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train to Warsaw?

Posted by: Craig
Date posted: Fri 12th Sep, 2003
Category: Travel
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Hi - does anyone know how much the train to Warsaw costs?

jeff jeff Fri Sep 12th 14:09 2003 / #1
Hmm... prices no. Timetable yes: [ click here ]
Outindastix - [profile] Sun Sep 14th 22:50 2003 / #2
Won't be much. For times, czech out (remember that Warsaw is Var??ava).
goobsmoocher - [profile] Tue Oct 21st 19:56 2003 / #3
I think you can save money by buying a domestic ticket to the border and then buying a ticket from the Polish conductor on the train. To do this you will need to have enough zloty though. Likewise, do the reverse when returning back to Czech. Save some crowns for this. I did this a few times several years ago. At that time, international tickets are more expensive than domestic. I can't say for sure now.
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