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Free Wi-Fi connection for all computers

Posted by: Lola Profi - [anonymous]
Date posted: Fri 1st Apr, 2005
Category: Technology
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After searching for an affordable solution to internet connection here in Prague I came across this method

It was slightly harder than the author suggested to set up but now it is working I am more than pleased with it.

As the author said it isn't fast but it works and allows me now to browse the internet and send emails to my family again. I just thought I would share it with you.

Enjoy ;-)

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Winston - [anon] Fri Apr 1st 10:09 2005 / #1
I'm not sure how, but i've got my inlaws old Pentium 90 connected :) Its frantically updating windows like a starving dog eating a string of sausages. Lol...

(It didn't work first time, I think I used wire that was too thick)
not a chance - [anon] Fri Apr 1st 16:23 2005 / #2
just for the sake of anyone who might actually try something like this: There is no reason why this should work. Infact it could possibly break your computer. Take note of the april first posting date.
Baldrick - [anon] Fri Apr 1st 16:26 2005 / #3
"not a chance" - ye of little faith!
Nevyn - [anon] Mon May 30th 05:10 2005 / #4
There is absolutely no technical basis as to why this would work and why anyone in their right mind would try this.

And what's with this wifi-spy.exe ? sounds more than a little suspicious -

"Because wifi-spy.exe uses non standard protocols, you cannot be detected."

the 802.11 standard is just that - a standard and so requires clients to use a standard. If anyone did find this software and install it, I'd suggest that you uninstall it, look for viruses/spamware asap. This sounds like an attempt of getting 9 yo's to install crap on their computers.
PD PD - [profile] Mon May 30th 09:00 2005 / #5
ROFLMAO - you dumb shmuck ;-)

I'd forgotten about this until I started getting a few emails again the other day from it.

A little clue, chech the date it was posted! :-)
temer - [anon] Tue Jun 14th 00:03 2005 / #6
Hey Lola Profi if you really want to find out more go to this place,
jeff jeff Tue Jun 14th 11:15 2005 / #7
Hey - don't know about all this above - none of links seem fruitful - try - there is tons of info there (in Czech...)

sambeckwith sambeckwith - [profile] Tue Jun 21st 10:53 2005 / #8
It's a little odd that all the images on the wifi-spy.exe page are hosted on the site...
PD PD - [profile] Tue Jun 14th 12:18 2005 / #9
Very odd isn't it? ;-)
guju - [anon] Tue Jun 21st 09:20 2005 / #10
how did u find wifi-spy.exe ?????????

Please send me a link here at
polo2014 - [profile] Thu Oct 9th 05:25 / #11
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denismarin1 - [profile] Thu Nov 6th 10:25 / #12
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