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Is Prague Still Cheap to Live in?

Posted by: Dennis - [anonymous]
Date posted: Thu 19th Jun, 2003
Category: Relocation & Visas
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Hi guys. Opinions seem quite varied on the matter. How cheap is Prague? Some people make it sounds as expensive as Western Europe these days.....others swear it's still cheap.

I'm thinking of coming over to live in Prague for 6 months to a year. I would like to come in October. Is $500(US) a realistic monthly budget.....including everything - rent, utilities, food, etc?

How hard is it to find and secure a flat? And if anyone else has similar plans and is going over this fall, I'd love to hear from you as a potential flatmate.

Thanks to all for any input! Cheers, Dennis

jeff jeff Thu Jun 19th 10:18 2003 / #1
Hello Mr Dennis,
These days you might need a bit more than that. Figure 5-7000 CZK for a room in a shared flat. Regarding food and fun: that depends on your tastes. Movies and theater tix will set you back 3-4 bucks. A 3 month transport pass is 1200 CZK. You can eat a decent meal out for 4-5 bucks, but again that depends on you. Sushi could set you back a hundred. The local jidelna will feed you fine for 2.

If look for the good deal you could do it, but you'd have to be flexible and creative. As a newbie, i'd give yourself a higher budget to begin with.
Beefy T Thu Jul 3rd 10:03 2003 / #2
You'll need more money honey. Living cheap is possible. Leaving cheap is harder. Watch out for trips and traps.
mook - [anon] Thu Jul 3rd 12:14 2003 / #3
Rent has never been cheap for expats. On the cheap Czech property websites I have seen notices saying no children, no pets, no foreigners so that they can charge us through the nose. Yep we're right down there with the mongrels honey.
I have also shared some nasty accomodation which although very very cheap, lacked basics like hot running water, pest control and safety features. On the bright side the expat hangouts are full of posters looking for people to share flats at resonable prices.

The only thing which remains cheap is beer and restaurant food. It is certainly worth leaving America to try some real beer. If you like wine - don't bother. It's more expensive than England and tastes like sour rats piss.

It doesn't matter where you are. If you have money you will spend it more quickly than you thought you would!
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Thu Jul 10th 12:41 2003 / #4
It is no longer true to say that C. Republic is cheap. What you gain in buying good priced beer you lose in buying that necessary elixir for life - water.

The rent is the same (at least) as Edinburgh which used to be the second most affluent region in the UK (may still be) after S.E. England including London. The UK is one of the most expensive countries in the world if not the most expensive.

The cost of living is generally lower than Greece but not very much lower, and you should remember that Greece is not very much less expensive than the UK. But there are exceptions which make living in the C.R. more pleasurable and in general it is noticably some more affordable than Greece. The thing to remember is that Northern France is only a bit more expensive than here for many things, though again there are exceptions and many of these are basic necessities and things like sport and adventure travel. I believe that Northern France is only slightly more expensive than the commonwealth countries and Australia (and also the U.S.).
Charley - [anon] Wed Oct 12th 21:33 2005 / #5
Many thanks for your useful comments on this site -- very useful and much appreciated!
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Thu Oct 13th 11:13 2005 / #6
Am I seeing this correctly. The question is if Prague is still cheap. And in order to call it cheap you have to compare it to something else. Is it cheaper than Germany, Japan, France, the UK, Sweeden, Norway, Finland, in terms of food, accomodation, and recreation. Of course it is, and anyone who says it isn't hasnt traveled. one can still find a flat for around 150 dollars a month, most people still think if you pay more than 12 dollars for a ticket for a independent concert at places like akropolis or abaton that they are totally screwing you. and meals over 8 dollars for the main dish are considered to be splurging for many. Electronics are expensive, clothes are expensive, but living, eating and playing aren't. I have plenty of friends that live off of around 500 kc a month. The one thing the others are correct in saying is that you will spend your money faster than you think. My first month here I spent over a thousand dollars, but I didn't have a job yet, so I was going out every night, drinking, renting lots of movies (I hadn't made any friends yet), and eating out almost every day. If you know how to cook, don't drink more than 4 beers a day, and find an apartment for around 200 dollars a month you'll be fine. Imagine going out for a night out to eat, a club, and then getting drunk in London, that used to run me around 60 dollars a night. Here you can do it for about 15.
skin - [profile] Thu Oct 13th 12:47 2005 / #7
How did you manage to eat out, get drunk and go clubbing in London for 60 dollars?
CR is far cheaper than Greece, 5 euros for a small Amstel!
Though I'd imagine comparing Greece, Edinburgh, Northern France and Australia should clear things up for Dennis.
I would say you can do all you can do in the UK for half the price if not less. And they don't kick you out at eleven.
SaucyE SaucyE - [profile] Thu Oct 13th 17:30 2005 / #8
Come to Brno. Its cheaper, the people are friendlier, and if you want to see Prague its only a 2.5 hour bus ride away.
Kevin Spaceman Thu Oct 13th 21:25 2005 / #9

"Electronics are expensive, clothes are expensive, but living, eating and playing aren't. I have plenty of friends that live off of around 500 kc a month."

I seriously doubt that 500kc/month figure.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Sun Oct 16th 11:30 2005 / #10
woops, meant 500 dollars. I currenty have two friends living in Zizkov who are paying ridiculously low prices for their aprtments. Both are singles, one is paying 3000 a month, the other 4000, and no, neither are czech.
Jarrod - [anon] Mon Oct 17th 19:48 2005 / #11
SaucyE is right... 2ndary towns in this country are great!

Let's go with facts, people.

Prague was recently ranked 28th worldwide in average cost of living, up from 49th last year...ahead of Glasgow, Munich, Berlin, SINGAPORE!!!, and, believe it or not folks: Athens.

Check it out:

Welcome to the big leagues. Let me know when you're looking for a 2nd job.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Tue Oct 18th 02:15 2005 / #12
Give me a break. Those calculations are based on minimum wage jobs in comparison to the price of Ipods, and other luxury items. Sure if you work a minumum wage job in Prague you ll make around 50 krowns an hour, which would make it hard to buy a computer, however if you re an English speaker (no tefl required) you can immediately start teaching private lessons. at 250 kc an hour you could work 10 hours a week and most likely make enough to cover half your rent and food. If you work 20 hours a week, that should cover a pretty comfortable lifestyle. That is if you can speak the language which everyone is reading on this forum. If not, yes, its pretty tough, but I don t think any of us are in that boat.
butthead butthead - [profile] Wed Oct 19th 07:29 2005 / #13
anon, you forget deductions for health insurance, taxes, social insurance and getting your ziv. list in the first place.
(unless you're living illegally and sponging off of those who pay taxes.)
Tribe - [profile] Wed Oct 19th 07:42 2005 / #14
I don't think that somebody working in the CR without a valid visa is automatically "sponging" (most likely illegals in Prague are working harder than legal residents for employers who exploit their situation--ie. Ukrainian/Romanian workers). Yes, there are exceptions especially among English-speaking expats (ie. XXX; remember that Canadian "clarion call" fraud who got his gameless ass deported?)
butthead butthead - [profile] Wed Oct 19th 09:07 2005 / #15
I was talking about the English speaking expats. The Ukrainians get ripped off all the time. I have partied with a few of them. I knew some that worked picking apples for two weeks. The local bitch who was the head of the fruit co-op called the police and had them arresetted before they picked up their checks!
john goldner - [profile] Fri Nov 4th 21:18 2005 / #16
[this comment moved to the dump; posted from]
Tribe - [profile] Sat Nov 5th 01:58 2005 / #17
Butthead, that sucks about those dudes that got arrested after working so hard. I hope karma will have its way with the head of the co-op for ripping them off. Maybe one day a Ukrainian can look down at this woman when she hits rock bottom, and say, "How do you like *them* apples."

Speaking of karma invoking justice, XX, please spare Prague any further drama you would bring. Havel, you ain't, so please spare us the "I made a difference while I was in Prague" speech. Is your ban on reentering the Czech Republic already up? One thing I really disliked about Prague was expats that rip off their fellow expat just for a few crowns, and that I'm afraid is what you did. Your deportion was the culmination of dishonesty and karmic justice. If you do return for a second chance in the 'second chance city,' just consider being honest and upfront in your dealings with people.
john goldner - [profile] Sat Nov 5th 02:08 2005 / #18
[this comment moved to the dump; posted from]
airport_scooter - [profile] Fri Nov 11th 20:23 2005 / #19
oh great topic, because I was thinking about moving to prague

how much is a rent in praha 5 and praha 6 districts?
Webdrinks - [profile] Thu Nov 17th 14:36 2005 / #20
Prices have gone up since the initial post on this topic, at least as concerns Prague. For rent, you'll be looking at 5-10 000 Kc. Beer in the suburbs is 18 Kc for a Gambrinus 10, slightly better places 12 degree beers are around 23-25 Kc. Then again, if you do a bit of work you should be able to get by.
airport_scooter - [profile] Fri Nov 18th 00:06 2005 / #21
webdrink, so this is about $ 400.oo , cool
todd todd - [profile] Sat Nov 19th 10:08 2005 / #22
Airport_scooter, price in Prague 5 and 6 varies, with prague 5 being cheaper in general, to live alone expect to pay 10,000 - 15,000 all bills included, with a roommate, that can drop to 5,000 - 7,000
airport_scooter - [profile] Sat Nov 19th 18:17 2005 / #23
todd , thank you, but I do not have a rommate, so all by myself, well it's OK
black and white - [profile] Mon Nov 21st 11:29 2005 / #24
Yes, it is cheaper than Western Europe. The cost of living is expensive for Czechs who make a little over $700 a month on average. Most expats are much wealthier than that.
Great Escapist Great Escapist - [profile] Sat Dec 3rd 05:35 2005 / #25
I have spent months in CZ the past 4 years. I find that if I locate outside of Praha proper, I save about 20 to 30% off the cost of living in Praha 1. Sazava comes to mind as one of the best rural areas to live. The kr saved is easily off-set by the increased cost of petrol for the Skoda though, so it's a wash. No real safety issues out there, but the gypsies can be a pain in the arse if you are not carefull.

I also spent many months in Western Europe as well, specifically ESP and the UK.

London/Glasgow was, and continues to be MUCH more expensive than Praha/Brno. Even pub lunches in CZ are a better value.. and taste better as well.
Kelly Nimer - [anon] Tue Dec 6th 22:37 2005 / #26
Jezismaria. First, I occasionally peruse this site and signed up today specifically to comment on this thread. As etiquette goes, being mentioned by name - that is, first and last - isn't exactly kosher.

So, JG... Are you looking for a hearing? Bring forth your case. Perhaps you would like to elaborate on the "few thousand crowns" you mentioned. After that you might want to cite Czech eviction procedures - I first learned about these during the ordeal with you. A landlord can begin eviction procedures after 2 months of unpaid rent. You mentioned something about you being the holder of the lease. Money that's passed from the non-lease holding flatmates to the holder of the lease doesn't actually contribute to the rent unless it eventually reaches the landlord. Check your records regarding the transactions of January and February 2002. I'm sure the landlord still has his.

By the way, I moved out of that shitty place shortly after you were escorted out of the country. Good neighborhood, but the flat itself was a bit too small. Living alone is worth paying more (see prices provided above by Todd).
thatguy - [profile] Sun Dec 18th 15:01 2005 / #27
JG, firstly you are not going before the entire Prague expat community, just the few that might perchance (such as I st did) read this post.

Screwing the government, is bad, but well its just bad. Screwing big business is bad, but hell if you get away with it well, hmm I guess its your win. BUT screwing over people that trusted you, people that gave you money to hold for them to then give to the landlord, and that you then used for your own personal gain, well thats just makes you a scum bag.

Still, now you are back in Canda, just hoping that eventually you will become state 51 right.
Gee - [anon] Fri Dec 23rd 12:51 2005 / #28
You two ladies finished ? Can we get on with promoting civil Q + A on this forum and move away from scaring every other MF off ??
jeff jeff Thu Dec 29th 12:11 2005 / #29
Ok - sorry - i did not look at this post in a while. Let's leave off with the personal attacks, etc. Sorry i did not catch these earlier or would have dumped the posts..
BritishIndian - [profile] Sun Jan 1st 00:51 2006 / #30

After accommodation and bills (which I have already sorted),

can i live on 30,000 a month for enjoying myself?

may I need more?
BritishIndian - [profile] Sun Jan 1st 00:58 2006 / #31
30,000 kc that is, not pounds or euros!
Tribe - [profile] Sun Jan 1st 06:59 2006 / #32
Are you kidding?
scotch egg - [anon] Wed Jan 4th 20:24 2006 / #33
you'll be living very nicely. im budgeting 22,000Kc a month- thats Rent, Utilities, Food, Cigarettes, Alcohol, Nightlife, Transport and anything else you can think of included.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Fri Jan 6th 22:16 2006 / #34
Matty4 - [anon] Mon May 15th 16:58 2006 / #35
Hi Jarrod,
I was wondering if I could chat with you a bit about Prague. I had a few questions, and think you may be able to help out. Not sure if you even look at these posts anymore...and, anyone else who reads, feel free to email me if you would be so kind to inform me more on some information on this city.....

Thanks so much.
Its Not Cheap - [anon] Tue May 16th 08:32 2006 / #36
By cheap do you mean inexpensive? If so, Prague is not.

Its a tourist trap.

If you want cheap, go to Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, Bulgaria, Moldovia.\

Prague is an international city and its not that cheap. Never was historically. Of course compared to insane London, its cheap. But not compared to a lot of other places.

Once you go to Thailand youll never come back to Europe, trust me. You can live there like a king for about 10 dollars a day.
Pacman - [profile] Tue May 16th 14:16 2006 / #37
I guess my question would be, How much can you make an hour in these other places? I would say making 10 dollars an hour in comparison to having to pay about 300 dollars a month rent is a pretty easy lifestyle. Hence there is the expat curse of alcoholics lurking in expat bars drinking 5 or 6 hours every night. Have a feeling that if Prague was not cheap in comparison to their income, they wouldn't have the money to do this. BUt I would agree, electronics, and clothes are strangely more expensive than they are in the states. So its a double edged sword, some things are cheaper, others are more expensive.
jeff jeff Tue May 16th 15:56 2006 / #38
Matty - happy to help - but would prefer through the forums.. that way the answers to your questions benefit others..
canonman - [profile] Tue May 16th 22:21 2006 / #39
To simplify things:
Food stuffs are far more expensive here than in Germany but on par with the states. Though food stuffs are more expensive pub grub (real Czech) and beer is cheaper. BTW if the Czechs were to ever have ALDI it would kill off Tesco whose prices I find extremely high.

Rents are more expensive here than Berlin, but cheaper than many places in Western Europe.
Electronics, clothes and houselhold goods are more expensive here as is that king of tax evasion - IKEA.
However the fun factor here is far higher and on a smaller budget than many places in Europe and likewise many places in the states. However not knowing where you come from it's not fair to make such a comparison.
As to whether you can live on 500 USD here a month - I feel that it would be tough - neither I nor many other expats could do it - but it is not impossible either. You would certaily have to have roommates and be very, very frugal with your money - however as I said before; the fun factor here is far higher and on considerably less.
Thailand ROCKS - [anon] Wed May 17th 15:27 2006 / #40
And the PHun PHactor in Thailand and other places is far higher than in Prague.

Truist me, once you go to Thailand, you'll never come back to Europe.

Also, there are places in Europe, dare I say this on this board, that are better than here.

Just look at the travelling forums on the web and make your choice.
Tribe - [profile] Wed May 17th 17:06 2006 / #41
It sounds like with a few exceptions (beer, groceries), Prague costs the same as most mid-sized European cities, but the salaries are still stuck in the post-Velvet vortex.
Pacman - [profile] Wed May 17th 17:20 2006 / #42
I hope I don't offend anyone with this. BUt isn't the reason why there are so many expats here because you can jump off a plane, and start being paid 5 times the minumum wage to speak your native tongue. Perhaps im wrong, and teaching english is much more competitive. But getting paid 12 bucks an hour seems like a pretty normal job one could get in the states.And here you qualifications, are well, perhaps some TEFL you can buy off the internet for 50 bucks (I know this is bad behavoir,and of course there are good teachers out there, but come on, we all know people who are teaching who have no qualifications whatsoever) Without a college degree, its fairly decent work. Combine that with the fact that rent, clubs, eating out, and alcohol are much cheaper than in the states, adn you have a recipe for a few fun years before returning to the "real" world.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Wed May 17th 17:47 2006 / #43
'rent, clubs, eating out, and alcohol are much cheaper than in the states' - well, everything but the rent. Yes, you can find some cheap places to live, but they are usually quite terrible.
sofie - [profile] Thu Aug 3rd 04:47 2006 / #44
this discusion must be pretty old cos for 500 bucks you just will be very happy to just get apartment.and if you live cheap,each day food,dclubbing,culture costs you another yes,go to thailand dont bother.
Pacman - [profile] Thu Aug 3rd 11:25 2006 / #45
500 dollars is 11,125 krowns. If you can't find an apartment for that, I have no idea where you're looking. I hope you realise that english speakers generally get charged more. Most czechs would laugh at the statement that you'd be lucky to find an apartment for any less than 11,000 krowns a month. Heres a hint, if you don't speak czech, have a friend or a student help you find a place. Or just click on the apartment finder on the front page of this website. There you will see places starting at 6000 a month. 60 dollars is 1400 krowns, sure, it is possible to spend this if you eat out twice a day, then go out clubbing at night and drink the entire time. However this happens rarely. I d say you could go out to a bar, drink ten beers for about 10 dollars, get into most clubs at a maximum of ten dollars. Unless you re talking about going to the opera every day, I have no idea what you re talking abobut. So, since we are talking about dollars here, and how far they go, yes, it is still much cheaper than in the states, or western europe. I guess you must be talking about getting a refurbished apartment in the center, or vinohrady, going out to eat at radost every day, and then up to celetna at night for drinks. Sure if you do this you d be in that range, otherwise you'll be fine on half that amount. Have you forgot how much it costs just to ride the metro in London, or Paris? How much a beer costs there? How much eating out would cost there?
Simona Simona - [profile] Fri Aug 11th 16:33 2006 / #46
yes you need bit more then 500 USD. I think for rent some room, food, etc. another 500 USD. And you can go sometimes to the club as Radost fx, sometimes go to the restaurant not every day but often.
so good luck! And if you will be have any question ask Ptv!
saxecat Fri Mar 23rd 10:37 2007 / #47
Which currency is better to buy things in? Dollars, Euros or Czech Cash?
I'm coming there with a job, not sure yet what it pays, but its teaching at a local school, so I hope its decent. Agree Prague is like any other big city -- foreigners are to be picked clean if possible.
Information please on how to find Ex-Pats living and working in Prague (not just passing through) looking to share flats.
todd todd - [profile] Sat Mar 24th 10:09 2007 / #48
Hey posted in last comment about finding flat mates in terms of purchasing, Czech krowns is the primary currency, most places in the center will take euros but at poor rates. Bring your atm card and take out what you need.

flat mates =
mplsfalls73 - [profile] Fri May 4th 03:33 2007 / #49
I am looking at going to school in Prague. How much can I look to spend in living expenses. I have $1100 USD a month w/o working. What areas could I afford to live in? Would I need a car. Also I have a vocabulary of maybe 700 words and a basic grasp of czech. How difficult will it be to learn enough czech where I could speak full time. I have 3 yrs until I would have to take a test that measures my speaking skills.
9 Feet Tall Moose - [profile] Mon May 7th 13:51 2007 / #50
Prague is not cheap anymore. Try Moldova.
secret - [profile] Wed May 9th 03:04 2007 / #51
is 47000.00KC after rent enough to live on comfortably?
badjeff - [profile] Wed May 9th 15:23 2007 / #52
not sure where i saw it but, apparently na prikope was ranked the 18th most expensive street in the world!! dont kid yourself, this place isnt cheap anymore.
jimmyproofdeadbolt jimmyproofdeadbolt - [profile] Fri May 11th 08:51 2007 / #53
secret - see the thread titled "is this good" for more on housing costs
Pacman - [profile] Fri May 11th 12:24 2007 / #54
It depends on what you consider cheap. Compared to the states and western europe. Restaurants, beer, and entertainment are all cheaper (electronics and specialty goods more expensive). You won't pay 8 euro for a small beer like in Finland, Norway, or Sweeden. However compared to much of eastern europe Prague is more expensive. Strangely Moscow was the most expensive city in the world last year.

heres the breakdown from last year. Prague dropped 26 places, which means it is actually getting cheaper!! (once again I don't know how or why this is)

1. Moscow

2. Seoul

3. Tokyo

4. Hong Kong

5. London

6. Osaka

7. Geneva

8. Copenhagen

9. Zurich

10. Oslo

10. New York

12. St Petersburg, Russia

13. Milan

14. Beijing

15. Istanbul

15. Paris

17. Singapore

18. Dublin

19. Sydney

20. Shanghai

21. Rome

21. Kiev

21. Vienna, Austria

24. Tel Aviv

25. Helsinki

25. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

27. Douala, Cameroon

28. Taipei

29. Los Angeles

30. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

31. Lagos

32. Beirut

32. Hanoi

34. Sao Paolo

34. San Francisco

36. Stockholm

37. Ho Chi Minh City

38. Chicago

39. Miami

40. Rio de Janeiro

41. Lusaka, Zambia

41. Amsterdam

43. White Plains, New York state.

44. Shenzen, China

45. Abidjan, Ivory Coast

45. Dakar, Senegal

47. Toronto

48. Jakarta.

48. Bratislava, Slovak Republic

50. Prague, Czech Republic


74. Melbourne

93. Perth

99. Brisbane

100. Auckland

105. Wellington

108. Adelaide
Corbin Dallas - [profile] Fri May 11th 14:26 2007 / #55
It's actually not so strange that Moscow is the most expensive and that St. Petersburg ranks at #12. Speculation there is out of control. I personally find the great expense of Moscow a basic affront to my sensibilities, since I would never pay that much to live in a place that had no palm trees, but there you have it.

Hanoi is more expensive than Stockholm??!!
josse007 - [profile] Wed Aug 22nd 11:43 2007 / #56
where is brussels
you are not telling me brussels is cheaper then hanoi
WrathofKhan - [profile] Thu Aug 23rd 12:15 2007 / #57
josse007 - i hope you are not serious? you don't know where Brussels is? I think I can guess where you are from!
toffee2096 - [profile] Thu Sep 6th 00:30 2007 / #58
i am going on a stag weekend in prague, how much will i need to be very comfortable? (not including accomodation.)food, beer is there anything else? looking forward to seeing your great city.
babydoll - [profile] Thu Sep 6th 06:49 2007 / #59
no its not living in sumperk for 5 years.thats 200miles from are better off going to olomouc or sumperk. if you go to google and type in reality kancelar you will get a lot of estate agents where you can rent a wont find anything cheaper than 300$ a month in prague plus you will have gas,electricit and water bills also.
if your looking for work go to cv the outter areas of prague you would pay around $200 a month rent.
jenny1 - [profile] Wed Jan 23rd 13:42 2008 / #60
"you can still find a flat for around 150 dollars a month, I have plenty of friends that live off of around 500 kc a month."

Two words: YEAH RIGHT

Are you fore real? Living off 500kc a month? And only $150 for rent - my friend anon this is 2008. Not 1999.
jenny1 - [profile] Wed Jan 23rd 13:47 2008 / #61

Estimate that in sharing a flat inclusive of utilities you will pay between 7000kc and 10,000 kc per month.

Next allow for travel, food and generally having a life. Even if you scrimp and save $500 is simply not realistic by any standards.

Money in Prague is spent warned...
Jeno - [profile] Fri May 9th 21:49 2008 / #62
I am moving to Prague in August from the US - San Francisco area. I'm trying to get an idea of the costs of food, internet, and cell phones. I have a budget of between 1300 and 1500 US right now - is that enough for a place of my own?
pragueboy pragueboy - [profile] Sat May 10th 13:57 2008 / #63
$1300 is pretty much the average wage here,
Prague has gotten pricey, can you get by on that, yes, will you be livin' lawdge' - no
cheapest flat you will find for yourself in a decent area would be this : #
then, you have metro pass, internet, mobile, health insurance, food, and nightlife, so will you get by, but just...
josse007 - [profile] Tue Sep 9th 08:33 2008 / #64
i am from belgium by the way
but it sounds strange for me to say brussels is cheaper as hanoi
i just wanted to know if you were talking about the same brussels as i do
paulrm paulrm Tue Sep 9th 21:12 2008 / #65
How clever... you are carrying on a conversation when your last entry was more than a year ago... talk about lag!
Subrath - [profile] Fri May 22nd 18:18 2009 / #66
Respected Sir/Madam,

Hello.I would be a student in Prague and I'm from Nepal.Right now I'm a bit nervous coz I don't know anyone there.I would also want to work over there in Prague so can anyone tell me how easy is it to get a job in Prague.AS I'm an Asian and fluent in English Speaking and have worked in Call Centres but obviously I have a bit of Asian tone.
So please let me know how easy is it to survive by working and bearing the expenses in Prague

Thank You
Subrath Poudel
Subrath - [profile] Fri May 22nd 18:18 2009 / #67
Hello.I would be a student in Prague and I'm from Nepal.Right now I'm a bit nervous coz I don't know anyone there.I would also want to work over there in Prague so can anyone tell me how easy is it to get a job in Prague.AS I'm an Asian and fluent in English Speaking and have worked in Call Centres but obviously I have a bit of Asian tone.
So please let me know how easy is it to survive by working and bearing the expenses in Prague
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