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Where can I watch American Football?

Posted by: chicagobearfan
Date posted: Tue 28th Aug, 2007
Category: Sports & Recreation
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I will be in Prague for the season opener of my beloved Chicago Bears on September 9th. Does anyone know where I might catch the game? In the U.S. it will air on FOX. Thanks.

Troy - [profile] Tue Aug 28th 13:56 2007 / #1
Aha, I know the spot for you, jama -

They have all the NFL action, also they have awesome wings, burgers and well, the waitresses are cool too :)

Also Max the owner is a Bears fan so, if it is on TV, he's showing it!

Another cool venue is Zlata Hvezda - food isn't is good, but lots of TV's
Tribe - [profile] Wed Aug 29th 08:48 2007 / #2
'da Bears
ashthib - [profile] Sun Oct 3rd 16:15 2010 / #3
The Drunken Monkey is the wildest place in Prague to watch American college and NFL football if you can dodge all the beer pong balls flying by. And they stay open all night for games.
andrewtaylor - [profile] Wed Jan 16th 10:18 2013 / #4
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paulrm paulrm Sat Jan 19th 15:07 2013 / #5
Just once, I wish this andrewtaylor idiot would realize that this is NOT san diego and whoever is paying this p.o.s. would notice that they aren't getting anything for their money.
Hankfreid - [profile] Tue Apr 23rd 09:09 2013 / #6
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step95 - [profile] Fri May 17th 18:28 2013 / #7
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fin - [profile] Thu Sep 19th 13:00 2013 / #8
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taylorjohn - [profile] Mon Mar 3rd 06:31 / #10
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ttn112 - [profile] Mon Apr 28th 11:55 / #24
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