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Four percent of young Czech don’t drink

Some 90 percent of those between 18 and 30 drink at least monthly

Young Czech people like to drink, and statistics back this up. Among Czechs aged 18 to 30 only 4 percent are teetotalers, while...

Raymond Johnston - Prague.TV (Foto: fotolia) | 22.11.2017
Tick season isn't over yet

A large number of ticks in Prague parks carry Lyme disease

Relatively warm and humid weather has created ideal conditions for ticks, and the season for them is not over yet in Prague....

Raymond Johnston - Prague.TV (Foto: fotolia) | 16.10.2017
Czechs may not be so unhealthy, after all

Experts question the methodology of a recent report naming Czechs as least healthy

A study claiming that Czechs are the most unhealthy people in the...

Raymond Johnston - Prague.TV (Foto: fotolia) | 28.09.2017
Fall collection for Heart Days starts

Volunteers will be selling magnets and tokens to help sick children

The traditional collection for Heart Days is under way and will last until Friday, Sept. 22. The money collected will help...

Raymond Johnston - Prague.TV | 18.09.2017
Laser Resurfacing

Bringing fresh, youthful skin to the autumn season

After basking in the sun through the glorious days of summer, what happens when temperatures drop, bikini lines fade, and your...

Emily Prucha - Prague.TV | 12.09.2017
Anti-smoking law grace period ends

Pubs and restaurants had 90 days to comply with the new provisions

While smokers felt the force of the new anti-smoking law three months ago, pub owners and other businesses had a 90-day grace...

Raymond Johnston - Prague.TV (Foto: fotolia) | 31.08.2017
Anti-smoking law may be weakened

Some politicians want to re-open the new law for 'fine-tuning'

The new anti-smoking law will likely be weakened, as some shortcomings have been found, according to some politicians. The law...

Raymond Johnston - Prague.TV (Foto: fotolia) | 14.08.2017
August to be hotter than average

High temperatures are expected to continue and people should take precautions

Meteorologists are warning that high temperatures are expected to...

Raymond Johnston - Prague.TV (Foto: fotolia) | 31.07.2017
Mesotherapy treatments (and more) at the Altos Clinic Prague

Get your skin in top shape for the summer

A basic skin care regime is a regular part of daily life. Washing...

Emily Prucha - Prague.TV | 12.07.2017
HIV cases rising

People are no longer concerned about the virus, which helps it to spread

The number of people infected with HIV has been growing for 15...

Raymond Johnston - Prague.TV | 10.07.2017
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