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Canoes and Fishing

Posted by: Norek - [user profile]
Date posted: Mon 9th Jan, 2006
Category: Sports & Recreation
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Just doing a bit of research and hoping someone can help me out with a few questions.

If I buy a canoe (open top not kayak) is there any where I can store it (possibly club). I dont fancy trying to get it up 3 floors every time I want to use it.

Is there somewhere where I could buy a good quality second hand canoe. I would be more interested in long trips than white water.

Also I think I read somewhere that you can only fish from an approved design of boat. Would fishing from an open top canoe be allowed.

Thanks for any help and advice

todd todd - [profile] Mon Jan 9th 16:47 2006 / #1
Hello Norek, I think you could store your boat with the people at the Prague yacht club or at least they can point you in the right direction, english link below:

I know there is a canoe club here somewhere near the yacht club as well although I don't have a conatct to them

In terms of areas to canoe, if you head south, around Krumlov, or Lipno and head up the Vltava, that's pretty nice although the rivers get busy in the summer.

As far as I know you can fish from an open top canoe, or at least I see people doing it all the time on the river downtown (prague), so it should not be a problem, just get your fishing license.

Try going to some of the larger fishing stores, try this one a=no&position=float&icona=&language=
jeff jeff Mon Jan 9th 16:50 2006 / #2
Hi Norek - here's a link to the Cesky rybarsky svaz HQ -

(They even have English pages.. Wow..)

They can surely answer the legal questions. You'll need a license to do any kind of fishing by the law..

As far as storing your canoe, i've seen a bunch of boats and canoes at dock down there on that island by Podoli. Do you know where i mean? You can't miss it if you keep heading south along the river..
jeff jeff Mon Jan 9th 16:59 2006 / #3
Todd and must have been posting at the same time - yeah - that yacht club is the one i was speaking about ..
Norek - [profile] Tue Jan 10th 11:49 2006 / #4
Thanks for your replies. I Have since found out that officially fishing from a canoe is not allowed. Canoes, kayaks, rafts, inflatable mattresses, houseboats, sporting boats or any other equipment designated for other than fishing purposes are not classified as fishing boats and their usage is prohibited. Got this from this link Would be still interested if anyone is member of canoe club or nows good secondhand boat supplier.
mhamad - [anon] Tue Jul 25th 22:15 2006 / #5
andrewtaylor - [profile] Wed Jan 16th 10:30 2013 / #6
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