unemployment. New highway fatally expected. Could be seen intimidating on first experience. Toughness needed to enjoy. Anyhow... there are hundreds cities like Brno in Europe, while Ostrava is the only one there :) = for those who love it (f.e. me). Ice-hockey WCH in 2004 here, athletics (track and field) GP meeting here, aspiration for the Golden League series.
Vickey - [profile] Wed Jul 12th 23:25 2006 / #19

Plzen (population 170,000)
South-west Bohemia, 95 km SW from Prague, 195 km E from Nurnberg, Germany. At the Prague - Nurnberg highway. Outside CZ also known under german name equivalent of Pilsen. Plzensky prazdroj / Pilsner Urquell brewery. The world s o-n-l-y o-r-i-g-i-n-a-l place of Pilsner lager! Especial thanks for understanding this :). CZ tallest cathedral tower. World s largest jewish synagogue out of Israel. Relaxing uplands around.

Olomouc (population 105,000)
Central Moravia, 285 km SE from Prague. Highway to Brno, Prague. Second largest historical town protection in CZ, second oldest university (since 1571). University town atmosphere. Former Moravian capital, but stayed too long inside it s fotrtification to gave it s importance up to Brno. Lowland city. Important pilgrimage place closed to. My favourite football (soccer) club, national team coach born here :).

Liberec (population 100,000)
North Bohemia, 105 km N from Prague, 60 km from Gorlitz, Germany. Highway to Prague. Picturequely basin (dell?) situated. Winter sports city. Nordic skiing WCH coming here in 2009. Base to Jizerske mountains reaching. Astounding transmitter tower on the top of the Jested mountain just at the city edge. Extraordinery neo-renesiance town hall. Good reputation.

Ceske Budejovice (population 100,000)
South Bohemia, 145 km S from Prague, 90 km N from Linz, Austria. Largest city square in CZ - if you consider Prague s Wenceslas square as a boulevard, in fact. Reputation of a pleasant provincial city (out of Prague tendly the only city with more inland immigration than emigration), very little touched by communist brutal architectional hits. Outside CZ known under german name equivalent of Budweis. Budejovicky Budvar / Budweiser brewery. The world s o-n-l-y o-r-i-g-i-n-a-l place of Budweiser beer! Especial thanks for understanding this :). A logo-pursuit with american Budweiser won in 2002. Central European oldest medieval pond system as a recent popular recreational place closed to.

Hradec Kralove (population 95,000)
East Bohemia, 105 km E (ENE) from Prague, 180 km SW from Wroclaw, Poland. A city of czech queens in the kingdom times... Lowland city on a small hill heel. Pleasant city with big parks around the historical centre and brilliant 1920 s and 1930 s suburbs architecture. Popular huge wooden Bethlehem-creche in 10 km closed Trebechovice.
Vickey - [profile] Wed Jul 12th 23:29 2006 / #20

Usti n/L (population 95,000)
North-west Bohemia, 100 km NW from Prague, 80 km SE from Dresden, Germany. Oddly situated on quite steep hills around the wide Labe (Elbe in german, perhaps also in English?) river elbow. Not very historical, because of american bombing in 1945. Paradoxly, as an allied country, Czechoslovakia headed armament factories build by occupying Germans. One such in Usti. Industrial city (chemistry) with recent restructural problems, not good reputation and relatively high unemplyment. Could be very inspirationfull, anyway. A castle steep above the river. An a-tild church (2nd biggest inclination after Pisa tower in Europe, they say).

Pardubice (population 90,000)
East Bohemia, 110 km E from Prague. Lowland city, but highlands closed to. Largest, oldest and best known continental horse steeplechace race (only Liverpool s one more famous in Europe), chateau closed to the centre, hill-castle reachable by public transport. Important agriculture districts around. According to music, my favourite rock group coming from here :).

Zlin (population 80,000)
South-East Moravia, 305 km SE from Prague, 160 km N from Bratislava, Slovakia. Home of worldwide Bata shoe company (4th best known cz industrial company behind Skoda cars, Prazdroj/Pilsner and Budvar/Budweiser brews. Very nice valley-located. Not very historical, getting it s relative imoprtance as not far ago as in 1920 s. Untypical for CZ, british-style brick houses, originaly for Bata workers. The czech slivovice plum brandy popular to cook in the province. Specific atmosphere, sympatethic place.

Karlovy Vary (population 60,000)
West Bohemia, 130 km W from Prague. Just-to-know intermezo: Prague is situated west from western-european capitals Helsinki, Stockholm, Athens and Vienna, while the westernmost Czech-land point (in Karlovy Vary province) lies even western from Rome and Copenhagen... A spa town with pretty centre and pretentious spa buildings and colonades in a picturesque valley; again :) Relativelly touristy place, becoming extremly popular by russian health-tourists in last decade. The Becherovka herbal liquer found here. Out of CZ also known under german equivalent name Carlsbad.

Jihlava (population 55,000)
West Moravia, 130 km SE from Prague. At a Prague - Brno highway, nice situated under calm hilly country of Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. Former ore-mining place, very important in medieval times. Pretty medieval sqaure ununderstably supplemented by an ugly communist-style mall.

P.S: There is more to write about, but not in this discusion forum. Just remember to consider in the principe: Smaller and smaller place = A foreigner stranger and stranger :), may being the first foreigner ever in a village 30 miles out of Prague city centre...
lex - [anon] Wed Jul 26th 01:41 2006 / #21
to the anonymous idiot that posted so long ago; dying IS the correct spelling twit, you are confusing it with dyeing. When commenting on people's english one should first make sure their own is passable.
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relejekojames - [profile] Sat Dec 1st 00:05 2007 / #23
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relejekojames - [profile] Thu Dec 20th 14:21 2007 / #24
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