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Questions on my relocation plans

Posted by: test
Date posted: Sun 2nd Dec, 2012 (edited on Sun 2nd Dec, 2012)
Category: Relocation & Visas
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I am planning on relocating to Prague next year. I will move into a new apartment house next to the metro station Andel. (Q #1 Is this a good area to live? Secure and expat friendly?) I am also planning on opening my bank account with equabank, because their international transaction/card offers are the best in my view. (Q #2 Would anyone disagree on this choice, because of bad experiences?)Registration - I will need to register as a eu temp resident with the authorities (Q #3 are there options to do this online? & why the hell is it that rare that Czech homepages are translated into English??) I am planning to drive my private car in Prague - after what amount of time to I need to change the registration - what would be the expected coasts for a 3 year old 3 series bmw full insurance?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Best regards,

test Wed Dec 5th 11:41 2012 / #1
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