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Real Tours

See the Real Prague with your own private guide...

From only 125 CZK/person/hour
Custom tours with guides for individuals, families and small groups, tailored to your tastes and interests.
A Real Tour is a unique experience, a taste of the city with someone who really knows it. All of our tours are custom creations. We do not have scripts. We believe in dialogue. Your interests are our starting point.
Choose one of these 2 options to plan and reserve your tour now...
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Choose a basic tour idea below, tell us your additional interests, and we will create a custom tour...

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Our most popular tours... (Starting points to create your individualized Real Tour.)
Prague Outlook
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Get aquainted, learn how to get around town. We will pick you up at your hotel and spend two hours in the old and new towns. Acquire the feel of Prague's 1200 years of history. Visit gothic churches, experience baroque splendour as well as the tumultaneous 20th century. Familiarize yourself with Prague's shops and cultural life.
Free hotel pickup | Up to 8 persons | 2 hours | Total price 2000 CZK (70 Euros, 96 USD)
Prague Comprehensive
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A walk through 4 historic neighbourhoods. From your hotel pick-up, we will guide you to almost every major hisotrical sight in the center. Encounter the St.Vitus cathedral, monasteries and the unique Charles bridge, as well as gardens and historic Czech pubs. Discover the baroque footsteps of the Austro-Hugarian Empire and the grand cafes, the gothic traces of Charles IV, the music of Mozart and Dvorak and ethnic communities of the Jews, the Sudeten-Germans and the Roma. Walk from the cradle of the Czech Nation to the vibrant center of todays global city of business and shopping.
Free hotel pickup | Up to 8 persons | 4 hours | Total price 4000 CZK (140 Euros, 192 USD)
Communist Tour
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This is a tour de force of the 20th century with a special focus on Communism. Begin the tour at the old Parliament and finish at a theater that premiered a number of Vaclav Havel plays. Important sights of WWII, 1948, and the rise of Communism, Prague Spring and the Soviet-led invasion, Palach's self-immolation and the Velvet Revolution of 1989.
Free hotel pickup | Up to 8 persons | 3 hours | Total price 3000 CZK (105 Euros, 144 USD)


Your tour will be priced and planned for up to 8 people. It is a flat fee; the basic cost of one guide is 1000kc an hour. Have your own tailormade, unique tour from 125kc per person/hour. If you wish to inquire about bigger groups and other possibilites, do not hesitate to contact us.


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