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Currently listing 26 projects
Residential Park Baarova
Location: Baarova Street, Prague 4
Apartments: 139 apartments
Apartment size: 50m2 - 170m2
The Residential Park Baarova is a new residential project by the successful developer PASSERINVEST GROUP, a.s. This company is especially connected with the Prague 4 BB Centrum complex, which is a perfect combination of administrative buildings with a range of shops, services, restaurants and a leisure time facility: the wellness and fitness Balance Club Brumlovka. This complex is being further extended now with another residential project, the Residential Park Baarova.
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Liliová 8 (Prague, CZ)
Location: Prague 1, Old Town, Liliova 8
Apartments: 37 apartments
Apartment size: 30m2 - 87m2
Liliova 8 is a truly unique residential development, stirring the imagination and capturing the essence of contemporary living. Liliova 8 was created for those who desire the character and distinction of a historic building, but who demand the highest comfort, facilities and services.
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Modransky Haj (Prague, CZ)PRE-SALES DISCOUNTS END 28.02.09
Location: Do koutů Prague 12
Apartments: 122 apartments
Apartment size: 40m2 - 72m2
Introducing a new village scheme concept in one of Prague's most sought after and district - with CERES exclusive 10% pre-sale discounts.

The CERES group has secure exclusive conditions for the international presales of this project offering not only 10% of the local list price but the provision of free fully fitted kitchens to make the ownership even more hassle free.
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Oaza Michle (Prague, CZ)
Location: U Michelskeho Mlyna, Praha 4
Apartments: 60 apartments
Apartment size: 25m2 - 119m2
Located between the Vinohrady and Pankrác districts of Prague, the Michle suburb is a quiet and ideal site for the exciting new Oaza Michle development. Major public transportation runs through the Michle area, making easy access to Prague´s city centre.
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Nad Rokytkou (Prague, CZ) - Garden & Courtyard phases completed
Location: Prague 9, Vysocany, Podebradska Street
Apartments: 209 apartments
Apartment size: 44m2 - 155m2
Capital growth of 12-14%, Exchange of 10%

Situated in the up & coming suburb of Vysocany in Prague's 9th district, the residential project Nad Rokytkou is slated to define living standards in this neighbourhood.
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Cloister Green (Hradec Kralove, CZ) - SALES STARTED
Location: Nove Fararstvi, Hradec Kralove
Apartments: 201 apartments
Apartment size: 33m2 - 96m2
Located on the best address in Hradec Kralove in Prazske Predmesti, Cloister Green is an open complex of lowrise residential houses set into a calm residential ambience surrounded by greenery.
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Brno Heights (Brno, CZ) NEW PROJECT
Location: Brno
Apartments: 105 apartments
Apartment size: 42m2 - 75m2
Situated in the satellite town of Slapanice, less than 10 minutes from the centre of Brno, the Brno Heights project is a great investment opportunity in the second biggest city of the Czech Republic.
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Riverhouse (Prague, CZ)
Location: Nabrezi Praha 2
Apartments: 8 apartments
Apartment size: 120m2 - 250m2
The River House offers investors the chance to purchase an extremely rare commodity in Prague - a high end apartment with a luxury finish, located on the banks of the Vltava and with a view to the world famous Prague Castle. The apartments will be housed in a stunning renaissance style building, and will be finished to the highest of standards.
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Diamond Corner (Praha, CZ)
Location: Charvatova Praha 1
Apartments: 21 apartments
Apartment size: 29m2 - 76m2
"Diamond Corner" is a historic project of 21 fully-reconstructed (completed) apartments in a beautiful baroque building from the early 1900's.
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Vltava Court (Prague, CZ)
Location: Mezi Vodami Street, Prague 12, Modrany
Apartments: 15 apartments
Apartment size: 30m2 - 89m2
Situated on the site of a former chocolate factory to the south of the centre of Prague, the Vltava Court development is in an enviable position right on the banks of the Vltava River which runs through the centre of Prague. The design of the development blends the look of the former factory with contemporary architecture.
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#ONE Palmovka Residence (Prague, CZ)
Location: Prague 8, Palmovka, Na Zertvách
Apartments: 277 apartments
Apartment size: 28m2 - 145m2

#ONE is Prague's answer to urban cosmopolitan living. Situated in one of the city's most up-coming city neighbourhoods #ONE blends residential living with retail convenience to create a unique lifestyle concept.
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Zborovska, Prague 5
Location: Zborovska, Prague 5
Apartments: 3 apartments
Apartment size: 98m2 - 190m2
Located on the border between the beautiful Mala Strana (Lesser Town) district in the historic centre, and the thriving commercial hub of Andel, this beautiful renaissance building offers residents the chance to live in one of the most sought after residentail areas of Prague.
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12 LOFTS (Prague, CZ)
Location: Dr. Zikmunda Wintra ulice, Praha 6
Apartments: 12 apartments
Apartment size: 224m2 - 474m2
This exclusive development represents a building design that borders between individual villas and apartment houses adopting the advantages of both styles. The property provides maximum comfort while the individual buildings emulate the relaxed spatial feel that is characteristic for the area. The result is three unique buildings surrounded by beautiful gardens.
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Blue Skies Letňany (Prague, CZ)
Location: Beranovych Street, Letňany, Prague
Apartments: 198 apartments
Apartment size: 32m2 - 110m2
Blue Skies Letňany Residential Complex is situated in an attractive and dynamic part of Prague experiencing development unparalleled in other parts of the city just minutes from the new Letňany metro stop.
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Balbínova (Prague, CZ) - completed
Location: Prague 2, Vinohrady, Balbínova 5/223
Apartments: 31 apartments
Apartment size: 42m2 - 72m2
Located in beautiful Vinohrady, Prague's most popular residential neighborhood, Balbinova is a unique reconstruction project, and we offer you the chance to purchase the last remaining units.
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Saldova Cornlofts (Prague, CZ)
Location: Saldova ulice Praha 8
Apartments: 127 apartments
Apartment size: 67m2 - 160m2
Genius loci. Referring to the distinctive atmosphere of Saldova Cornlofts, this project captures the spirit of the site's former industrial heritage, transforming it in to a vibrant residential environment.
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Black Mountain Retreat (Janské Lázně, CZ)
Location: Janské Lázně
Apartments: 9 apartments
Apartment size: 29m2 - 87m2
Janské Lázně is a world-famous spa town and, the 2nd rated skiing resort in Czech Republic. This tranquil spa town of extraordinary history spreads on the south slope of the Krkonose Mountains at the foot of Černá hora (Black Mountain, 1299 meters).
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Odeon Residence (Most, CZ)
Location: Most, Trida Budovatelu
Apartments: 101 apartments
Apartment size: 30m2 - 122m2
Located in the regional town of Most, this mixed-use project is a pure buy-to-let investment product.
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Na Hřebenkách (PRAGUE, CZ)
Location: Na Hrebenkach, Prague 5
Apartments: 15 apartments
Apartment size: 70m2 - 170m2
Na Hřebenkách is an upmarket project currently being constructed, using the latest architectural innovations, on a sloping plot of land adjoining the streets Na Hřebenkách and U Plátenice.
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Riverside Vrchlabi (Vrchlabi, CZ) - last few units reamaining
Location: Vrchlabi, -, Labska Street
Apartments: 15 apartments
Apartment size: 27m2 - 69m2
Located in the mountain town of Vrchlabi, this luxury project offers investors the opportunity to utilise the exclusive apartments for their holiday use throughout the year.
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Hrabovo Lakeside Apartments (Tatra Mountains, SK)
Location: Ruzomberok, Hrabovo, Lake side
Apartments: 133 apartments
Apartment size: 30m2 - 80m2
Exclusive place right in the Skipark Ruzomberok area

The Hrabovo Apartments project, hidden in a lovely corner of the Ruzomberok skiing resort, stands to provide some of the most beautiful modern skiing accommodation in Slovakia.
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Poprad Ski Apartments (Tatra Mountains, SK)
Location: Poprad
Apartments: 35 apartments
Apartment size: 46m2 - 144m2
Tatras investment, mountain retreat Poprad is renowned for both being surrounded by beautiful countryside and being right next to the stunning Tatra Mountains.
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Condominium Renaissance (Bratislava, SK)
Location: Bratislava, Dlhe Diely, Devinska Cesta
Apartments: 80 apartments
Apartment size: 70m2 - 210m2
The Condominium Renaissance has the charm of vast open spaces with the typical privacy of a family home and the added extra of being able to visit a squash court, a quality equipped fitness centre, a swimming pool and a sauna, which all enhance the feeling of a healthy and comfortable lifestyle.
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Koubkova residence (Prague, CZ)
Location: Prague 2, Vinohrady, Koubkova Street
Apartments: 18 apartments
Apartment size: 35m2 - 85m2
Historic conversion in the city centre Vinohrady is well deserving of its fine reputation. The name means "vineyards" in English, and once upon a time the hill it sits on was the royal wine-growing district of Prague.
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Korunní Dvůr (Prague, CZ) - ONLY 1 UNIT LEFT
Location: Prague 2, Vinohrady, Korunní Street
Apartments: 250 apartments
Apartment size: 40m2 - 360m2

Project has just been completed and offers immediate investment opportunity. Located in an attractive neighbourhood it's offering rental yields between 5 - 6%, with immediate tenants available.
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L'Ocelot Apartment (Prague, CZ)
Location: Prague 9, Vysocany, Ocelarska Street
Apartments: 59 apartments
Apartment size: 50m2 - 184m2
Last unit (1) remaining.

L'OCELOT distinguishes itself by innovative architecture respecting the genius loci of the place. It is based on the steel tradition of a famous Czech-Moravian Machine-work enterprise that had a considerable effect on the area.
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