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Prague women

Posted by: Toddy - [anonymous]
Date posted: Wed 22nd May, 2002 (edited on Thu 6th Jun, 2002)
Category: Visitors & Tourism
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I am going to Prague in August and i was wondering where the beautiful women of the city socialise. I have heard alot about them and wish to find out if this is true ?

Karlos - [anon] Wed May 22nd 11:39 2002 / #1
I am afraid most of the big breasted ones are either at my love pad or riding with me in my skoda, try around the park at night.
luvulongtime - [anon] Thu May 23rd 12:31 2002 / #2
Regarding truth, what have you heard?

as for yr 1st question: the usual places - bars, offices, bedrooms, kitchens, restaurants, gardens, sidewalks, shops, brothels, more bars, toilets (both public and private), discos, treehouses, towers, rooftops, open-air festivals, Vietnamese markets, more bars, more brothels, back seats in cabs, at the front of buses, in train stations, oh christ how the list goes on....
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Thu May 23rd 19:21 2002 / #3
Hey Hot Toddy,

Looks like your on the prrrowl. Listen Tiger, all the beautiful women are in hiding for the time being, call back when your not such a sped.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Sat May 25th 00:14 2002 / #4
Do you think there is a secret hiding place where akk the beautiful Czech women congregate as one group?? Well, you are RIGHT, there IS such a place... it`s inside the Prague City Sewer Treatment Plant... check it out!!!
John O. Swackhammer - [anon] Mon Jun 10th 08:50 2002 / #5
Dear Toddy,

First I must say you ask dumb question. White man who ask dumb question get dumb answer.

Second I must say you no seem like white man..more like retarded eagle with white feathers and wiggly red beard..why you think white woman want you??

For last, young white feathered retarded eagle, I must say this: you come to prague and find out for yourself. Then I go to united land of white devil and take your place. You tell your friends, I tell my friends. We will have party on your land with your small breasted white women...
then we will invite sasquatch for sacred "white man get off my land" barbecue.

You will like here in Prague. Please come quickly. I want to see Spiderman before it leave great cinema.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Thu Mar 20th 10:47 2003 / #6
Dagmar - [anon] Fri Mar 21st 18:45 2003 / #7
Dagmar - [anon] Fri Mar 21st 18:47 2003 / #8
Since most of the expats in Prague are gay, this is the wrong board to ask about women.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Thu May 22nd 20:22 2003 / #9
What an idiot!
Mook - [anon] Fri May 23rd 15:30 2003 / #10
Same rules apply as in America/Canada honey (presuming you're from that neck of the woods).

These sweet thangs don't live in no communist camp no more baby - and they are not dying to meet you, move to your homeland and get a green card in the land of the free.
Czechs are also one of the most well educated races in Europe - and you're off to a losing start bro.

Give it up!

[ anonymous ] - [anon] Sun May 25th 15:51 2003 / #11
MOOK,simply education can't change the behaviour of the CZECHS which they have been harbouring since generations and is famous for all over the world.
Bozenka - [anon] Sun May 25th 17:59 2003 / #12
What behaviour are the Czechs famous for all over the world?
Duckie - [anon] Sun May 25th 23:29 2003 / #13
LOL - Its my secret were they all hang out and i will never tell !
No, theres a club Called "Beautiful ladies" Look it up when you get there- But, Psssssssssst - Its funny how so many ask to meet a beautiful lady or where do they all hang out - Freakin ding dong - Wonderful ladies are everywhere - try to open your mind and zipping up your pants then you may see just how beautiful many of them really are-
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Mon May 26th 02:29 2003 / #14
That's for you to guess BOZENKA ;)
The Daily Czech - [anon] Wed May 28th 09:46 2003 / #15
All pretty Czech women are dating, engaged, married or lesbians.
What kind of a question was that????
Yolanda Yesterday - [anon] Thu Jun 5th 16:40 2003 / #16
Why can't anyone just give a straight answer to a simple query?

Todd, try the following clubs: La Fabrique, Solidni Nejistota (Solid Uncertainty), Nebe, M1, Radost, Mecca or Letna Disco.

The rest of you readers: grow up.

[ anonymous ] - [anon] Thu Jun 5th 19:14 2003 / #17
Hey you forgot to mention Karlovy Lazne!!!
WCB - [anon] Thu Jun 5th 22:53 2003 / #18
Toddy, unless you are from some stinking hellhole like Africa or India, with looks to match, you should have no problem anywhere in Prague.
YY, how would you know about such places? You must be either a lezzie or a slut.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Fri Jun 6th 01:59 2003 / #19
WCB,how did you know about Africa and India so much?Ever been there?Think yourself in communist czechoslovakia and then you would know the difference.Dirty slavs!!!You really show by your words how silly czechs are.Keep it up dude.
JAMACUCO - [anon] Fri Jun 6th 02:00 2003 / #20
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Fri Jun 6th 02:08 2003 / #21
Well friends,it's three years I am in czech.But to tell you the truth some of the czechs really stink.You can get to know if you travel in public transport and sit beside a czech.WCB, did you ever try to smell the czechs?I am sure it won't be fun for you.Refrain from taking countries name if you have some personal grudge against them.Didn't your parents teach you what are good manners? ;)
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Fri Jun 6th 02:22 2003 / #22
Well Toddy don't worry.Even if you are from Africa or India,you can get any czech girls here.I know a lot of Africans and Indians who have so.Probably WCB dosen't know this.
Even during the communist era and also now Prague is famous for it's flesh trade.It's infact the "sex capital" of the world.
Most of the people here are cheap and also lack moral values.
WCB,let us know what's your cost for one night!!!
WCB - [anon] Fri Jun 6th 15:17 2003 / #23
Annonymous, for a long time now you have been making a lot of nasty comments about the Czechs on this forum, but refused to be specific as to why. Now I have succeeded in drawing you out. You are right, many Czechs do smell of sweat. However, to someone from India, where there is an omnipresent, sickening stench of human and bovine excrement (not to mention curry), the Czechs must smell like roses in comparison. I think your anti-Czech comments are based on something else. I suspect you could not get a Czech girl (or a boy, depending on your orientation). But Anonymous, be honest, if you were a Czech girl (or a boy), would you go with an Indian? Don't think so.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Fri Jun 6th 16:58 2003 / #24
WCB you better ask this questions to your rose smelling czechs.They could give you the right answer.They have experiences with people from all over the world as far as getting a partner is concerned.Africa and India is no exception.It seems you live in your own world without the knowledge of what the czechs are doing in Prague.And as far as I am concerned,I could go out with anybody if he/she is worth of it.I am not a materialistic like you.It's so funny that you are the only one czech who thinks that I am against the czechs.No body else told me so.Probably you have got some inferiority complexes against me.Isn't it so WCB?
POBRE GATITA - [anon] Fri Jun 6th 17:07 2003 / #25
WCB,WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO ARGUE HERE FOR?Not everybody here comes to find a czech boy or girl.But it's true that the czechs are clever enough as to know how to obtain a EU passport or get a green card for the US.You people are really oppurtunitists.I hope you guys will become humans after joining the EU.
WCB - [anon] Fri Jun 6th 17:49 2003 / #26
Anonymous, it isn't so. If you are not against the Czechs, you are doing a good job of predending to be (just read your comments on this board).
I would like to add one more thing to the "smelly Czechs" issue. Actually, ALL Europeans (not to mention third-world people) smell to North Americans, not just the Czechs.
PG, your point that the Czechs are opportunists is valid. Your implication, that the Czechs are not human, is not.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Fri Jun 6th 19:22 2003 / #27
WCB, USA is a multi cultural,multi lingual and multi racial land.It seems that you are yet to be accustomed to it's flavour.Atleast your hatred for other countrie's people and the third world proves it so.A true American wouldn't comment as the way you did here.
WCB - [anon] Fri Jun 6th 19:36 2003 / #28
Anonymous, I would like to ask you for a favor. You seem to have a very complicated attitude toward the Czechs. You keep saying really nasty things about them (even racist) and then deny you are anti-Czech. And inspite of your extremely low opinion of them, you keep living in Prague. One would think that living among such people must be pure hell for you. Please explain (and be honest).
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Sat Jun 7th 00:46 2003 / #29
WCB, you really make me laugh with your comment above and other postings regarding the war on Iraq and Saddam and your endless nonsense.Would you please do us a favour by giving them up?
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Mon Nov 17th 15:23 2003 / #30
they all seem to want rodding over there...
Chelin - [anon] Sat Jul 3rd 22:16 2004 / #31
I question the intelligence of some of the contributors to this board :-)

dear dear dear ... LOL :-D
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Sun Jul 4th 00:03 2004 / #32
Hmmmmmm, commenting on a two year old thread?
paulcanada - [anon] Sun Jul 4th 05:27 2004 / #33
To Chelin.

You have it right [anonymous]-[anonymous] is IDIOT.
pesak - [anon] Sun Jul 4th 08:56 2004 / #34
the most beautiful can be found on perlova, there is a non-stop there, just go to the bathroom with 600 kc, and you will get to know them pretty well, sport.
ashley - [anon] Thu Nov 25th 20:51 2004 / #35
Well it nice to see you all look after evervbody on this site.
My name is ashleys and from a town hull in the uk, and will be coming to prague in on feb 28th for 5 days....
I will be on my own, is there any body out there that would like to me up for a drink, i like to meet new friends. girls or boys. Please note that i am not gay. Or if a girl would like a date, i know how to treat a girl well in my company, if any girls would like a date then to can email me on for details about me.
well thank you for reading this post.
anonymous 2 - [anon] Fri Nov 26th 00:50 2004 / #36
WCB: You are retarded. Who starts a post with, "some stinking hellhole like Africa or India"? Since when did you think Czech Republic is all that great? What? Since Coca-Cola and British American Tobacco pumped your pathetic economy to life? Or since you were invited into the EU so German and Italian conglomerates could buy Prague out from under your feet? Before you get so high on your horse, don't forget: Most of the world either a) doesn't know this miniscule nation even exists or b) regards it as little more than a place to drink and fuck cheaply on EasyJet weekends. And oh yeah, C) with the exception of Prague and Cesky Krumlov, the rest of your country aint so hot either. (Oh man Usti Nad Labem is like totally paris compared to Mumbai! - NOT) And last but not least d) In america we have people just as ignorant and stupid as you are WCB. Except they think you're a communist and don't have indoor plumbing.

That all being said, I personally love the czechs. I like the smelly girls. I stay here because with the exception of WhiteCzechBoy (WCB) the czechs are pretty cool folk.

And Mook, the Czechs are not a 'race'.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Fri Nov 26th 13:39 2004 / #37
to finally answer the question that was originally posted. You can go to Solidni Nestoja (or spelled something like that), Zlate Strom has hot strippers, and actual normal girls really do go there contrary to popular opinion. Or just go to Nebe, most of the girls there are not czech, but they are super easy.
WCB - [anon] Fri Nov 26th 20:46 2004 / #38
anonymous 2 (#36), the Czech Republic may not be great, but surely you can see the difference between it and Africa or India? Yes, Usti nad Labem has a Gypsy problem, but is still better than Mumbai. I do not mind the Germans or Italians buying Prague. That is still a better fate than Prague crumbling down, which would have happened had the commies stayed in power (in commie Havana several buildings a day fall down). With the return od western capitalism, Czech girls do not smell any more than west European girls do, although more than American girls. WCB stand for Wholesome Czech Boy.
Finally, you are welcome to stay here, even though I think you really do not like the Czechs, much less think that the Czech are "cool".
New Here - [anon] Sat Nov 27th 12:28 2004 / #39
Why do you hate "Africa" and "India"(the people), so much? May be, you have got some hidden issue or problem. Say it loud, and you might find your cure here. You never know. It could be ignorance, a prejudice formed without enough thought or knowldge, it is possible you are showing the symptoms here but the real cause and root might be some where else. Or could it be xenophobia? Then you must be very selective

I wonder why you have choosen to be the slave for Germans and Italians for eternity. Do not you want to own your own fate and try have your beautiful city all for yourself and for generations to come? Or as it goes; "History repeats itself". I am referring to the czech history here.

For today, I should exit here.
New here

1)Guess, where I am from? What a stupid question I asked, by now you should be enjoying my "stinking African smell" coming out of your monitor and keyboard and of course your ethernet card or what ever card you are using for that matter. You see, even the "stinking African smell" is digitalized.
2) Wow what a nick you have choosen for yourself. It really fits you, hmmmm very impressive. Check it out ;dict=CALD
WCB - [anon] Sat Nov 27th 16:09 2004 / #40
New Here, thank you for your thoughtful comments. I made the "shithole"
comment a long time ago. As I remember it, I made it in retaliation for
some nasty comments about my country and nation by an Indian. I am really not a racist, although India and Africa do have problems.
I do not think we are becoming slaves to the Germans and Italians. Prague and the rest of the country have always been quite cosmopolitan and there were German, Italian and other communities here. Without them Prague would not look like it does. That is why I welcomed the reestablishment of expat communities here, but unfortunately their quality is not what it used to be. Instead of builders and scientists, most expats now seem to be left-wing nutcases who will not enrich the country.
czech lover - [anon] Sat Nov 27th 18:51 2004 / #41
Mr. WCB, nice to read your comments here once more.As far as I remember,you were the one here writing some nasty comments against Iraq and it's ruler and was very supportive of the war there. If you think that you have the right to speak for a third country,please also allow others to say what they feel for your nation.
And by the way, countries in Asia, Africa and Europe do have problems.And talking about europe,eastern europe especially,including the Czech republic,has got it's own problems and we are aware of them irrespective of your postings here.
And one more thing about India. The "zero" was discovered in India and it's an integral part of the binary numer system, without which there wouldn't have been any computers in this world.So the next time when you sit infront of your PC and make a disgraceful remark against India,just give it a thought.
WCB - [anon] Sat Nov 27th 19:10 2004 / #42
czech lover, poor Saddam, how mean of me to make nasty comments about him. After all, he is only responsible for 2 million dead and countless tortured Iraqis, Iranians, Kuwaitis and others. People like me are bound to make nasty comments even about Hitler, Stalin and others.
They may be mass murderers, but how dare I call them that.
For your info, the Czech Republic is in the center of Europe and it is, therefore, a Central European Country.
You do not have to tell me that India is a much older civilization than the Czech Republic. Nonetheless, it is now a country where people die on the sidewalks and many of those who live, do so in total squalor.
czech lover - [anon] Sat Nov 27th 19:32 2004 / #43
Well dear, you call Saddam a murderer and the Iraqis call Bush the same.Ever wondered why?
There are other old EU countires situated more east than Czech,still they are not called "eastern" but Czech rep. yes.Ever wondered why?

I bet if you can answer these two questions from your conscience,you will stop posting here.

If a handful of people die on the sidewalks in India, it dosen't make Czech Rep. better in anyway,dear. Ever imagined what might happen with a billion population here? People will die of suffocation :))))))
WCB - [anon] Sat Nov 27th 19:52 2004 / #44
czech lover, the fact that you do not seem to cinsider Saddam a murderer speaks for itself.
Czech Republic is called East European by some people because a) they cling to this political term from the days of the country's position as Soviet satellite or b) they are too stupid to know its location.
The vastly higher standard of living alone makes the Czech Republic a better country than India. And the fact that the Indians are breeding at an insane pace is another sign of the country's current backwardness.
czech lover - [anon] Sat Nov 27th 20:06 2004 / #45
Oh my God!!! I can see that you are still the same man as you were 1.5 years ago.There's absolutely no use discussing things with you.

1) I never said Saddam was not a murderer. Now you are putting your own words into my mouth.
2) The whole world still calls Czech Republic as an Eastern European country and it will be called the same probably untill you leave for your heavenly abode.
3) The GDP of Czech is US$69.9 billion, GDP per capita: US$5,560 and Annual Growth: 1.5% where as that of India is, GDP: US$2.2 trillion, GDP per capita: US$2,200 and Annual Growth: 5.4%.
It lacks behind only in the per capita income sector and probably would surpass the czech percapita in a few years to come.

Watch out for that!
WCB - [anon] Sat Nov 27th 20:28 2004 / #46
czech lover,
1) So what was your point when you stated that the Iraqis consider Bush a murderer, other than to somehow refute my claim that Saddam was
2) If the whole world does call the Czech Repubulic an Eastern European country, than the whole world will be wrong.
3) According to my info, the Czech GDP in 2003 was $ 161 bil, $15,700.00 per capita. And since the average salary is around
$ 800.00/month, that would make sense. India's economy does grow much faster now, but from a much lower base. Take my word for it: India will never surpass the Czech Republic in per capita income!
No need to answer, just continue to love the Czechs.
czech lover - [anon] Sat Nov 27th 20:50 2004 / #47
I would still love to answer.
1) If you call Saddam a murderer, it's no wonder if some Iraqi calles you back a son of a bitch.You are right from your point of view and the Iraqi is right from his point of view.So learn to accept other's views as well.This is my only point.
2) Europe politically was divided into east and west.So if all the previous eastern european countries are still called eastern, there is nothing wrong in that.
3) According to the 'The Economist', October 2nd-8th 2004 issue, "scares ahead for the world economy" has put the top 3 countries with the biggest economies of the world in the next 25 years to come in this order: China,India, USA.

Nothing happens if you don't believe in my sayings.After all truth shall prevail.
WCB - [anon] Sat Nov 27th 21:16 2004 / #48
1) I am sure some Germans called Churchill a murderer. I would still call their very own Adolf a murderer instead.
2) That's what I said in my post # 44.
3) According such similiar predictions in the past, Japan was supposed to be the largest economy now and Iran was supposed to surpass Germany.
Did not happen and China and India will not only not surpass the USA, but not even Japan. As Japan fell into a decade-long recession, China and India will not be able to maintain their current growth forever. But I do think that rich China and India would be good for the world.
czech lover - [anon] Sat Nov 27th 21:38 2004 / #49
1) So accept the Iraqi curses with regards if you have the guts to condem Iraq as it never caused you any personal problems.
2) Accept the fact that politically Czech is in eastern europe as we non-czechs consider it to be.
3) I believe an economist more than a layman as far as economic predictions are concerned.
WCB - [anon] Sat Nov 27th 21:49 2004 / #50
1) I won't accept ingratitude, be it from the Iraqis, or from the Germans or from the French. Iraq did cause problems for the whole world by invading Kuwait, and had America not kicked it out of there, Saudi Arabia and the UAE would have been next. Had America not intervened, that would have been the end of India's economic boom, for instance.
2) I can accept it, or I can correct the error, whenever I can.
3) And I, to quote Churchill, believe only those statistics I have falsified myself.
czech lover - [anon] Sat Nov 27th 22:05 2004 / #51
1) It's upto you. But then there is no need for you to advertise here who is saying what against you and your nation just because of your kick-ass ways of thinkings.
2) Nice way.
3) No grudge against Churchill.
Thought For The Day - [anon] Sat Nov 27th 23:03 2004 / #52
Mein Gott! What a thread!

This thread was started by someone who asked about Czech women. WCB's intemperate comment about Africa and India seems to have caused a stir.

Africa is ruled by criminals who abuse their country men. Is it an "expletive deleted" as WCB describes? No it is much worse. Arguments about multi nationals exploiting the resources do not wash - this is a question of African's getting screwed by evil African criminals - Mugabe for example.

India is a country that is ruled by an elite but it has a growing middle class. This usually ushers in radical change for the benefit of all. Currently poverty and lingering elitist rule mean that WCB's comments, whilst offensive, may not be entirely innacurate. Signs of hope - not so for Africa.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Sat Nov 27th 23:26 2004 / #53
what a thought. Do you think that you can generalise a continent like Africa in such a brief? It's rather a thought for the fools.
New Here - [anon] Sun Nov 28th 01:05 2004 / #54
Thought For The Day,

May "Ihr Gott" help you to read between the lines. I suggest, you re-read post #18. He was not talking about Africa's political problems or "evil African criminals". Not that I endorse your point of view but just trying to point out you have gone astray as the thread. Let me join you here for a while, may I?

One of the main reasons why Africa is in the state of depresssing hopelessness is illiteracy! Imagine a country like "mine" with literacy rate 40-50%! Such society is prone to munipulation and exploitation, be it by an African or by others. Do you really think, all the politicians and people in power in the developed countries would be acting otherwise if they had all the privileges to do what ever they want and face no accountability. Luckily, the sociel infrastructure (thanks to the middle class) won't allow them. I am not saying the developed countries has perfect systems but of course much much much better system RELATIVELY!

I better press the submit button before.

New Here
Hi - [anon] Sun Nov 28th 02:36 2004 / #55
Keep posting, New Here.
Thought For The Day - [anon] Sun Nov 28th 09:12 2004 / #56
New Here - a good point. Education is of course crucial. I see that you agree with my point about the middle class.

Why has Africa never seen a benevolent oligarchy? Mugabe starves and murders his people and the situation elsewhere is shocking, greed matched against appaling poverty in Angola, corruption and criminality which is exported worldwide by Nigeria and so on.

I missed the point about "looks to match" in post #18. That is of course offensive and racist by definition. A retraction and an apology by the author would be appropriate.

Another problem facing African nations is that they are largely bogus. The tribal groupings that inhabit these blocks of land are at each others throats due to the lack of a functioning society.

One last problem I see is the presesnce of Christian evangalist who offer their own form of escapism from the realities of everyday life and dope large numbers of the poorly educated populace.

I agree then with your point, education. How do you acheive this?
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Sun Nov 28th 11:13 2004 / #57
By being a slave of the USA as Czech republic is.
Vaclav Klaus - [anon] Sun Nov 28th 12:06 2004 / #58
pokracujte,prosim ;-)
expat - [anon] Sun Nov 28th 12:26 2004 / #59
A country which itself takes aids and grants and help from advanced EU countries,has no right to talk about the conditions prevailing in Africa and India. After all a donkey can't be a horse,no matter how fast it goes.
WCB - [anon] Sun Nov 28th 15:51 2004 / #60
expat # 59, actually, the Czech Republic takes relatively little aid from the EU. Shortly after the fall of communism, Walesa was flying around the world demanding aid for Poland, while, in contrast, Havel was flying around the world saying that he did not want any aid, since it was up to us to solve our problems.
As to Africa, you can come up with all kind of politically correct explanations, but all that is nonsense. Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia were once as much a Third World as Africa and they are now First World. China and India were once great civilizations, then became Third World and now are on their way to becoming First World. Sub-Saharan Africa never was a great civilization and will never be First World. And people of African descent live in many countries outside of Africa and in every single one of them are at the bottom in all respects.
If you can explain that, you can explain why Africa is such a "shithole".
expat - [anon] Sun Nov 28th 16:22 2004 / #61
Also people of czech origin in many countries work outside Czech and do all sorts of odd jobs.I have seen czechs begging for a letter of invitation from germans to get a german working visa.I know several czechs going out to work to other EU countries to earn better money.
Please consider these facts before saying against the Africans.
Thought For The Night - [anon] Sun Nov 28th 21:27 2004 / #62
"And people of African descent live in many countries outside of Africa and in every single one of them are at the bottom in all respects."

This is ugly stuff WCB. You had better qualify what you mean by this. I am very concerned by the term "in all respects". I am no fan of PC explanations either but this indicates that you perhaps have another agenda.

The argument about Taiwan holds water though. This was the argument used in an excellent documentary on the subject by a Scandinavian (?) economist. I forget his name. The contrast was made between the bountiful earth in Africa and the lack thereof in Taiwan and the extraordinary difference in development.

Try not to get involved in mud slinging guys - WCB is clearly no fool but perhaps tends to use inflammatory language. At least I hope that is what is going on?
WCB - [anon] Sun Nov 28th 22:04 2004 / #63
Thought For The Night, the truth is my "agenda". You may call my facts "ugly" or "racist" but that does not refute them. In fact, fear of such accusations is preventing an intelligent discussion on the subject. The main excuses for black underachievement have traditionally been racism and colonialism. Bulshit! Blacks have the lowest income, lowest education, highest crime rate, highest teen pregnancy etc. in every country they live in in any substantial numbers, be it in "racists" USA, or nonracist Brazil, or anywhere else. Black countries form the bulk of world's poorest and Africa is by far the poorest continent. Blacks and Indians started arriving in Britain at the same time and both groups have been discriminated equally. Guess which group has made it and which has not? If you stray into Indian neghborhood in London, nothing will happen to you. If you stray into black neighborhood, something bad is likely to happen to you. Many formerly dirt-poor non-white countries are now part of the First World and many others are on their way, but not one them is black. You may call me racist but that will not explain these facts. And if you do call me racist, explain why I am obviously not
racists toward the other non-white races I use as examples of success (after all, the Indians have just as much melanin as blacks do).
WCB fucker - [anon] Mon Nov 29th 01:52 2004 / #64
WCB,you should remember,that you (the slavic race) are whites of the lowest grade. You should know how the west europeans behave with you all.I needen't to write in details here showcasing the stigma and feeling of the inferiority complexes of the slavics by years of domination by the other white tribes on them.It is this feeling in you which makes you write such articles here.It's a clear indication of the failure of your whole life and of your social life as well.There was no wrong in the fact that people like Hitler was trying to get rid of people like you.All through out your life you were saying "az zije sovietsky swaz" and after you got refuge in some other country you think that you are now suitable here to write posts in this site against others?It's a pity that people like like you were shown mercy by other countries.They were all wrong. Incase they would have known your real qualities they would have prefered you to die on the streets of communist Czechoslovakia.To tell you the truth,I have seen many slavics in my life,but never ever a ba***rd like you.You deserve a dog's death ultimately.
PIzzle - [anon] Mon Nov 29th 11:05 2004 / #65
Thank god this forum changed from the subject of What are czech women like. I mean the original question is totally stupid in its self because everyone has their own experiences, and then they just try to generalize and act as if it is total fact. Czechs are like this, Americans are like this, English are like this, blahblahblah, go out and meet some people, and have a few drinks and I think you'll realize that we're all not that different.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Mon Nov 29th 13:07 2004 / #66
Hey all lets just get back to the subject of titties

.......huge titties

titties on....and all up in your face.

whoooo haaa
New Here - [anon] Mon Nov 29th 14:21 2004 / #67

In the first place, let me say something about your non-stop rattling on here. I have come to conclude that you have let your personal opinions to influence your judgment - a perfect example of biased altitude!

You call for "intelligent discussion on the subject" and you keep name calling, pointing fingers, passing judgments. This is indeed sheer hypocrisy. Honestly, you seem to have no IDEA what an intelligent discussion is at all. Even a pseudo-intellectual won't be this low and silly. Do you know the saying which goes like this; "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people". Scroll back and read all your posting and I am sure you will find a category which fits you perfectly.

I can hardly say you stated some facts which deserve to be refuted about Africans or blacks. Except insults and biased opinion of course.

WCB wrote :( post #60)
" … And people of African descent live in many countries outside of Africa and in every single one of them are at the bottom in all respects. …"

I am not in a position to be a spokes-person for the entire continent and its people but as a Black African I can talk for myself and the facts I know. The first hand facts I know personally:
- I came here to Czech, before 9 years not knowing the difference between a monitor and computer and I managed to become a computer engineer and I life a decent life. Remember WCB, I am a black African.
- Roughly more than 90% of the African students who are enrolled in the Czech universities (though few in number do well). And add to that they have to study in CZECH language. Of course, they take six month - one year intense Czech language courses before joining the university. And many (from the few) I know, work as professionals and earn the same as the Czech professionals. Albeit, they (we) face discrimination and bias against them (us) here and there by SOME ignorant Czechs like WCB.
- I have friends who grew up with me back home in "Mama-Africa? and are some where in Italy, England, USA, Canada (thanks to war and hardship back home we are scattered every where), two are doctors (one in Italy - and one graduated in UK but working in USA as a doctor) and one close friend in Germany, graduated as computer engineer and working as an engineer. In states one friend, after graduating from university did obtain CISSP (certified Information Systems Security professional) and working as such and have very fat salary.
- The university students/graduates I know, on average they speak three languages. Mother tongue, English, Czech and many of them French.
- I could continue but that should be enough to refute your insult.
- If you want a little proof, go to CVUT - Ceske Vysoke Uceni Technicke, v Praze and ask the Pedagogicka Od. about African students.

In conclusion:
- Don't worry about other people, be it black Africans or Indians, or expats and soon. You have a mess to clean starting from your little and biased head and your country and people (like any other people) have got many problems to deal with.
- And please, I think many people might appreciate if you stop singing the same song.
- When some one from Africa, India, or a certain expat piss you about, deal with him not the entire nation or community.
- And lastly, it is my hope that you will grow up with time on this issue. I refuse to believe you are genetically programmed to be a moron.

May I suggest a subtle change in your user name. What about -CB (Negative Czech Boy) for now, I don't think you deserve the credit of the adjective "wholesome".

This is my last post to you because there is not point going around and around. It will be a mere waste of time.

With kind regards,
New Here
Black Monk Black Monk - [profile] Mon Nov 29th 14:35 2004 / #68
who is WCB ? What's his name? Let's empty our trash bins and send them to him via Ceska Posta :)

This thread shows me the failure of the human race. Concentrated into one silly forum thread. We're supposed to be some of the best and brightest.

As for titties, I can hardly agree more. I think refreshing this conversation with titties could even revive some of my faith in the human race !

As for the hopelessness of the slavic peoples, I only see it with Czechs. There is something hopeless in the soul of nearly every single one of them that I've met in my 5 years here. Luckily nearly all of my best czech friends are out of the country for a while, where they can taste a different energy in the streets, not the "oh. that's impossible" mantra prevailing here on the lips of every soul.

Black Monk Black Monk - [profile] Mon Nov 29th 14:41 2004 / #69
Kid brings painting home from school

Czech mother: "WELL, YOU think it's nice, but it's not as nice as you think!"

USA mother: "It's the greatest painting I've ever seen in my whole life."

Not to oversimplify, but this story told to me by one art student here about the way parents shape the ego of their children was VERY illuminating.
Lazy Monk - [anon] Mon Nov 29th 14:47 2004 / #70
black monk spouts the typical expat line. Most czech women are like this, that's why I m lucky to have a czech girlfriend who is so different than the rest of them, most czechs are like this, but lucky for me my czech friends aren't the way. Could it be that maybe your czech friends actually represent czechs? Could it also be that your inablity to communicate fully in their language sets up a barrier that makes them appear this way, and is it also possible that you are blaming a city and culture for your own failures while living here? Good luck on your book, its not their fault that you can't write, and didn't gain fame. I also wonder why you are still living here, is it just because you are too lazy to move, the same laziness you say is a trait of the czech people.
Black Monk Black Monk - [profile] Mon Nov 29th 15:06 2004 / #71
I was not speaking about czech women, but czech people.

As for language, I am not fluent, but I have a few czech friends who speak no english, and we speak czech.

My own failures are not from communication, I do communicate quite well, I think. My failure in this country is that I'm too optimistic for most of the people I meet. As for my book, it's finished, and it's images, not words :) and it's VERY nice! As for fame, I'd find it if I wanted, but Prague is hardly the place for that!

Who are you, Lazy Monk? You must be enlightened and perfect to throw such insults at me. Let me ask you this. How many times in one year (or one month or one week) in the Czech Republic do you hear the words "That's impossible"? How many times in Croatia, France, or Spain? Less, I promise you, I think you know that.

Again this thread shows such a nasty side of people. Lazy Monk, you don't know who I am, yet you are insulting me. Long live humans.

New Here - [anon] Mon Nov 29th 15:11 2004 / #72
Hi Thought For The Day,

You wrote (in post #56); "I agree then with your point, education. How do you acheive this?"

I wish I have the answers. Going into detiail about my dream "how to acheive" an educated and stable Africa here will bore you. I don't think this is the right discussion board for that either. But in a nutshell it is an issue which needs careful research, identifying the main causes holding it back, organzing it's it people and resources, having a
sustainable program, let's say for 20 - 50 years span. But you know, formulating theories and proposals is easy in reality things get much more complex for different reasons.

Even though, I have never written off Africa as "hopless continent for ever".
It has been one of the least fortunate continents so far and it continues to be. I beleive one day, AFRICA will get its place in the internal stage. When? I have no idea, it could be after 50, 100 , 150, 200, 1000 years. Time is essential.

New Here
Angry Monk - [anon] Mon Nov 29th 15:49 2004 / #73
Im glad you finished your book, good to hear an expat actually finished something that they started. My problems with your post that you failed to adress is that you lump an entire people together, and then immediately contradict yourself saying that most of your friends are not like that. Concerning the idea that czechs are constantly saying that things are impossible absolutely boggles me, and your comparison to other countries is simply ignorant. All of my czech friends who made it into university study much harder than my friends did in the states, and have a much stronger commitment to their chosen path in life. Some of the best animation in the world comes out of the czech republic, many motion pictures are filmed here, and the respect for art and culture is just as high as I found it to be in other "western" countries. This is a brand new country pulling itself out of a communist past, and trying to find itself in a new marketplace, and a new world. If czechs are constantly saying that things are impossible I don't think so many of them would speak such great english, not to mention the fact that there was also a peoples revolution in this country with little to no violence. Who am I? well, I m a czech american, and I do speak fluent czech, and probably have a lot more contact with ordinary czech people than the people you meet at Nebe. It just angers me to see you bashing a country that you chose to live in, if you do not like the czech people, you can move, I can assure you that you wont be missed, and I would bet that in your time here you haven't made one contribution to "getting things done". You say that you are too optimistic for most of the people that you meet here, are you talking about your optimism for the human race, religion, science, art, literature, the war in Iraq? Do you really think that the czech school system should be more like it is in the states where everybody passes because nobody wants to hurt anyones feelings, or maybe we should all get participation awards like they used to give my bad soccer team in grade school. I don't know where you are from, but I would guess that if somebody tried to lump you together with a stereotype of your country you would also think that person was ignorant. Fat Lazy Americans are stupid and they shoot each other all the time. The French think too much and don't get anything done. The english have good manners and enjoy a good cup of tea. Come on, things are more complicated than that and you know it.
syd syd - [profile] Mon Nov 29th 16:46 2004 / #74
hey angry guy,

so your solution is "love it or leave it". brilliant.

1) what better, more relevant place to bash than where you live? whether there by choice, circumstance, or laziness, a person's place of residence is the logical target for their criticism -- and hopefully their love as well.

2) your status as a "czech american" and your ability to speak the language fluently certainly give you the opportunity to connect with the local populace better than the average expat. unfortunately, you seem to have wasted this opportunity.

"to neni mozny" is absolutely one of the most uttered phrases around here, (right behind such favorites as: "ty vole", "ach jo", "bohuzel", and "jeste jednou") and it's not just idle chatter. there is a genuine sense of defeatism and negativity permeating this culture. the reasons for it are understandable -- and it seems to be changing rapidly amongst the youth. but your inability to see it betrays the overly-optimistic american half of your chromosomes -- or perhaps it's the czech half that's just refusing to admit it.
happy monk:) - [anon] Mon Nov 29th 17:05 2004 / #75
First of all my solution is not one of Love it or Leave it. I merely asked the question (see post 70) that if you had all these different places to chose from to live in this world, why would you chose the Czech Republic. There must have been something that attracted you to this country, and something that makes you stay here. As far as defeatism is concerned (which i much prefer rather than "optimism") you, yourself say that this idea seems to be rapidly changing among the youth, which in fact contradicts black monks statements about "the czechs". My post was not only about the hard work ethic I see in the czech people, but mainly about generalizing a country from the outside, because, in fact most expats have little or no connection to actual czech culture. Many are completely isolated, and live within their bubbles of Nebe and Fraktal, chosing not to even try to learn the language, yet make sweeping generalizations about the entire culture based upon their own cultural biases that they believe to be important. Trust me, a lot of my friends who have no american blood are fully able to work hard, and believe that their dreams can come true. In regards to your second point syd, Im not sure what you mean by the fact that I wasted my oppurtunity to connect with the local populace, can you enlighten me, and tell me what Im missing, is it the fact that I dont agree with your viewpoint mean that I ve been wasting my time here?
syd syd - [profile] Mon Nov 29th 17:33 2004 / #76
of course not.

my second point is in regards to what follows it. maybe i should have put it all in one paragraph.

it has nothing to do with whether or not you agree with me. it was in reference to how you tout your czech heritage and language abilities as somehow making you more qualified to comment on what goes on here, while simultaneously not noticing (or choosing to ignore?) the "to neni mozny" phenomenon that is still quite dominant.

nobody, including black monk, is saying that there aren't exceptions and that things aren't changing. but this "can't-do attitude" IS a bigger problem here than a lot of other countries -- even other slavic ones.

this much is obvious, whether you hang out at nebe or at u zlate prdele.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Mon Nov 29th 18:01 2004 / #77
titties y'all, what the hell does any of this have to do with titties!?





WCB - [anon] Mon Nov 29th 20:54 2004 / #78
New Here, my comments were not meant to offend anyone and I do not dislike black people. However, political corectness is like inquisition or communism. Galileo knew the sun, not earth, was the center of the universe, but but was punished for saying it. Everybody knew that communism was a shitty system, but could not say it. In America they have tried everything possible to close the gap between white and black students, but nothing worked. The "experts" then predend that they are puzzled and start wasting money on some other schemes. The fact is that black Americans have IQ 15 points lower than whites. And because black Americans have some white blood, their IQ is somewhat higher than that of black Africans. But that's not all: 1/3 of black Americans have IQ 70 or lower, which is, by white standards, a retardation level.
Most experts know that this is the reason why black people do not do well academically and economically, yet cannot say it and either have to use the old realiable bulshit about slavery and racism or pretend that they do not know the real reason. All intelligent blacks make it regardless of racism/discrimination (just like most Jews have always made it under equally bad conditions).
SaucyE - [anon] Mon Nov 29th 22:57 2004 / #79
yes, you are just likeGalileo. Wait...not really. Do some research into what an IQ test actually measures and the meaning of intelligence. A standard IQ test measures one's ability to learn. The ability to learn is how the test defines intelligence. One's ability to learn is largely impacted by such factors as how much stimulous the person was exposed to in the early years of childhood. This can't be much if the person was raised in a shanty with no running water in Mississippi, or in a tenament in South Chicago. I've been in both places and it's bleak. Don't assume it is biological.
pedant - [anon] Mon Nov 29th 23:47 2004 / #80
A standard IQ test does not measure your ability to learn - it measures your IQ.
Scrappy Monk:) - [anon] Tue Nov 30th 11:06 2004 / #81
wow, well I guess we see where generalizing an entire group of people leads.

In response to Syd, maybe I m crazy, and haven't experienced the wisdom that comes from not speaking the language on analyzing the czech people.

I still am not sure what are people saying isn't possible, and exactly in what areas are people pessimistic, Im very pessimistic about a lot of things (the war in Iraq, the idea the EU will help the czechs, wether ot not I will get laid this weekend, that I will be saved by jesus during the rapture)

I think that everybody is pessimistic about certain things due to their own personal history, and this does also manifest itself in terms of nationality. However I ve seen a lot more ingenuity, creativity, and hard work in the Czech Republic than I ever saw amongst people in the states.

IS it because Americans have psychologists, and the most positive outlook on the planet that this makes them any better? I think that if you look at WCB's comments about "Black people" you can see where this sort of thinking can lead, and that is ultimately ignorance.

PS; good idea about breaking up my paragraphs, it does make things a lot easier to read:)
WCB - [anon] Tue Nov 30th 20:01 2004 / #82
SaucyE, Mississipi and South Chicago are bleak, because blacks make them bleak. Actually those two places are less bleak for blacks than Africa, Haiti, Brazil, you name it, because American taxpayers provide some safety net for them. Unless you can refute facts in my posts Nos. 60, 63 and 78, I will stick to the "duck" test (if it walks like u duck....).
Thought For The Night - [anon] Wed Dec 1st 00:05 2004 / #83
New Here my man,

"Going into detiail about my dream "how to acheive" an educated and stable Africa here will bore you."

No it won't. I want you to start a new thread. Put your ideas in writing please. I want to read what you have to say.

Thanks for your dignity in the face of such regretable stupidity in this thread.

I am looking foward to hearing your ideas.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Wed Dec 1st 01:32 2004 / #84
black guy from london - [anon] Fri Dec 3rd 00:41 2004 / #85
well guys and girls; all this politicl chit chat is very interesting; As someone who has experienced living in Africa can i just say that Africa isnt as bad as what you make it out to be, in fact you would be quite amazed by the type of wealth and development you do not see in the general press however, i do aknowledge that there is a big problem in Africa, and this stems from the fact that the people in power are usually very greedy and corrupt and they end up keeping the nations wealth to themselves, you tend to notice most smart africans leave the country to live an honest living elsewhere. in any cse, i am born and raised in the uk and live in London was hoping to visit prague and make lots of friends ,possibly a wife. so anyone with good intentions, feel free to email me. peace
Thought for the Evening - [anon] Fri Dec 3rd 17:46 2004 / #86
"the people in power are usually very greedy and corrupt and they end up keeping the nations wealth to themselves, you tend to notice most smart africans leave the country to live an honest living"

Thank you BGFL . This was my point. Perhaps if people on this thread took less time preening their PC credentials and sense of self worth and addressed the issue we might get somewhere.

I am personally sick of the self publicist touchy feely brigade preaching about things they do not understand. Attack multi national corpoartions because it seems cool and provides an easy answer - shame it is the wrong one. Radical? I think not. Popularist and trendy? I think so.

Why not spend their time attacking animals like Mugabe? Because it is not PC?
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Sat Dec 4th 00:03 2004 / #87
No. Mugabe sucks. As does many another thing.

Just because Mugabe sucks doesn't mean it's okay for you to be a racist.

Call me a "preening PC-ist" if you want.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Sat Dec 4th 02:47 2004 / #88
preening PC-ist!
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Sat Dec 4th 04:31 2004 / #89
well im gonna spank my monkey
Thought For The Morning - [anon] Sat Dec 4th 09:19 2004 / #90
"doesn't mean it's okay for you to be a racist."

Can you explain please why you accuse me of being racist. Please justify this allegation.

Thank you.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Sat Dec 4th 10:20 2004 / #91
Can you explain please why you vomit up this multi-national corporation bullshit when the issue is clearly race. Please justify your stupidity.

You betcha.
88 - [anon] Sat Dec 4th 10:24 2004 / #92
obviously that person above your post was talking about people like Mugabe, so your sudden "preening PC-ist" comment seemed lpretty racist, coming where it did.

Now, if, in reality you're just to stupid to understand the "thread" of the thread, I truly apologize. You are merely dumb.
Black Monk Black Monk - [profile] Sat Dec 4th 16:25 2004 / #93
"My post was not only about the hard work ethic I see in the czech people,"

said lazy monk, or happy monk, or whatever.

Are you being funny or something??

Czechs work the longest hours in the WORLD. more than JAPAN. more than GERMANY. more than HOLLAND. (Holland has #1 productivity, apparently)

What the fuck are all these people doing at work? If they worked as hard as you said, obviously this country would not be the tattered slightly grease-stained place that it is (and that i love).

You are living in a bubble I think, happy monk.

And I hate nebe by the way. Jestirka is more my cup of tea.
Kansas_city - [anon] Sun Dec 5th 01:04 2004 / #94
Question for the group:

Prague Virgin: going to Prague for the first time:
I’m going to Prague with some buddies for a week….we want to do the usual sight seeing, then do the meet greet with locals while absorbing the culture and some alcohol.

Our goals:
1. Stay in a ?safe? area with nightlife/clubs/disco-techs close by… It would be nice if we could possible walk to bars or have a fairly short cab ride from where we were staying
Suggestions welcomed on safe reasonably priced hotels/flats to stay in.

2. Second Goal: We DO NOT WANT to get mugged because were stupid Americans in the wrong part of town. Where are the places that we should just not go. * what we Americans call the hood.

3. Question? What would a typical night of dinking cost….for example: what would 8 beers and some shots cost in U.S. dollars?

Kansas City
Thought For A Continent - [anon] Sun Dec 5th 09:40 2004 / #95
No body was able to explain to me why I was called a racist. I did not use the intemperate langauge of WCB. I was questioning why he expressed the opinion that Afica was a "expletive deleted"

The term "racist" is used in some instances without justification in order to deny proper argument. It is also used by silly people who are attracted to the periphera of politcal movements because they like the bohemian uniform.

Afica was described by WCB as a "expletive deleted". To try to understand why Afica is in such a peilous state we only have to look at its "society". The reason put forward by New Here was the lack of education and a middle class. Black Guy From London agreed with my point as regards the prevalence of criminal cabals which run "society"

Africa is a continent rich in natural resources and potential. When we try to discuss radical menas of solving these problems the race card is played by the left. The left who long ago lost the debate in Europe still survive under the cloak of the anti-globalisation movement.

This movement seeks to blame global capitalism for the woes of the developing world. I think that many in this movement - disaffected youth looking for a chance to express themselves - are attracted to the deceptive agenda of this movement.

The leftwing think tanks behind this movement are still fighting the long forgotten class struggle which they fail to accept is irrelevant. It is easy to be attracted to simplistic arguments about agricultural subsidies and debt cancellation but these are not in the long term interests of the developing economies. They need to compete. What is the differnce between Taiwan and Uganda? Society. A functioning society is the prerequiste for further development.

To end I will suggest that the only way to establish such socities is a very radical one and involves a leap of faith that is perhaps impossible. Control must be taken from the criminal gangs that now infest these African nations and control placed in the hands of a UN sanctioned body until the basics are sorted out. Nationhood means nothing when your children are starved to death by madmen like Mugabe.

Please do respond to this if you wish to trade one line insults. If you have a point -make it - but without the usual "dumb ass" type of lingo. It reflects poorly on your opinion which may be useful.
atey aight - [anon] Sun Dec 5th 11:49 2004 / #96
You genius, the "you" was rhetorical. Like saying "when youre in a no-win situation, it's best to back down."

You conservatives are such pussies. I wasn't calling YOU a racist. You are a paranoid fool.
Also you lack imagination. You think there are only two types of people in the world: conservatives and "bohemian" posers. You are truly a brain-dead, brain-washed fuck.

Also, you were the retard who brought up "criticism of multi-national corporations" making, once again, your staggering lack of imagination abundantly clear. What the fuck does that have to do with anything?
Again, like I said earlier, if what YOU said wasn't clear and I misunderstood I am truly sorry. How many times do I have to say this? Again the amazing flower-like sensitivity of you boneheaded righters is amazing. Are you gonna cook me dinner when I get home?Because you're acting like my damn wife.

The funny thing is...I said earlier that this was a thread about race. Now, I realize, that it's not. It's about some guy wanting to score on a Saturday night in Prague. LOL
Thought For Lunch - [anon] Sun Dec 5th 14:12 2004 / #97
Pathetic. Why are people like you incapable of making a point without littering your prose with insult and profanity? I can only imagine that you are American as I recognise your street language from such programmes as Cops and Trailer Park Trash 2.

I do not think there are two types of people in the world but I know that the left is peopled by a small minority of thinkers and a majority of vacuous foot soldiers. I am not a "conservative" and neither am I a "retard", "pussy", "bonehead", "brain-dead, brain - washed fuck" nor am I trying to "score".

Incidentally do you have any valid point to make aside from displaying your impressive knowledge of street vernacular? I am sorry if I missed the point and that this thread is purely about race I thought it was also about why Africa was such a hell hole. There have been some interesting points made I thought. Where was it decreed to be about "race"? I thought it was about picking fights with half witted dick heads who wear the cloak of radicalism like some wear Prada.

If you are represenative of the bohemian left in Prague then I must say you are a sorry tattered version of the original.

If my thoughts have been disjointed and nonsensical you are free to say so but why do you need to pepper your language? I think that the old saying "empty vessels make the most noise" applies here.
88 - [anon] Mon Dec 6th 02:09 2004 / #98
actually, this thread started with one one guy wanting to score on a Saturday night. That's what I was referring to, not you. I pointed it out, merely because it's ironic. I'm sorry about the "language" and it's a pity you are xenophobic. Yes, I am an American. Although, in my experience, Brits are often vulgar too.
Pigeon hole me how you will. I haven't considered myself a "bohemian" for a decade. You have me pegged as one. Fair enough.
I am indeed a "half-witted dickhead".

I misunderstood your initial post, with it's rhetorical point about posers complaining about globalization when monsters like Mugabe and others are in power in much of the third world.
Fair enough. It's not an invalid point at all, it did stick to the point and I will respond to it below.

First things first.

I really thought that you were saying something racist, and that was basically a comprehension failure on my part. I get unusually bent out of shape by racist comments, and I lose all rationality.My misreading of your post was the straw that broke the camel's back in a thread with an unusual amount of racist, and I feel, irrational comments.

Also your assumption on who I am and what I believe pissed me off. Oops. Sorry. Ticked me off.

On top of it all, I was too proud to admit that I had made a mistake.I still feel that way, strangely, but it's time I bit this bullet in two. I screwed up, and I'm sorry. I'm the fool here.

A valid point without name-calling(or a trendy jumping on the bandwagon, however you wish to read it):

Might I submit, that the "war to better the world", as it might be called, can be fought on several fronts at once including attacking those multi-national corporations that are unethical? For there are surely some that are. And that those who fight such things that are truly just being 'trendy' are mirrored by people on the "other side", (whatever that side might be) who are just as unthinking, who in their own way are just following another type of trend,one perhaps not so stylish(on the surface) or cliched(on the surface); another stream of rhetoric or propaganda?

Aren't Revolutions(to bring this issue up perhaps an inappropriate notch,) largely fought by the relatively mindless, in the end, and for the ends of an enlightened few? And on the other hand aren't hard-fisted quellings of rebellions also fought by relatively mindless?

I believe so. And I believe a lot of the people who complain, protest, write letters to their political representatives, etc. about such things as multinational corporations, the environment, saving the whales or even their right to get high on dope aren't posers, though some surely are.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Mon Dec 6th 12:04 2004 / #99
I didn't know the code 88 was still in use. If you are so proud of being a nazi why don't you just say heil hitler, are you scared that people might take this the wrong way?

For those of you who don't know, 88 is a code word for white supremicists. It stands for the eigth letter of the alphabet twice. HH, Heil Hitler.

Guess we see where this guy gets his information.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Mon Dec 6th 15:52 2004 / #100
Uhhh...right. I posted some pretty racist stuff there.
Good joke. You are one helluva wit.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Mon Dec 6th 16:07 2004 / #101

make your own decision.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Mon Dec 6th 19:10 2004 / #102
Uhh. Let me repeat myself. Uhhh...right. I posted some pretty racist stuff there.(sarcasm) Thanks. Good joke. You're one helluva wit.

Perhaps the powers that be on this site will wipe out the number 88 so people like you in the future won't be confused.
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Tue Dec 7th 09:14 2004 / #103
What's the matter Thought for whenever? Cat got your tongue?
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Tue Dec 7th 10:26 2004 / #104
If he didn't know about the meaning of 88 it would be pretty weird since the topic had so obviously turned to race, however I agree he wasn t necessarily posting really inflamoatory racist information. still it s really funny. Learn something new every day:)
Thought For A Calm Morning - [anon] Wed Dec 8th 10:17 2004 / #105
Hello 88,

Thanks for your intelligent and thoughtful reply. I knew that you were more than you just a bunch of nasty words. I understand your anger at racism - it revolts me too.

Best to ignore this nonsense about 88. I think that our own Professor of Numerology will find that this number had significance in ancient Chinese civilisation, long before the scurge of Nazi hatred infected Europe. Same can be said for the swastika, of course.

Actually I assume, although I am not in the slightest bit interested, that this is a modern usage and comes from the cesspit of laughable present day "Nazis" in the USA and elsewhere. It seems unlikely that this was used in the Third Reich. I cannot be bothered to visit the links to find out.

What does fascinate me is that the poster knows such bizarre tit bits of information as this. Am I being provocative in asking why he immediately connects the numbers 88 with such a vile salute? Also why does this poster accuse you of something that is patently not the case. To be silly? or to provoke? You are perhaps someone whose politics he does not like?This again poses the question why he has knowledge of this bizzarre reference to 88 and puts his knowledge in an altogether different and more troubling light.

You have clearly not written anything even remotely racist but have rather lost your cool at WCB - quite rightly - for his ugly remarks about "looks to match". I ask again that he (WCB) detracts these offensive and hate filled remarks.

This thread is getting out of hand - it is past 100 posts.Wonderful as it may be perhaps it is time to rest.

Dobrou noc,
14 words - [anon] Wed Dec 8th 11:40 2004 / #106
I was also aware of the use of the term 88, and it is used very frequently in the states. I come from a very conservative part of america, and many times old and young people will slip the term 88 into their sentences to see if someone is their "brother" in the aryan resistance. Much like gay people will say "are you friends with Dorothy" it's a way to connect with those in a way that the rest of the people won't understand. It just stuck out to me because the topic of the forum had turned to issues of race, and a poster was not only posting under "88" but "atey aight" as well. Here's a funny story about when target unknowingly started selling merchandise using the 88 symbol a few years ago.

Target pulls neo nazi apparel

By Leslie Earnest
Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

August 29, 2002

Target Corp. pulled clothing bearing "88" and "Eight Eight" from its shelves this week after complaints that the words and numbers are code for "Heil Hitler" among neo-Nazis.

The Minneapolis-based discounter issued a statement apologizing "for any discomfort" that may have been caused by the baseball caps with the numerals "88" and shorts bearing images of skulls and the words "Eight Eight."

"Target is a family-oriented store and company, and it is not our intent to carry any merchandise that promotes hate," the statement said. "Target does not and will not tolerate discrimination in any form."

Groups upset about the clothing say they want to know how such designs ended up on Target apparel bearing one of the retailer's private labels, Utility.

"It is well-known here at the center that '88' means 'Heil Hitler,' " Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder and dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, said Wednesday. "The company needs to investigate the manufacturer, the one who sold them the product. Did the manufacturer know this was a code for Heil Hitler? If they did, Target should not do any business with them in the future."

In the Chinese community, the number eight is a symbol of good luck. But in the case of the Target shorts, the words "eight eight" were paired with skulls. And Hier said that regardless of potential other meanings, the fact that "88" is a symbol for Heil Hitler means the merchandise should not be sold.

Target officials did not return calls. One analyst who follows the company said the design approval process is often slapdash and said that it's highly unlikely Target officials had any clue to the Nazi symbolism.

"A lot of times it's a graphics designer sitting at a screen coming up with an idea," said Robert Buchanan, an analyst with A.G. Edwards & Sons. "There's not a lot of time for the approval process. You're trying to come up with multiple designs hoping that some of them hit with kids."

The controversy came to light after Sacramento resident Joseph Rodriguez saw the shorts with skeletons and "Eight Eight." Because H is the eighth letter of the alphabet, 88 and Eight Eight have been used as code by white supremacists for "Heil Hitler."

"I couldn't believe it," said Rodriguez, a video producer and director for UC Davis.

Rodriguez, 51, said he first complained to Target's customer service center in early June but "they basically blew me off."

In late July, Rodriguez contacted the Southern Poverty Law Center, which said it also attempted to contact Target and then posted information about the clothing on its Web site,

"By the next morning, we had a response from them that they were going to pull all this merchandise from all 1,100 stores," spokesman Mark Potok said.

Having clothing with such symbols appearing on them sold by a mass merchandise chain such as Target demonstrates how a "very small and extremely violent subculture make their way into the mainstream," Potok said.

"Eighty-eight is possibly the best known neo-Nazi shorthand in the world today," he said. "When something like the 88 symbol makes its way into mainstream youth culture, it's very likely the ideas attached to that symbol will follow shortly."

A designer with one Los Angeles T-shirt manufacturer asserted that workers in the garment industry are too busy with deadlines to fuss over hidden meanings in a design.

"We're just trying to hurry up and get it done," said the woman, who spoke on condition of anonymity. "I wouldn't put 666 [a Satanic symbol] on a T-shirt, let's say that. And that's about as far as it goes."

In the young men's and juniors markets, companies are constantly trying to come up with bold graphics that will appeal to the youth culture, Buchanan said.

Sometimes the graphic or design "doesn't make any sense at all," he said, but somehow strikes a chord with young buyers.

88, and 14 words to white christian boy
[ anonymous ] - [anon] Wed Dec 8th 13:32 2004 / #107
Well, I assure all y'all that my use of 88 was only because of my initial post was was Number eighty eight. If it had been sixsixtysix, would that have made me a Satanist? Or Thirteen an Unluckynumberist? What about 12? A dozenist? Seven? A follower of Kurosawa? Number One? How dare I imply I'm more important than someone else!? Number 2? what's wrong with you, got a fetish for fecal matter? Number 10? Bloody decimalist! Number 16? Slave to an outdated system of weights and measures!
365 - [anon] Wed Dec 8th 13:56 2004 / #108
Ok, point taken. However you have to admit it is pretty funny that you posted under a symbol which is short for one of the most well known slang terms of the white power movement. Especially when the topic had moved to race. Probably won't forget the meaning of this number for a while, and you may have the chance to catch some people using it in this way. I've seen it spray painted around prague, and it's really much more widespread, and well known than you think.:)
Jerry - [anon] Fri Dec 10th 19:15 2004 / #109
Toddy, I recently went to Prague. The women come in many shapes & sizes and they are all beautiful. Not a well thought out question on your end.
Jitka - [anon] Tue Dec 28th 17:54 2004 / #110
As Czech woman I have say I have met many nice foreign men. They are not all same as men here in this discussion board.
Simon P. - [anon] Fri Dec 31st 14:24 2004 / #111
It's a pity that, despite all this verbiage, nobody is actually capable of answering the orginal poster's question. My guess is that they don't know because they are too busy trading childing insults. Maybe the person who asked this question would like some links to dating sites.
newbie - [anon] Mon Jan 3rd 18:30 2005 / #112
Maybe he could just learn some social skills.
I have a dream - [anon] Thu Jan 6th 01:40 2005 / #113
I think you are all forgetting that it is merely the result of generations living in a particular environment that we develop things such as skin colour, nose shape etc. Maybe one day the whole human race will have similar features as the world integrates across geographical barriers but with people like WCW we are doomed to killing each other if mother nature has already killed us by then.
WCW - [anon] Fri Jan 7th 15:43 2005 / #114
I think that your dream sucks
Chills - [anon] Sun Jan 9th 17:16 2005 / #115
Damn, this is an angry forum... Anyways, I'm moving to Prague for a year, and am interested in finding out some great places to go out (ie. clubs, lounges, bars), some nice museums to visit, and other cultural places that may be of significance. Additionally, I have heard the Czech women are beautiful, and would love to hear someone confirm that, haha... But please, no bitter comments, Im at peace with all..Ciao
Chills - [anon] Sat Jan 29th 15:13 2005 / #116
no responses...?
The man - [anon] Sun Feb 13th 08:39 2005 / #117
Dear all;
I am from the middle East and I have set up a big bacholar party for my brother in Prague. the party well be for 5 days non stop. So I was wandring if Pargue was the right place? And if anyone has a better place? Please reply to me at

thanks and regards

TheFerret - [profile] Tue Feb 22nd 10:53 2005 / #118
It all depends on whether you want to meet someone for a long, loving relationship or just need a quick lay.

If a quick lay is what you need than hang out at Wenclas Plac after dark. You will find quite a few trolleps around. Chances are they won't be Czech but Ukrainian or Russian.

But if you really want to meet a "nice girl" then its a bit harder.

Prague women and not really different than woman anywhere else in the world. Some are really beautiful and some are plain. Meeting them is not really different than meeting women from any other place. Just beware though. Some women will be very egar to meet you if you. If you go to a dance club, a disco or some place and they find out you are a foreign national they may be very interested. But very often they can ether be 1) Prostitutes or 2) Chicks looking for an entry visa to the west. The women in the first category are easy to recognize because they will want to sleep with you immediately. But the second kind are harder to spot.

I would first consider linking up with some Czech friends. People can be really friendly in Prague. If you are in a beer hall and you see some young people buy them a round of beer. Talk to them and get to know them. They can give you lots of advice on the ins and outs of the city. They may even help you meet nice women.
MM - [anon] Tue Feb 22nd 15:30 2005 / #119
You must be form US- caring only about sex and war!!!
Chills - [anon] Wed Feb 23rd 05:01 2005 / #120
Hey MM,

First off, Americans dont care about sex more than any other MEN from any country. In fact, America has one of the highest relative rates of contraception use in the world. So at least we are fornicating responsibly.

Second, Americans dont really care about war. The fact that we are the most dominant country in the world and must take a proactive role in global politics and regulation does not necessarily mean that we care about war. It just means that the job needs to be done sometimes, and in this case of Iraq, which I dont care to discuss, unfortunately many American lives were lost, though we were able to oust a disgusting tyrannical leader.

Furthermore MM, why dont u learn English before you start criticizing American culture and people. Judging from your ignorant comment, Im assuming you have never been to the US and therefore as the well known idiom states "Dont judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes".

From your little peephole whereever the hell you are, you have no idea what goes on in this country and probably have a very narrow scope as to what goes on in global politics.

So please MM before you further elucidate your opinions, please take a moment to grasp the important role the US plays in your life because Im sure that you wouldnt have a lot of the materials and liberties you take for granted if it weren't for the GREAT U.S.A.

I bid you adieu...
burned guy - [anon] Thu Feb 24th 12:45 2005 / #121
It is a true that Western Europeans do not like Americans anymore.This has not to do with American culture or wars the Americans made etc.The Europeans do not like America because they understand that USA represents a dangerous threat to their equalitarian,humanitarian,socialist etc societies that is to their welfare or to say more simply to their right to laziness and happiness and to the right to see other people lazy and happy as well.USA gave them this right when communism was threatening to invade every country because they wanted to build a more European model(closer to European culture) as an alternative to the rights people had under communism.The plan worked very well for half a century and the Europeans started to believe that actually their model is far better without realising that it was just a present given by Americans as a compromise to communism power.Now when there is no Eastern block and no Soviet Union the US do not see any reason of further supporing the old socialdemocratic plan.They say to the Europeans you need to change now and get rid of the social state.
The problem is that the Europeans do not want to change anything at all.They were so satisfied during the old good days of happiness and leisure that now they are not willing to any sacrifice of their "rights".The americans try to bring them to reason and what happens now is that European economy is and will remain in a stagnation while USA economy booms.It has become very difficult for the Europeans to press USA as they used to because there is no other alternative(USSR).So what do the Europeans really say:Please give us one part of money you make from buisness like Iraq war and investments worldwide because we need to keep our welfare social state.Otherwise we will turn folks against you and
you will face a disaster you never imagined.
The US always systematic and scientific analyse these threats according to a number of other parameters and actually know the Europeans are so weak and in such a decline that in reality they can take more rights out of them without Europeans being able to do anything against it.The only hope of Europe is the exploitation of the new Eastern countries like CR where everything will be done only according to US wishes and after US targets will be first achieved.
Final conclusion:The Europeans should shut up and follow quietely and politely the thourough and scientifically advanced US guidelines as they did in the past with amazzing success and stunning results.
Merlin - [anon] Sun Jul 31st 17:37 2005 / #122
Going back to the subject of women for a moment. I just came back from Prague lastnight and found that the city itself had the most beautiful architecture i'd ever laid my eyes on. In addition and in my opinion it also has the greatest concentration of beautiful people both male / female alike. However my impression of the females was a bit toward the negative side. I went to various clubs such as duplex, karlovy lazne, lafka, face to face, etc.... and found that most of the women at least the ones I talked to were prostitutes. In fact upon mentioning that I was looking for a nice girl to one of these hookers and I offered to tip her 50cz if she could tell me where to find one I received this exact response 'We're all prostitutes here in Prague. You will not find a nice girl.' That statement alone almost soured the trip for me. Please understand that im sure not all women in Prague are prostitutes but if you're a foreigner the majority that you meet will most likely be whores.
how sad can you get? - [profile] Sun Sep 25th 22:32 2005 / #123
First of all I would like to thank the ferret for having the best post in this forum. He answered the original question to this forum, not too long, sweet and informative. Its a pity Toddy couldnt get it back in 2002. I am planning on going to Prague for my holiday too with a friend for a few weeks. Now although the original question may have been slightly stupid, it still remains a valid question. I work full time with no commitments as far as relationships are concerned. When i get time off i like to party, which means that if I do go to Prague and the Czech country in general, ideally, i would like to go out, get drunk, perhaps smoke some weed and pound as many girls as possible. I live in England and i know that Prague is becoming more of a holiday resort for English people. I would prefer not to go to a place overrun by English people, I can get that here. Plus you have to get absolutely legless to score with any birds in the UK and more than likely they have their beer goggles on aswell, which makes them less attractive and lot of them are shallow anyway. Right, back to what I was saying before, I would prefer getting laid as much as possible. My question is how easy are the girls in Czech whether your Czech, Russian, African, Indian, Jewish it doesnt matter (does not include ugly girls)? Is the English language over there any good, say as good as the Germans because I suppose I will have to communicate with them some way or another, before I proceed to penetrate? And on the subject of prostitutes, if there are many out there in clubs, bars, etc and they instantly want to bed a foreigner in the hope of trying to obtain a green card or whatever, is it so bad? In effect you are not paying them, so theorectically you are not paying for the services of prostitution. But besides the prostitutes are there any loose, attractive Czechs out there who arent involved in prostitution, who can string a few english sentences together and want to get speared by an Englishman? So far from what I have read out of all this racist literature (where the fuck do you find the time people? Its almost like writing a dissertation or thesis, fuck that you can publish a book with this material) the best places to try and pick up women is Solidni Nestoja, Nebe and Wenclas Plac. So could someone please give me some more solid info.
Smiley Jones.. - [anon] Tue Apr 18th 17:44 2006 / #124
Let me just say as an American the English are funny people. How sad can you get definately made me laugh. Second Prague is a country I would love to visit and may do so soon. Lose women fast women the more the better!

I'm sure there are a lot of Russian, Ukranian, other placements trying to turn a dollar hence the high count of "working girls"
Anthony7 - [profile] Thu Dec 25th 20:43 2008 / #125
I find you people from Prague both arrogant and so quick to jump down everyones throat even if its a innocent question. I think your all jealous of the west because even in these global hard times we still have a better standard of living. (We earned that and built that, so quite beating up the west and just do as I say POOR Peaseants.) Now Where do all the Big breasted working girls hang out in Prague the Sex City
jimmyproofdeadbolt jimmyproofdeadbolt - [profile] Fri Dec 26th 14:35 2008 / #126

1. I'll take over paulrm's duties here and remind you to look at the dates on the posts in this thread; the most recent comment is two years old and the whole thread started six years ago. Whoever wrote the stuff above is likely not even here anymore.

2. you can go anywhere in the world and you will find people who write stupid shit on internet forums, it has nothing to do with prague.

3. this thread is filled with posts from people WHO ARE NOT FROM PRAGUE. Jitka (post #110) is probably the only one writing here who is actually FROM prague. The other ones are talking shit, surprise surprise, about women and sex.

4. anytime you say "you people" you are asking for a smack in the head. Why? Let me give you a quick and arrogant observation about humans on planet earth:

Every single person you ever see in your entire life will have this loop running through their brain,

"I don't know about you but I'm right."

It's programmed into our minds from the basic survival circuit and the mental patterns that grow out of problem-solving to survive. You just did it yourself in your post, just like everyone else. I'm doing it right now too.
thewizardofaz - [profile] Mon Jul 13th 08:44 2009 / #127
When I was in Prague, there were beautiful women everywhere. I didn't have to look for them. The most beautiful woman I saw was at the tramvaj stop just above Prague 6. She was simply amazing. It helps if you speak the language too.
Another - [profile] Mon Oct 5th 15:15 2009 / #128
WCB , I can assure you , I am in fact from namibia if you dont know where it is go browse it ( pssst its africa) We have the most beutifull country in the world, our people are friendly , clean , and I will not even mention our nice nature , elephants lions girafes , hippos ext. Actually all I wanted to say is we do not stink excrete on the streets ,our food I can assure you is very good and our girls hot. If you want to say something in my face ......I will be there in prague in on 4/01/2010
tommm - [profile] Wed Oct 16th 04:28 2013 / #129
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quinceanera - [profile] Tue May 27th 14:00 2014 / #130
quinceanera dress city reviews - [profile] Mon Aug 25th 14:05 2014 / #131
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nedved1000 - [profile] Sun Nov 30th 19:20 2014 / #132
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likern8 - [profile] Sun Dec 7th 16:29 2014 / #133
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fin - [profile] Wed Dec 17th 11:02 2014 / #134
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