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Black People in Prague

Posted by: Ron - [anonymous]
Date posted: Wed 22nd Sep, 2004
Category: Visitors & Tourism
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I am an African-American and I'm thinking of visting Prague for New Year's. Are there black people there? I don't know any black people who have been before. I met a Czech woman and she say's there are many African's studying at Czech universities. It doesn't make a huge differences to me but I want to know if I'll be stared at or made to feel unwelcome because of my color. Please e-mail me you comments.

[ anonymous ] - [anon] Wed Sep 22nd 22:33 2004 / #1
Ron, since the fall of communism, Prague is becoming increasingly cosmopolitan and people of African descent live there too, nobody will stare at you. Many African-Americans have been and are extremely popular among the Czechs but there are skinheads and they are, of course racist. In the 1960s, some Czech boys resented African students, because they had dollars, which meant Czech girfriends. But you are extremely unlikely to have any problems. Go and have a good time!
Windwalker - [anon] Wed Sep 22nd 23:32 2004 / #2
Hey Ron, there are idiots everywhere in the world, including here, including kansas (no offence to you kansasites). You might be stared at, probably by the ladies if you are good looking :))

Come and enjoy Prague, it is safer than most places you will ever visit.
jeff jeff Thu Sep 23rd 10:32 2004 / #3
It's a very white city. I just traveled to NYC and the point was hammered home upon my return. This should not reflect negatively on the city or the people though. Simply not very diverse. I have witnessed almost no violence here. It is a peaceful city. Like #1 said: Come and enjoy! :]
anonomouyasdfadf - [anon] Thu Sep 23rd 10:56 2004 / #4
outside of prague people probably will stare at you, but people stare at me when I speak English so its not exactly a race thing. I would expect some stares away from the center, get used to it, its rarely racism just curiosity. There seems to be very little racism here against black people, however there is alot against roma. And of course being American there is always someone wanting to tell about how bad your country's politics are.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Thu Sep 23rd 13:18 2004 / #5
Dear Ron,

Please do come to Prague. It's high time this country gets more foreigners in, just like France, UK, US and many other nations all around the world. This country really needs to become more cosmopolitan. Your presence will only aid this great cause. You'll be helping a country aswell as having a great time! How good does that sound? A country needs people of all races to make it a prosperous, happy, successful and harmonious nation. We all know that.

Every race is God's beautiful creation.

anonymous - [anon] Thu Sep 23rd 14:04 2004 / #6
[this comment moved to the dump; posted frmo]
jo - [anon] Thu Sep 23rd 14:47 2004 / #7
i don't necessarily think that it is our place to judge whether this city 'really needs to become more cosmopolitan'

consider the changes that have taken place, and continue to take place since 1989 within czech republic and especially within prague. the rate at which this has happened has effectively 'out-priced' natives. this is also apparent in the establishments which you find crammed in the tourist centers of the city. many of my czech friends refuse to spend time in the center because of prices.

i agree with posts that prague is not a very diverse city, certainly not next to new york city or london, but we should remember the recent history and understand why too much cosmopolitanism too fast might serve to alienate the people who have called this city home long before the wall came down, before we flooded the city and passed our judgments as to its cosmopolitanism.
notjo - [anon] Thu Sep 23rd 15:39 2004 / #8
I agree with post number 5.

Hey Jo, well, just learn to live with it. My Czech friends love meeting new people in their country. Everyone I know are happy with the ongoing changes, both Czechs and nonczechs.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Thu Sep 23rd 18:52 2004 / #9
I think you might be stared at but it will be from curiousity rather than racism. I think racism exists here, but as somebody said, it is directed towards Roma mainly, and even then it's rarely a violent thing. I doubt seriously that you'd have any problems with anybody but the skinheads--but their after White foreigners too, and of course can be avoided.
And the ladies will like you!
Ron - [anon] Thu Sep 23rd 19:01 2004 / #10
Thanks for all of the positive feedback! I definitely will be there for News Year's. I'm buying my ticket this weekend.
Madcap - [profile] Thu Sep 23rd 21:49 2004 / #11
People ARE racist here Ron. NO doubt. Even my Czech friends will admit it. BUT people ARE racist in the States too, even if they don't SAY anything about it. Don't expect any violence though. Czechs are not aggresive people, and it is true that ANY foriengers are strange to them. Yes, even other white people. But it's not like the US man. These people were cut off from the Western world for 40 years up to 1989, so people are going to think maybe you're strange. Wouldn't you stare if you saw a white dude for the first time? Or if it was a rarity? It is also true that this mentality is fading away, especially with the younger generation and as things become more and more Westernized. There are other black people here, so it's not like you will be the only one. It's also true that the ladies will probably like you. And man....the LADIES here. GET OVER HERE NOW!
Candy - [anon] Thu Sep 23rd 21:52 2004 / #12
Excellent news Ron. You might like it so much you may want to stay here forever. How long will you be coming for?
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Thu Sep 23rd 22:31 2004 / #13
Ron, I am glad we convinced you to come. Once again, have a nice vacation!
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Fri Sep 24th 11:23 2004 / #14
WHAT is going ON im getting DIZZY
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Fri Sep 24th 16:22 2004 / #15
Here's a tiny little story, Ron. I was taking a cab in the US once with my then-girlfriend(who happened to be black). The cab-driver was black too and my girlfriend mentioned to him that she had just gotten back from Amsterdam where she'd lived for two years. Well, this cab-driver happened to have just taken a month long vacation in Europe. He said that he really enjoyed Amsterdam, but he thought Spanish people were black-unfriendly ("they look at us and think the Moors are invading all over again", I remember him saying) and that that the absolute best time he'd had on his vacation was in Prague. Next time, he said, he was just going to spend his vacation there (here). So there you go. Indirectly from the horses mouth via me. You'll have a blast.
Galiant - [anon] Fri Sep 24th 18:17 2004 / #16
Hey no. 15, I loved your post. Makes one feel happy to be in a country where people are civilised and intelligent with regard to other ethnicites.

Hope there'll be a MASS INFLUX! ;)
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Fri Sep 24th 18:35 2004 / #17
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Fri Sep 24th 20:13 2004 / #18

Not writing anything in this forum?
Ron - [anon] Fri Sep 24th 20:48 2004 / #19
#15, I hope I'll be sharing a similar story as the cab driver in the near future.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Sat Sep 25th 07:54 2004 / #20
Blacks are you kidding their is large black population here.

got Vaclavsky Namesti they even have neon jackets.

and if somebody stares at you its time for
1..2..3..4 i declare a stare war.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Fri Oct 1st 16:51 2004 / #21
Are blacks treated ok then?
Millicent - [anon] Sat Oct 2nd 09:35 2004 / #22

I just wanted to say "thanks" for putting this question out here. I'm headed out there in two weeks with my friend (I'm coming from Orlando and she's flying in from LA). I like yourself was very curious on the reception of African Americans or Black People in general but so far I have perceived Prague to be an open-minded and accepting destination. And besides, I'm so excited about this trip that I'll probably end up oblivious to the fact that I stand out:)

I'm very appreciative if anyone can be candid and honest enough on where I should steer clear from, i.e. I read the mentioning of the skinheads above in Post #1, but I'm not sure how active that organization still is.

Ron, since I will be returning before you head out there, I'll be more than happy to give you feedback about my experience. (

If anyone is game for joining me for a cup of coffee along with my friend (October 16 - 21st), please do not hesitate to contact me.
marlymarl - [anon] Mon Oct 4th 10:02 2004 / #23
Hey all, I would agree with the perceptions of Prague and Praguers' attitudes to and treatment of black people that have been presented here.
BUT I don't want to alarm anyone or prevent anyone from coming here - this city is great! - but would like to relate a story I heard recently that absolutely shocked me.
Some friends went out for a night of clubbing at MATRIX in Zizkov a couple weeks ago and when another friend - a black woman - arrived later, the beefy bouncer guy wouldn't let her in because she was black! I simply couldn't believe it but I have to because the story came from my friends- direct participants in the incident. They all left and have vowed never to return to that club.

jerry the wonder jew - [profile] Mon Oct 4th 12:02 2004 / #24
I just want to point out that Czechs stare at everyone. Often gape-mouthed. It has nothing to do with skin color, but it does freak me out sometimes...

I heard about that Matrix thing. Fuck them!
butthead butthead - [profile] Mon Oct 4th 13:01 2004 / #25
I recent football player for our team who is Black had bananas thrown on the field while the supporters did monkey imitations.

Asian, and Black students have been hospitalized from attacks by skinheads.

It is true, you probably won§t have any problems, but people on this thread are sugar coating a real problem. It's not going to be easy for you. You will be a victim of racism in some form or another.
shake55 - [profile] Tue Oct 5th 06:10 2004 / #26
I am an american mixed race black guy. People dont know what i am alot. I get Italian, arabic and spanish alot. I have a nice expenisve hip fashion and look. 1) will i be mistaken for the roma and get both the black and roma treatment? 2) what areas should i stay out of? what basic saftey tip should i know?
jerry the wonder jew - [profile] Tue Oct 5th 11:04 2004 / #27
Hey Shake,

From your description, I'd say people will either think you're Vin Diesel or just another gay guy. Stay away from the Pinochio bar!

Other than that, you're fine.
shake55 - [profile] Tue Oct 5th 18:39 2004 / #28
is the pinochio bar a bad place? or was that a gay joke:)
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Tue Oct 5th 21:35 2004 / #29
Shake55, I have a good friend here who was born in Iran. In other words, he looks like a gypsy. I don't think he's had many run-ins, though he has hinted to me that he thinks that people here feel racist towards him. He's never gone on and on about it and he's told me he loves this country. But he hints that it's a problem. Don't think he's had any physical confrontations, with anywone, though. Most people who know him definitely don't consider him a gypsy--just the ones that don't! I don't think that most Czechs are racist about skin color, it's more different cultures in general freak them out. They have more of a problem with Austrians than Africans, It seems.
millihawk - [profile] Wed Oct 6th 11:36 2004 / #30
Thanks everyone for your feedback. And Butthead much love to you for keeping it real and not candycoating. I think at the end of the day every city has its pockets but from the sounds of it I should just remain cognizant of the situation I put myself usual:)

Will NOT be going to Matrix.

Happy Wednesday all.
shake55 - [profile] Thu Oct 7th 05:28 2004 / #31
i didnt start the thread but it has really helped me. and i thank eveyone. so after November 15 if you happen to see a black guy that look like derrick jettter drunk some place. send him home in a cab. ask him if he likes the afghan whigs and has a verse from a willy wonka and the chocolate factory song tattooed on his leg. if so that is me. i will pay you back:)
Raynard - [anon] Mon Oct 11th 22:48 2004 / #32
It was good to read all the comments to Ron about being Black and coming to Prague. I too am Black and will be there on the 01 Nov 04. I too wondered what the reception would be like. I will be coming with two other Blacks, one White and one Mexican. I think that will make for a good cosmo addition to Prague. I am going for a conference but I am hope to see a lot of the city and ride the subways. Will we be safe? Are there things we need to know? Much like Ron, I am also handsome (hahaha). Will I need a hat for my shaved head? Will my thick moustache be cool there? Can I wear Jeans everywhere I go? How late are places open? Can I use American money or credit cards? I know these are stupid questions but I would like to be comfortable.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Tue Oct 12th 02:10 2004 / #33
what kind pf a imbecil are you
simon t - [anon] Tue Oct 12th 09:28 2004 / #34

It's completely safe in Prague. It's probably one of the safest cities in the world! No kidding! You WON'T need a hat for sure.....Actually it might be pretty cold in Nov so maybe you'll need the hat to keep warm. You have a thick moustache? Well, if it suits you it'll be as liked here as it is where you're coming from. Actually, the way you describe yourself, girls'll find you damn hot. OFCOURSE you can wear jeans! Yeah, some of your questions are a bit surprising! You can change dollars into Czech crowns in many places here.Nightclubs, bars etc are open till pretty late as you can imagine (some till 5 or 6 in the morning).

You'll have the time of your life in Prague. Superb nightlife, great bars and fabulous restaurants, all in a fairytale-like city! Come and enjoy mate!!
jerry the wonder jew - [profile] Tue Oct 12th 10:51 2004 / #35

Simon is lying to you!

Don't wear a hat. Its considered rude.

Mustaches are OK as long as they cover your entire mouth.

You should try to spend as much time as possible riding the subways. You'll see a great deal of the city that way. Many tourists miss this opportunity. You'll get a truly unique experience. I recommend the yellow line from Luka to Cerny Most (Black Bridge!)

Shorts are better than jeans, but jeans are OK if they are very tight.

Places are indeed open all night. Do your best to pay in dollars. Sometimes it takes a little bargaining to do so, but you'll always end up happier in the end.
Raynard - [anon] Sun Dec 5th 02:40 2004 / #36
Thanks for the comments and even the name calling, I can now understand why. I went to Praha (Prague) and had the greatest time of my life. I found that no one looked at me as if I was out of place. In fact, I was treated well everywhere I went and felt it a little odd that no one starred. I enjoyed the Jazz on the Charles Bridge and even at some of the night spots. Jazz is everywhere. Yes, I was completely ignorant of Czech but all I can say is that I encourage everyone to go there. I had to change my money a lot but there were places everywhere to do so. The Metro and Tram made it easy to get around. I do feel like an imbecil for asking the "race" question but I learned once I was in Praha that question is a part of my own American victimization. I get looked at in many American places that I am considered to be out of place then Praha. Nobody cared about my skin color. I just did not get that kind of reception. I was treated warmly everywhere I went and felt comfortable. Go to Praha! I think it is one of the best cities in the world! Of course, I need to see more cities but if I could, I would live in Praha. It is a beautiful city with lots of historical value, beautiful buildings and beautiful people. Can't say enough about how much I enjoyed being there. I walked all over Praha and found the city to be very safe. I even took in an opera. To the good people of Praha forgive me for my ignorance. I have grown thanks to you. I look forward to a return trip. Being from California, I enjoyed the snow on the day that I was leaving.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Tue Dec 7th 12:03 2004 / #37
Stereotypically Africans are well received world over. African-Americans are not. Before Prague I lived in a predominately black neighborhood in NYC. The area had a heavy concentration of Africans. The Africans are generally decent, intelligent, hardworking people. Next to them, the gangsta niggaz look like dangerous retarded cousins. It's been my experience that non-american blacks despise african americans.

[ anonymous ] - [anon] Wed Dec 8th 13:06 2004 / #38
>>It's been my experience that non-american blacks despise african americans.

and you?
Banana - [anon] Thu Dec 9th 00:36 2004 / #39
[this comment moved to the dump; posted from]
Dei - [anon] Sun Jan 9th 05:41 2005 / #40
Hi, all I will be going to Prague later this month on business.I have learned alot from all of your posts,but how is a black American FEMALE to feel.
The black woman who was refused at Matrix...all of the "good" posts were from black men.What's a girl to do??
To Jeff - [anon] Sun Jan 9th 14:33 2005 / #41
Don't you think Post 39 should be sent to the dump? Please dump it. It's primitive and insulting.
Antiblbec - [anon] Sun Jan 9th 15:40 2005 / #42
#41, it is insulting but still better than when while back someone here expressed an opinion that the Czechs were subhuman and should be gassed (or something to that effect). Nobody objected to that, even though it was much worse than saying that Africans and apes eat the same things.
To Antiblbec - [anon] Mon Jan 10th 15:19 2005 / #43
Antiblbec, may I ask where you are from? Are you Czech?
Antiblbec - [anon] Mon Jan 10th 19:51 2005 / #44
#43, yes, I am Czech from Moravia.
To Antiblbec - [anon] Mon Jan 10th 21:04 2005 / #45
I agree that comment on Czechs you mentioned is really terrible and obviously written by an idiot. However, I do not think it is worse than the comment on black people, since that comment is purely primitive and racist. Wouldn't you agree? In my opinion, both are equally awful.

In this modern day, we should forget about people's ethnicites etc. and judge a person on his character and personality. It's the only succesful and logical way forward in this world. Afterall, we were all made equal in the eyes of God. (I'm not religious or anything, but I strongly believe this).

I have friends from many different nationalities, and am happy with all of them. If, however, I was racist, I would find myself narrowed down to a certain sector of the population, with perhaps many who would dislike me. So I generally would not be a very free and satisfied person.

Well, Antiblbec, further comments would be interesting and well recieved. Looking forward to them.
Antiblbec - [anon] Mon Jan 10th 21:30 2005 / #46
#45, well, at least the above comment did not call for gassing of Africans.
But you are right. I am always embarrassed when European football fans make ape-like or monkey-like noises when a black player takes the ball.
One of the reasons I started coming to this forum (besides improving my English) is my interest in seeing this country becoming cosmopolitan, which it used to be as early as the middle ages. Communist rule here was a catastrophe for many reasons, with one of the biggest being the isolation from the rest of the world. And those Czechs who are racist themselves should realize that this nation is a mixture of several ethnic groups. That's why you see so many types here, from Slavic to Germanic to Latin. Even though most people on this board are far too the left to my liking, I am still glad they live here (if only they were as tolerant toward my views).
And what about you? Where are you from, how long have you lived here, what brought you here etc.?
To Antiblbec - [anon] Tue Jan 11th 16:16 2005 / #47
Ahoy there Antiblbec,

Thanks for writing again. I am from the UK and have lived here for five years. I had visited Prague and liked it so much I decided to stay ;)

I'm glad you're one of those looking ahead and hoping to see a more cosmopolitan and friendly CZ. It sure is on it's way, however I suspect it'll be a good few years yet to see it as a fully integrated and multicultural society. No worries though, with more open-minded and flexible people such as yourself, CZ can see a rosy and healthy future.

So, Antiblbec, are you living here in Prague too? Do you work?
Antiblbec - [anon] Tue Jan 11th 19:13 2005 / #48
Hi #47, we especially need some Anglo-Saxon influence in this country,
like civility, tolerance, love of freedom and democracy, honesty, courage,
ability to discuss things in a polite manner etc. I hope many Anglo-Saxons and other nationalities move here, marry Czechs and have lots of children.
I am a student and still live in Moravia. I did spend a couple of semesters
abroad and I have a foreign girlfriend whose native language is English (my 2nd English speaker), so perhaps I am doing what more Czechs should be doing to make this country less provincial.
If you have some comments in the future, I would like to read them.
Good luck.
josefj - [anon] Wed Jan 12th 13:11 2005 / #49
[this comment moved to the dump; posted from]
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Thu Jan 13th 10:07 2005 / #50
[this comment moved to the dump; posted from]
michelle - [anon] Fri Jan 14th 12:08 2005 / #51
well i'm a 21 year old black-british female and im planning a short trip to Praha with my white boyfriend. I have heard a lot of bad stories about the neo-nazi movement but i'm not going to let them stop me. I'm scared but I am sure that there will be so much to enjoy.xx
jeff jeff Fri Jan 14th 12:24 2005 / #52
Don't worry Michelle - the few psychos are far outnumbered by good people. Enjoy your trip!
Andras - [anon] Fri Jan 14th 12:33 2005 / #53
[this comment moved to the dump; posted from]
todd todd - [profile] Fri Jan 14th 13:26 2005 / #54
Hey Michelle, ignore some of the trolling idiots that try to ruin the forum, Prague is a very safe city which I am sure you will enjoy visiting. In terms of safety I would rate it as a high 8 out of 10 when compared to other European capitals, consider yourself safe, but do beware of pickpockets. Not violent but they'll steal your wallet and bags so be aware of this problem, not paranoid just aware.

good luck
butthead butthead - [profile] Fri Jan 14th 13:59 2005 / #55
I damn near got killed by a gang of romulans last fall. The didn't ask for money or anything. They just tried to high kick my head off! Luckily I saw 2kc laying on the pavement at precisely that same moment and they missed. Thanks God! I owe you one.
Robbspeed - [profile] Thu Feb 3rd 09:47 2005 / #56
I just found this site and this post... I plan on visiting Czechia within a few months but also want to visit at least one other Eastern European country. I'm particulary curious about Moldova and Slovakia. I know this forum is primarily about Prague but if anyone has any info about how black people are viewed and treated in the other countries, please share your thoughts. Thanks, Rob
Cechacek - [anon] Thu Feb 3rd 20:47 2005 / #57
Robbspeed, you are extremely unlikely to experience anything bad, especially if you are African-American. Most Czechs have admired African-American artists and sportsmen since at least Louis Armstrong, Jesse Owens, Joe Louis and countless others. Sure there are racist idiots, but chances you will meet one are minimal. If you meet one though, do as the Africa-American soldier has done in this true strory I have read not long ago: In WWII, U.S. Army crossed the Rhine into Germany and in the first small town searched houses for German soldiers. A black soldier entered a house and found a German officer hiding there. When he told him to surender, the German told him: "I won't surrender to a 'nigger'". So the black soldier slapped his face couple of times and guess what? The German officer promptly surendered. Besides, even racial insults are punishable by law in the Czech Republic.
The situation in Slovakia is probably similar. Don't know about Moldova.
Have a nice trip.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Tue Feb 8th 18:50 2005 / #58
Stay out of Slovakia! major problems with skins. hell stay out of uncivilized countries! All the slav countries. They've got another 500 years of progress. Sorrry to be cruel. No offense to you good people out there, but some of your folks are uncivilized and barbaric. You will here the name nigger more than once of all of these countries. i don't know about Moldova, but I suspect because of Romania and russia they are intolerant as well. Go to Cuba, India, Latin America, Paris
Jane - [anon] Wed Feb 9th 03:25 2005 / #59
Hey guys just stumbled acrossed this message board and found this topic, ironically im a black british women who's planning on doing some travelling threw eastern europe later this year with a couple of friends who are also black, ive spoken to many people online and in person about what reactions i might receive and have been given mostly positive feedback so im not really worried......actually im quite looking forward to meeting some eastern european guys! (apparently very cute) so maybe i'll find love in prague? lol
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Wed Feb 9th 03:45 2005 / #60
just carry a gun.. it helps.... or a flick knife ...
Gretchen Gretchen - [profile] Wed Feb 9th 04:42 2005 / #61
Hey Butthead, aren't romulans some kind of Star Trek species? I didn't know they were here. Perhaps you should stay away from Sci-Fi conventions.

And Jane, the boys here are cute. Ignore post #60. There is racism here, but there is racism everywhere. I agree with Todd's post, just watch out for petty crime like pickpockets.

And Cechacek, you write about German soldiers being racist in WWII. Really? With all that "master race" crap, are you surprised?
Cechacek - [anon] Wed Feb 9th 20:35 2005 / #62
Jane, I am Czech (don't know about being "cute") and assure you that you will not have any problems. You would have to have an incredibly bad luck to meet an idiot who would insult you. Have a good time.

Gretchen, you are right.
phoenixbarb - [anon] Sat Feb 19th 06:45 2005 / #63
Ron and everyone....where did Mick Jagger spend New Years 2005 - Prague. I'm sure the Czecks were dropping a jaw or three on that rocknroller....he said in an interview that it is a fantastic city, his personal favorite to party in. Does anyone know if The Rolling Stones played over there? I'm 1/2 Amer/Czeck and I'm a wild and crazy kinda gal.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Sat Feb 19th 19:29 2005 / #64
phoenixbarb, I think The Rolling Stones played here at least twice.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Sat Feb 19th 21:35 2005 / #65

What a goober.

Budapest is a very happening town, very cosmopolitan.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Sun Feb 20th 01:26 2005 / #66
"Amer/Czeck and I'm a wild and crazy kinda gal. "

Ummm... actually, its 'Czech'...
Raynard - [anon] Mon Mar 7th 03:47 2005 / #67
I had such a good time in November in Prague that I am going back in April. Email me if there is something I MUST do and SEE. I will be there the second week in April - rain? What is the name of the Cuban resturant that is very popular? I went there almost everynight but I can't remember the name. I want to find it again. I know it was not too far from a KFC (no jokes please) and center city right across from a Metro stop.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Tue Mar 8th 13:27 2005 / #68
I think its called bogavita. may have destroyed the spelling there, but in order to find it you just need to get off at the staromestka metro station, and yes, it is right before a KFC
Raynard - [anon] Thu Mar 10th 05:24 2005 / #69
Thanks. Looking forward to going back there.
xman - [profile] Sun Apr 17th 06:28 2005 / #70
Hi dose anybody know about the mafia in Prague, my friends tell me some stories is it true they control all the clubs, bars, night life etc
and that why czeck don’t like Russians can you help me understand thanks - [profile] Sun Apr 17th 14:02 2005 / #71
If you live here the mafia prescence is obvious, although I don't know if they control ALL the clubs, bars, nightlife, etc. It's not something the average person has to worry about, though, IMO.
jeff jeff Mon Apr 18th 08:47 2005 / #72
I think the anti-Russian feelings MAY have something more to do with 40 years of occupation ...
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Mon May 2nd 22:48 2005 / #73
I am an African-American that visited Prague last year. I had NO problems in Prague. Even went to visit castles miles from Prague in Czech Republic. In Prague I went clubbing, shopping etc with no problems. In the center, there are many blacks that you will see. In Eastern Europe, I have visited Poland four times and had really great times. I was only in Warsaw and Krakow. Yes, there are those that may stare but the younger population is more receptive to a different culture. Met quite a few Polish ladies on my vacation. Awesome beauties, and that is saying a lot consider that I live in California. My next trip in to Poland via Berlin is in two weeks. I will stay in Szczecin which is not the cosmopolitan city Warsaw or Krakow is so I will see how that goes with the reaction to African Americans over there. I will be visiting some Polish friends that live in that city. Then I will make my way to Warsaw and Krakow before returning to the US.
Dana - [anon] Tue May 3rd 21:51 2005 / #74
I am coming to Prague next month for 2 weeks (I can't wait). Though I can't wait to meet the citizens of Prague and party the night away with you guys, I was wondering where the majority of the Black people in Prague hang out (or is everyone just integrated-which is totally cool too)
morfeuss - [anon] Wed May 4th 00:35 2005 / #75
hya, i just got across this im planning to be studying in czech, and im from mauritius, too much people asking me why leave here to czech, though me also i cannot understand why. im 'brown' asian african would like to know if theres any student here in cz? ive spent some time in eastern europe, and ive never met any problem...ive been to slovakia, hungary and to the remote places in these countries and never met any difficulties.....
Riga-Mortis - [anon] Wed May 4th 11:29 2005 / #76
For sake of skittering Jesus come. Save this sorry white-ass culture. At least give these people some rythm. Kick it to radost friday night, listen to crap hip-hop, and get laid by a czech chicky.
Dana - [anon] Wed May 4th 15:27 2005 / #77
Riga-Mortis, you're too funny. I'll definitely try radost-i keep seeing it pop up whenever I research fun things to do while I'm there. I'm studying there for 2 weeks so I will make that place my starting point to find other stuff. Thanks for the info.

Oh, and I'm a Black woman, not a guy-so I guess I'd be looking for all the hot czech guys (who are attracted to beautiful Black women) as well as very attractive Black men.

I can't wait to visit-I am looking forward to experiencing the beauty of your country.
Moo goo - [anon] Wed May 4th 16:21 2005 / #78
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Mungo Pap apsa - [anon] Thu May 5th 13:47 2005 / #79
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magnum teeth - [anon] Thu May 5th 13:50 2005 / #80
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Bush - [anon] Thu May 5th 13:52 2005 / #81
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Jim - [anon] Thu May 5th 13:54 2005 / #82
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Dana - [anon] Thu May 5th 16:14 2005 / #83
Well, it's funny-if this idiot above didn't use the same terminal for each post I'd think that there was more than one as*hole in Prague.

I'm glad that you're welcoming me with open arms. And I also love that all your issues with the U.S are about people who aren't even Black (unless Bush-who I hate myself- and Ms. Weaver have a more ethnic side that we don't know about).

I would love to come across someone like you during my visit. I'd make you feel like a total idiot when you'd realize that your thoughts about Black people are very, very limited. My advice-stop watching 1930 depictions of Black people and learn for yourself.

Oh and as far as the elephant grave, heck, I'm looking for that myself. Remember, we got taken away-so I can't navigate you through the jungles. But we can ask that white guy that you named-he seems to be more familiar with it than I am.
Micah Micah - [profile] Thu May 5th 17:14 2005 / #84
That IP is registered to Bohemia Bagel, an internet/bagel shop. Just to be clear, the guys who own the place are good, honest business people, though their chili gives me gas. No offence, but their clientele are 95% dopey American college kids who have trouble getting over the fact that they can buy beer, like, without an ID. Whoever wrote this will most likely be on his way back to his miserable room at Failure State U. long before you get here. As he spends lots of time in a bagel shop internet terminal, he likely has plenty of time to let loose his racist garbage in between making up stories about how many czech chicks he bagged on his semester reading Kafka. Truth is, no one here has anything to do with him.

Ooops, sorry. The first cretin IP is registered to Jan Sekera. He lives on Muchova 15/237. You can reach him on +420 233325501 or by email:
Dana - [anon] Fri May 6th 19:54 2005 / #85
LOL. Thanks so much Micah. I definitely will not blame the internet host for the thoughts above. To tell you the truth though, reading stuff like that is funny to me. It lets me know how clueless many people are, plus I like to see what amazing thing they can come up with next (like talc, who the heck uses talc-dude has some sort of obsession).

And as far as the 1st guy, thanks for the info, but I'd prefer to not waste my time. Anyone hiding behind an IP address reminds me of a coward hiding under a white sheet/hood-totally useless, inferior, and not worth paying attention to.

I look forward to my visit!!
Roughage - [profile] Fri May 6th 21:22 2005 / #86
Where the hell is Leah when you need her??
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Sat May 7th 12:43 2005 / #87
I've had two black girlfriends, and they definitely did not smell like talc. Although in truth I don't even know what Talc smells like.
Alem - [anon] Mon May 23rd 20:13 2005 / #88
Im glad I came across this board. I am visting Prague for a few days around Mid - June. I am half african and half indian. Born in Ethiopia and now live in Florida. I adore beer but have very little knowledge of CZ beer. Can anyone give me some suggestions on where to go and what to drink.

Also , I am an avid football player and would love to catch a Professional European match. Do I have to go next door to Germany to catch a pro game? I am not sure of any teams in CZ.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Mon May 23rd 20:24 2005 / #89
Sparta and Slavia are both here. As for beer - jeez, this country INVENTED it!
Alem - [anon] Tue May 24th 23:00 2005 / #90
What are some great CZ beers. I love Belgian beers such as Duvel and various framboise...Any suggestions on what to buy in CZ? Im extremely excited about CZ beer!
skin - [profile] Sat Jul 16th 07:08 2005 / #91
Anon at post #5, that is the most annoying post I've read on this site, just beating riga mortis at #76 asking crazy blacks to teach lame white people rythm, maybe they could do an Eddie Murphy impression for him too. So you've decided what Czechs need to improve the country, shit loads of ethnics to make it happy, harmonious, prosperous etc. Worked like a dream in England.
todd todd - [profile] Sat Jul 16th 08:33 2005 / #92
Well Alem, beers to try are Pilsner Urquell, Budvar, Gambrinus and Staropramen. Those are the heavy weights. Check out this article on beers off the beaten track by Brett also here's a list of the mainstream places

enjoy, oh yeah, also you must go to a beer garden here's the list and then vote for the best one here best-of-prague-beer-garden
xxatti - [anon] Wed Aug 17th 14:44 2005 / #93
Im thinking of visiting Prague myself. Im glad I saw this thread as I was curious as to how blacks would be percieved over there. Im mixed, but I have a similar look to Will Smith. When I was in Spain I literally had women whistling at me and nearly drooling. I've never experienced anything like it. If Praque is anything like Spain was for me then it should be all good.
shergem - [anon] Thu Aug 18th 01:03 2005 / #94
Hi xxatti Will Smith looklike hey, I'm a Black british girl also dubious about the reception in prague maybe we could tackle them together.
hasan - [anon] Tue Jan 24th 02:54 2006 / #95
hi there . i'm glad that i saw this thread . i am an arab american who will be visiting prague next month . i have a darker skin. would that be a problem for people there?
Jess - [anon] Tue Jan 24th 22:06 2006 / #96
I love you guys and all you thoughts, I like the realism and the encourgement, I'm a black female and have heard only good things, I like in California, and want to teach English if anyone over there wants to learn so I'll pay the 1,000 and head over this autum

who was new years RON? ? ??!?!?!
americans - [anon] Sat Jan 28th 21:20 2006 / #97
i heard that americans are not welcomed in europe . is that true?
Tribe - [profile] Sun Jan 29th 00:07 2006 / #98
Not if they think they're going to Americanize Europe they aren't.
hasan - [anon] Sun Jan 29th 02:40 2006 / #99
what do you mean by americanizing europe? the united states did a lot for europe did you forget wwii?
Local - [anon] Wed Feb 1st 02:36 2006 / #100
A comment on skinheads

They’re dangerous to everyone, locals included—if you happen to bump into more of them. However, they are extremely rare creatures. Don’t even remember when I saw one for the last time.

I’m local, grew up in the city; have had one encounter with them in my whole life so far—about six or seven years ago.

It didn’t matter we were white and local—a friend of mine was dressed in a way that resembled an �anarchist� (i.e. the arch-enemy of a skinhead).

It happened in a remote, sleepy part of town, which was nearly deserted as it was well past midnight. We were lucky, we got away unharmed and without any actual fight (there were just threats) but I was scared as hell (didn’t let them know though).

Since then, I have been quite sensitive to spotting them, but I hardly ever do. Especially downtown, any frequented places, tourist locations in the country, the country itself (they’re not village people!)—you just don’t get to see them. Even taking a night bus feels rather safe.

Skinheads supposedly hang out in groups at a few of their favorite places, which would take form of some sleazy pub somewhere (some remote, troubled, urban neighborhood) you would hardly ever go on purpose anyway. They’re like rats—hidden somewhere in the dirt.

And then they attend football games…
Charlie - [anon] Tue Mar 28th 17:12 2006 / #101
Hello everyone. I am currently planning a quick trip to Prague and wanted to know how things would be around there in the April time, clubs etc. thanks
Tonda Chvojka - [anon] Tue Mar 28th 17:34 2006 / #102
Freezing cold, rain, maybe snow as well, but cheep beer and lots of fun.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Sat Apr 8th 22:43 2006 / #103
im goin to prage, no matter wat. dint we bring down the nazis? watcha people worring bout? uve been realy nice. peace out.
walker - [anon] Fri Jun 2nd 01:36 2006 / #104
Im multiracial, (white/black), 45 years old, went to Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania and almost all Western and USA.

Guess ahat, the best travels were into Eastern Europe and why? The girls;)))) The momuments.

People enjoy the life, travelling is the best. Im still single, looking for the other half, and definetely has to be from one of those countries.

I felt racism sometimes, but we should keep going and enjoy ourselves.

Try to meet local people as much as you can and you will be back again.

Wonderful forum this one.
anonymous - [anon] Mon Jun 12th 19:48 2006 / #105
I am a young woman who has been to prague. Nowhere else on earth have I experienced such a trend of absolute and ugly bitchiness from the local women. As a mixed person, I obviously thought it had to do with race, but perhaps it was also to do with not speaking english (which doesnt warrant acting like a Class A bitch). I did not get the same hostility from the guys- when I asked for directions they were helpful and acted like human beings, unlike the women. If I was an American guy with money would those women have been more helpful?
No but - [anon] Tue Jun 13th 07:54 2006 / #106
If you are an english speaking guy who washes every day you may have gotten a better reception.

That behaviour that you describe sounds like normal behaviour of some women around the world if you ask me, especially when dealing with other women.

Or do you think that I am generalising?
anonymous - [anon] Thu Jun 15th 21:24 2006 / #107
perhaps, however, I've been a lot of places and never ever experienced that dynamic. I am a woman myself, and of course know 'how women can be,' but their rudeness was over the top. So, perhaps if I was a foreigner dude who bathed, spoke english and pimped them out they'd be a bit more receptive. And I wouldnt be surprised if this type of woman was actually not so xenophobic and turned out to be fairly color blind if the dude has money to spend on them.

I am definitely generalizing, but its also based on a clear trend I experienced (and was not seeking out). If I got back, I hope to be able to rap out with some cool Czech folk, men and women alike.
Corinne - [anon] Wed Jun 21st 04:23 2006 / #108
I was also curious to know about the treatment of black females in Prague? Most of the posts on here have focused on men.
jstar - [anon] Sun Jul 9th 13:16 2006 / #109
Prague is increasingly friendly to blacks, especially the women, as usual.
In eastern Europe as a whole, though, just be careful not to exhibit tough guy 'homie' behaviour. The bullying black will not be tolerated by the locals as they are in,say, England or Holland.
DSS - [anon] Sun Jul 9th 14:43 2006 / #110

Obviously it's not as diverse as the US, UK, France etc, but any stares you do get I would think are more out of genuine intrigue than malice. I think most Europeans will say that they can spot an American a mile off, so I don't think colour will come into the equation! Come to Prague enjoy your trip and I'm confident you wont have any problems.
Lajo - [profile] Wed Mar 28th 13:17 2007 / #111
Hii, I'm an arabic female ''fair skin'', I'm going to praha to study there, I would like to know how czech people would be treating me and if they have any problems with wearing head covers ''bendanas, hats, scarfs..etc''? I'm kinda of worried from such things...althou am an out going person and lived in germany and the states before with no problems at all..
Seppo Seppo - [profile] Wed Mar 28th 13:39 2007 / #112
You will need a hat and a scarf for most winters.

Why the hell should people care about a hat or a scarf?
Lajo - [profile] Wed Mar 28th 14:11 2007 / #113
:) well Seppo, thanks hunni for ur respond, however I was asking cuz am a muslim and i wear a headscarve...if u know what i mean, for that i care to know the reaction of czech people towards it.
h2h h2h Wed Mar 28th 16:13 2007 / #114
I don't think you'll find the negative reaction that might be found in, say, the Netherlands since Czechs tend toward atheism and therefore are indifferent to religious differences. On the other hand, Muslims are generally perceived negatively due to the global climate.

I was in Olomouc recently and saw a group of six young people, 3 of them women wearing headscarves, enter a restaurant. A 60 year old Czech woman saw the headscarves and hissed and spat at them, like they were devils.

I recommend studying somewhere where there is a solid Muslim community and Islam is perceived positively. It's not nice but that's the world we live in these days.
Andrew Thu Mar 29th 12:22 2007 / #115

Intersting that you seem to think that "Spitting" and "hissing" at muslims is far better than reactions found in the Netherlands! Despite tensions, I doubt very much the Dutch would revert to these extremes. Having lived in the Netherlands for a number of years, there is a far more integrated Muslim and indeed multiracial community there than the Czech Republic could ever boast. I am fully aware of recent tensions, but the Netherlands is generally a great place to live for all cultures and races
h2h h2h Thu Mar 29th 13:30 2007 / #116
OK, I'll take your word for it.
Lajo - [profile] Thu Mar 29th 21:44 2007 / #117
Thanks h2h for your respond, however I have to say that I agree with Andrew, my brother and his wife are living in Netherlands and they are happy there.
czechfriend - [profile] Fri Mar 30th 13:43 2007 / #118
I wonder how the Dutch feel about muslims stabing film directors.
Andrew Fri Mar 30th 22:36 2007 / #119
Well done Czech friend for pulling out the token high profile case.
The point you are missing is that whatever the case, there are black, brown, oriental, slavic Dutch people. They all speak Dutch and they all live in the same country. When did you last see a black or Asian Czech? That was the issue not the actions of a few Immigrants who were not Dutch.
czechfriend - [profile] Sat Mar 31st 11:16 2007 / #120
Haaa those who stabed him were dutch!
There are a number of black czechs kids of parents who came to study here and asians well the vietnamese comunity.
saxecat Sat Mar 31st 21:21 2007 / #121
I am a 50 something black male moving to Prague to
take a teaching job there. I have travelled around Western Europe and find that if you treat people with respect and with manners they treat you well and with equal respect, often better than in the USA, so that is what I will expect in Prague, without being naive, I hope.

I do wonder however, since I cannot afford to live in Prada 1 or Prada 2, how far can I safely go out before I might risk encountering skinheads, who actually are racist. I'm also wondering how I can find a roomate (czech or American) to share a flat for an extended period of time?
paulrm paulrm Sun Apr 1st 09:41 2007 / #122
You know what they say... "If you can't live in Prada, you can live in Calvin Klein!"
Seppo Seppo - [profile] Sun Apr 1st 13:22 2007 / #123
saxecat, consider living out of the city in the environs. Plenty of trains & buses allowing you to quickly get in and out of the city.
saxecat Sat Apr 7th 20:08 2007 / #124
Has anybody really figured out how to tell how much US dough you're spending if you pay in Czk money, which appear to be only crowns and hellers.
Or as a recent poster suggested, pay in dollars. Why is this better? besides, of course, knowing exactly how much USD you're actually spending if you can't make the conversion in your head. In Paris grocery markets I just put my Francs on the counter and let the grocer take out what I owed. Did he rip me off? I don't think so, I went to his store every day, but probably not a good practice as a general rule.
Smetanas Glasses - [profile] Sat Apr 14th 21:43 2007 / #125
#124, I'm not sure I understand. I've lived other places than Prague, and in each country, it's easy to check the exchange rate, and to check the prices of what you're buying. If goods aren't marked, find somewhere else to go where they are.
(For example, many supermarkets here weigh your fruit and veg for you (or used to), or you weigh and tag your own stuff, which lessens the chances of everything being subject to a cranky cashier's whim.)
On the other hand, I'm also paranoid about being ripped off, so I end up doing a lot of quick math if I go shopping or if I'm in a restaurant without Czech friends. ;-) But then I don't order so much that I'd lose track of how much things cost...
RobNic - [profile] Mon Apr 30th 21:37 2007 / #126
Everyone here on this thread has offered very beneficial words of advice. I would like to thank Ron for asking the question about racism in Prague. I'm an African-American and will be studying in Prague this fall coming. All of your comments have really helped. It's only logical to accept that racism exists everywhere in the world, to some degree, but reading all of the comments shows me that I probably won't experience as much racism there as I do here in America. Sure it is Europe and we're taught in schools here about the Nazi WWII regime, communism, and skinheads but I experience racism everyday from people who try to hide their racist attitudes because here you can be sued and/or jailed for racial remarks or racial intimidation, and open racism from people who don't care. In fact, after talking to some friends who are African American in the US military, I now believe that I will be accepted more in Europe than I am at home in America. (At least some parts of Europe anyway.) I can't wait to get to Prague. If I like it a lot, it may just become home. Thank You all again.
forune johnson - [profile] Wed Nov 7th 14:07 2007 / #127
I an african man living in UK, i got married to my wife she from czech republic,she want us to rellocate to her country,as a black man am i not going to b subject to racial abuse?
Twin - [profile] Thu Nov 8th 11:17 2007 / #128
Something happens along the way. It seeps onto you and there you go, you become unctuous. Sticking to your toes, your stride, once bouncy, turns wobbly. You become aware of the pendulum mayhem of your arms; why can’t they stand still?; must they sway so much from side to side? You park them in your pockets but why bother, it only adds to your sketchiness.

It pervades the you that makes you you to others. There’s no smile to conceal it; there’s no outfit to embellish it; there’s no book to safeguard against it. The smile will turn into a smirk; the outfit, no matter how tasteful, into something garish; the book, a mere prop. For in their eyes you can never seem genuine, nothing can ever suit you, except something conspicuously tawdry - a scarlet sign for you.

The people in your building do not greet you. When you greet them in their language, they do not answer – your very presence renders them hearing impaired. They have become adept at stepping aside to let you through; they would rather hug walls than risk their poodles' collars touching you.

Your polite manners are interpreted as weakness whereas your assurance is nothing more than impudent puff. Leering, they sneer at you. There’s no subtlety in it. They want you to know it. And you do.

You walk into a store and your every micro-move is trailed. You go to the back to search for something and suddenly legs join in with serpentine eyes. You feel like you will snatch something against your will. For surely, everyone can tell you are a shoplifter. You must be.

You stroll down city streets, looking up at sculptures of people for they seem infinitely more human to you. You don’t look at real people at all. But you know they are looking at you. You can see them from the corner of your eye. They are staring, mouth either set or agape, distaste seething from their mouths, eyes narrowing with it too. They mutter in their passive-aggressive malaise "Get out of our country! You’re not one of us! Don’t you know it?" Yup, I do.

You are always on display, encased in a glass front window that can only be seen from outside. A trinket curiosity at best. They appraise you, earnestly enough labeling “you’re so dark.” You wonder if instead of trying to teach them a language they believe someone “like you” could only have mastered to a pigeon level, you should skip the effort and plant yourself instead as an anthropological curiosity in the local natural history museum.

You used to console yourself with Sylvia, Virginia, Frida – but now only the latter seems remotely relevant. Bloomsbury circles, influential friends and husbands, all-night parties with cultural icons…what can all this mean to you now?

In an environment like this one, your palette is barren with nothing but you, outside looking in.
travellingforfood - [profile] Mon Feb 4th 05:26 2008 / #129
hello everyone, i came across a couple of interesting articles

> from 'THINK Magazine' (

"Here are these people who in other ways seem so relaxed and open-minded - who allow teenagers to do heroin in the streets, for instance, and who have large advertisements for brothels on the public transport - but when it comes to their attitudes towards other peoples, they seem to us to be little more than small-minded Nazis, who would gladly see most of the non-Czech world wiped out in gas chambers."

> from 'Prague Spot' (
"Unfortunately, when it comes to racism, your average white Czech is not much better than your average skinhead – any foreigner who has spent more than a day hanging with Czechs knows this. The only thing that separates the attitudes of the skins and those of the average white Czechs is the fact that the skins are more vocal."

i'm very well aware that there are isolated incidents anywhere and everywhere you go but when local articles refer to the "average czech" to be "no better than your average skinhead", one can't help but wonder.

> and so i close from 'TIME Magazine':
"the Czech Republic has one of the biggest skinhead populations in Europe as a proportion of the population"

paranoid? please convince be that i am.
Pacman - [profile] Mon Feb 4th 12:43 2008 / #130
ooooh boy. the race question. Well, first off all you need to take a few things into account. First off is the fact that as compared to the US, the black population here didn't come over on slave ships so there isn't the white guilt attached to the very fact that they live here. There was never a Martin Luther King and civil rights revolution. So the history isn't as coulourful as what transpired in the west. Will you hear comments against the Romani population??(mainly about how they don't work and have too many babies) Yes. There is a resentment among a huge portion of the population against the Romani people. It's disgusting and ignorant. Absoutely. However I have never once heard a statement against Africans or Vietnamese. (perhaps a joke but nothing nearly as deep as how many about romani population) I've heard much much more hatred of Russians than ever levelled against of all three of these together. So it's a much newer and complicated situation than just some expat stating that czechs are the equivalent of nazis or skinheads (Which I would argue even shows the writers' own intolerance and ignorance). It also shows that generally Americans in Europe think that their version of "equality" is the only one. Look to the Netherlands and Belgium and you will see a very real war amongst the new muslim immigrants vs the secular population. In Germany its the Turks and England it's the Pakis and in France it Algerians. These are all situations which have a much different history than the US. So yes you will hear more brazen stupidity in jokes while in the Czech Republic (mainly against Gypsies) but it is that these things are in the open and there is no fear to speak about them. In the US there are the PC police and everyone is afraid of being offensive. Mainly these lefties who like reggae (rastafarianism is by the way extremely racist and sexist) are quick to judge because of words. But that's it, it is a superficial image which is generally never confronted. In America not being racist means not saying nigger or spick, but go to Chicago and tell me that you can't still feel segregation everywhere you go. The levels of "racism" are different in every country. Get off your American high horse and see that the American model of Racism is not the last word on the issue.
travellingforfood - [profile] Tue Feb 5th 04:38 2008 / #131
pardon my ignorance of world affairs.

Yes, blacks (or asians) in the czech rep were not brought in slave ships (or any ship for that matter) but that does't mean that they do not deserve non-prejudicial treatment contrary to the fact that they are there on their own accord. Your statement: "so there isn't the white guilt attached to the very fact that they live here" implies that its ok for the general czech populace to treat them like so because they do not have the excuse of guilt to do otherwise. Sounds like self-justification for prejudicial attitudes?

Even the United Nations (not some american on a high horse) has just let the Czech government know, loud and clear, that it is failing in the basic job of preventing racial discrimination in czech society. BASIC. In this, the UN is requiring a full report on: adoption of the Anti-Discrimination Act, reparations to victims of coercive sterilization, ending segregated education, and establishing an “institution…to receive complaints of racial discrimination.”

Perhaps a PC police is required because apparently, the current police do nothing to stop the promotion of racism in public.

I agree that americans do tend to think that their version of anything ("equality" inclusive) is the only point of view. But in retrospect, they did get this one right because isn't there only ONE version of equality? And although there are different levels of racism and different circumstances on which racism evolve... there is and there will only be ONE version of equality. ONE.

and to think otherwise is just plain crazy .. even for a canuck like me.

Pacman - [profile] Tue Feb 5th 12:30 2008 / #132
Well if it's the American version of equality then you can count me out. I also would not put Canada up an example with its absoultely ridiculous "hate speech" laws. Look. I'm with you most of the way concerning the UN even though I wouldn't trust them to tie my shoes in the morning. I think you are misinterpreting me concerning the "white guilt" comment. What I was trying to say in the above post is that every country has an absoultely different history and experience with race. And American Affirmative Action laws just don't work and should not be the model. If you come to Prague (not sure if you've been here or not) you'll notice tons of non white immigrants doing fine. The vietnamese population seems to have opened a shop or restaurant on every block of this city. I have four on my block alone and another run by Pakistanis. These non white businesses seem to be doing just fine. Now, as I stated before, by far the group that is living in the ghettos and supposedly being repressed by the greater whole is the Romani population. I agree that it is disgusting and ignornant. But what is the solution? Should a quota system for admissions into college be instated so universities must accept a certain percentage of Romani students every year? Should there be some hate crime laws put into place to keep idiot skinheads from having a concert in the middle of a field? Sensitivity training for police? How far do you go with discimination? Is insulting a Catholic a hate crime as it is in Poland? Are other nationalities subject to racism? You know that Czechs and Poles and other "eastern EUropeans" are looked down upon in much of western europe. Should there be a UN campaign to raise awareness about eastern european culture in Ireland? I mean seriously, we all know that this stuff is cosmetic because we know it didn't work in the US. What I tried to point out previously is that racism is actually everywhere, it's just this cosmetic veneer of selecting your speech. Czechs may be more likely to say stuff that isn't PC, but I honestly believe that the average American thinks the same shit on about the same percentages. It's just a really really big deal if you say anything remotely racist in the US. You can be fired from your job and tar and feathered in public for it. In Canada if you are a newspaper that publishes some cartoons you get hauled in front of a human rights commission and may possible be put in prison. Is this really the model, and the path that the Czech Republic is supposed to go? Is anyone naive enough to believe that laws from the UN or the EU are really going to stop a grandma from being ignorant about a minority? I'm guessing they won't do much. However the Czech Republic will adopt some hate crimes laws because they want to be left alone and build their economy. Will it change anything? nope. Probably will make people even more pissed off and resentful. It just needs time and experience. Old people die and the world is a different place then it was 50 years ago. I believe the people will clean things up themselves without government intervention.
travellingforfood - [profile] Wed Feb 6th 06:09 2008 / #133
"Canadian courts have held hate speech to be an inherently harmful activity analogous to a verbal assault, which is not deserving of the same protection as other forms of expression." I don't see anything wrong with that. Seriously... who likes to be verbally assaulted?

Racism is everywhere and here in North America you most definately will be fired at work for prejudicial comments. But the reasoning behind the law is to provide an environment where no one feels singled out and harassed because of their ethnicity. Its not so much political correctnes but more the fact that if the roles were reversed would that have been acceptable with you?

I agree that American Affirmative Action most likely won't work for the Czech Republic. What I was trying to communicate is that the UN is asking the Czech Republic to come up with a plan .. some sort of indication ... that says to the world that we, as a country, will put in the effort to try and eliminate racism including public displays of hate. You have to remember... this is the outside world looking into Czech society. Who knows perhaps views towards eastern europe by western countries such as Ireland (as you mentioned) will change. If it includes anti-hate crime laws to penalize public displays of hate, then why the hell not ?

You honestly think that eliminating racism is just cosmetic? If you're referring to the fact that it may look good on the outside but in reality nothing's changed .... does that mean that society should stop trying ? should people stop trying to elimine world poverty because its futile and there's just way too many hungry people to feed ? should we stop taking showers because eventually we'll get dirty ?

I'm not implying that your government put out laws to stop grandma (because we all know she ain't gonna change). But laws are necessary to eventually mold society. It has to start somewhere.

You are correct. The world is a very different place than it was 50 years ago. The Czech Republic never existed yet and it probably wouldn't have if it weren't for a group of students who protested and stood up for change. To think that things just happen..............that is naive.

By the way, thank you very much for not candy coating the entire race issue. Honest and constructive dialogue ... I like that.
Quiz - [profile] Sun May 3rd 21:20 2009 / #134

I'm an American Hispanic female. I'm 19 and it's my first time ever leaving the United States. I'm heading to the Czech Republic and Poland for a month-long trip to Central Europe. I am curious as to what the common public perception may be. My professor recently approached me about the feelings of discomfort i may initially feel due to curious stares. Is there more i should be aware of?
Thanks for your input!
liammc01 - [profile] Sat Jul 4th 00:03 2009 / #135
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ttn112 - [profile] Mon May 12th 12:14 / #168
I think you might be stared at but it will be from curiousity rather than racism. I think racism exists here, but as somebody said, it is directed towards Roma mainly, and even then it's rarely a violent thing. I doubt seriously that you'd have any problems with anybody but the skinheads--but their after White foreigners too, and of course can be avoided. And the ladies will like you! Chuong trinh du lich trung quoc | du lich thai lan nam 2014
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