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persian/iranian grocery store

Posted by: majka - [anonymous]
Date posted: Tue 13th Dec, 2005
Category: Shopping & Services
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hello..I recently moved here and I was wondering if there was a persian grocery store anywhere in Prague...I can't even find good basmati rice in any big grocery store let alone dried vegatables, spices, etc. I am used to cooking this food everyday and now I am stuck with only czech products...

Twattle - [profile] Tue Dec 13th 20:08 2005 / #1
There isn't even a Persian restaurant in Prague. At least, there wasn't the last time I looked. You can drop in one of the Lebanese places and see what they have and where they buy it - but I doubt you'll be cooking up any kateh/tadig anytime soon. ;-)

Good luck with spices - though I suspect you can probably find saffron somewhere, if you look hard enough. I've never seen it, personally.

If you do find what you're looking for, be sure to post the info here for the rest of us who miss good Persian food! :-)
czechfriend - [profile] Wed Dec 14th 01:06 2005 / #2
For real persian stuff you really have to go to Germany or Austria....
jeff jeff Wed Dec 14th 14:17 2005 / #3
I can think of 2 places - one is shop by the Indian restaurant, Haveli..
the other is non-stop grocery on revolucni near dlouha..
jeff jeff Wed Dec 14th 14:37 2005 / #4
Not sure exactly what looking for but they both have spices and good basmati rice ..
Micah Micah - [profile] Wed Dec 14th 16:02 2005 / #5
There's an "oriental" shop just opposite Lemon Leaf restaurant in Prague that probably has what you're looking for, although the prices are a bit steep. If not, you can try the Arab grocery on Evropska - it's just opposite the Hotel Diplomat, where all the student dorms are for the technical school.
peter peter - [profile] Wed Dec 14th 18:49 2005 / #6
Lemon Leaf:




And, I would maybe call Hallal Fast Food and ask where they get their rice from, it's the first place I've found that doesn't serve rice in big sticky clumps:

V - [profile] Wed Dec 14th 21:11 2005 / #7

There is a store run by some likely characters on Myslikova on the corner of Vojtesska, around the corner from the Globe. It has a lot of middle eastern cooking ingredients. Basmati will be no problem as well as spices like cardamon (in bulk, even) and chickpeas and arabian ground coffee and all that stuff.

The buffet vegetarian indian-style restaurant Beas on Tynska in Old Town has started to sell spice mixes and yogi tea mix.

Basmati is now being carried by the Albert and Meinl chains, sold in a box next to all the other rices.

The best place to get Indian spices was the Om Center, but it just closed down its retail shop. However they are said to have a stand at the Ceskomoravska metro station until christmas. They have real masalas which they even grind themselves.

The International Food Store "Diana" across from the Radost club, where BLAQ MUMMY played its victorious Halloween concert this year, has basmati, hard to find spices like fenugreek, cardamon and tumeric, and a good masala tea mix. Belehradska street off I.P.Pavlova.

The store mentioned above on Revolucni near Dlouha used to have basmati in giant bags even, but I haven't checked lately and some of their unusual offerings have been cut down. Worth a look though.
skritek skritek - [profile] Wed Jan 18th 16:52 2006 / #8
Also check lipanksa street next to the pakistani restaurant. It is run by Pakistanis, but they have some items from around the middle east as well. Not sure about Specifically Persian ingredients. If you do find something please let me know. I love Persian food
vaneet Sachdeva - [anon] Fri Apr 28th 12:24 2006 / #9
Dear u can ask for the Good basmati brand called Pari basmati reis available in Austria at Gresam Gmbh , Wein , Austria , 43 1 796 8688 0 His name is Mr Samuel.
padizaio - [profile] Fri Jul 7th 01:06 2006 / #10
Will i would like to say there is persian products some how? At an arabic place and indian place these stuff you could find ,, there is a restaurant called Ariana , Which is old Kabul , its in Dluha Just near to bombay cooktail bar.
Regarding the Products you could find the basamti rice and some herbs at the arabic store there is 2 of them One is called Halal in Zizkov and there is one close to Manes in a street called ( myslikova ). I konw the loaction of each of them but not th address exactly.
padizaio - [profile] Fri Jul 7th 01:09 2006 / #11
Arian is an Afghani resturant , but they have similar dishes as the persian. For most of the europen they don't know what is what? but there is a big different and its only for us who came from that region we know the difference. but for other nationality its hard to differentiate. If you would like to contact me regarding extra information about resturant of these kinds , feel free.
karim - [profile] Wed Sep 15th 16:40 2010 / #12
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Sindbad1 - [profile] Thu Jul 14th 17:31 2011 / #13

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ahmed2 - [profile] Sat Jul 13th 12:27 2013 / #22
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