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1 to 10 of 2589 flat [ Gallery view ]
Size Sqm Locality Area Price Foto: On
General Prague 2 Vinohrady 4,000 CZK Property image
Prague 3 Žižkov 4,250 CZK Property image
General Prague 2 Vinohrady 4,500 CZK Property image
General Prague 1 Staré Město 5,000 CZK Photo not available
Prague 3 Žižkov 6,090 CZK Property image
Commerical Prague 1 Josefov 6,240 CZK Property image
Commerical Prague 1 Josefov 6,405 CZK Property image
1+kk 22 m² Prague 3 Žižkov 6,500 CZK Property image
Studio 43 m² Prague 2 Nové Město 6,500 CZK Property image
Commerical Prague 3 Žižkov 6,800 CZK Property image
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The Best Accommodation in Prague

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The word "Dollar" comes from "Thaler", which is short for "Joachimstaler" - meaning "Joachim's Valley", where a silver mine near the West Bohemian town started minting coins in 1519.

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