Press Releases

Provokátor Magazine Issue 24, December/January 2007

Wishing you a Happy Festivus!

This issue, we at Provokátor have avoided the single holiday in hopes...

provakator magazine | 16.12.2007
Graffiti: Welcome Inside of the Corinthia Towers

Lukáš Fokt and Zsolt Farkas take charge and turn the place upside down...

Prague, Czech Republic, December 11th, 2007 – In attempt to further...

Corinthia Towers Hotel | 13.12.2007
Think Again: Where Now?

Where Now?

Think Again – December 07/January 2008  Where Now? We’re reaching the end of the year and heading towards (can you believe it)...

Think Again | 06.12.2007
Provokátor Mapazine Issue 23

This issue, we at Provokátor have donned black and stared out from under a hood to find out the meaning behind ‘scary’. Released on October 22, the double October/November issue presents the mind-probing issues of real life events, myths, Dave Vanians gothic air, and one woman’s connection to The Devil’s Bible.

Provokátor | 09.11.2007
Think Again: Walk the Walk

The More Things Change…

The More Things Change… This month marks a bit of a change-over for Think Again. Starting November of this year, your favorite...

Think Again | 07.11.2007
Legendary Chippendales Dancers

Legendary male show from New York

Male bodies frenzy is coming back!!! The legendary group from New York is going to mesmerize Czech women again! Ideal muscles,...

Makroconcert | 02.10.2007
Tango Seduction

Press release: Tango Seduction from Argentina

„I didn’t believe you can give up your soul in such a perfect way for Argentina through the dance. However, the performance of...

Makroconcert | 02.10.2007
Think Again: Skill

Summer's done and gone...

Summer's done and gone and all that's left of 2007 are those steadily colder months of fall and winter. You can either start...

Think Again | 26.09.2007
Provokator Conspiracy Issue

Conspiracy theories (CT's for short)...

What we'll have for you at is CT's from the regal ramrod of the Catholic Church to the semi-frozen Nazi...

Provakator | 19.09.2007
BIST GigaCon 2007 Conference

IT Security and Reliability (Bezpečnost a spolehlivost informačních systémů)

BIST GigaCon 2007 conference is an overview of technologies and...

BIST GigaCon | 13.09.2007
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