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Yoga: Balance your Ying & Yang in Prague

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Hop on the tram in the early morning and you’re apt to spot a few...

Emily Prucha - Prague.TV (foto: fotolia) | 27.04.2017
Emergency room visits increase

December is the busiest due to flue season, August is least busy

Prague emergency rooms last year treated 140,788 patients, an increase of several hundred over 2015. Adults were treated most...

Raymond Johnston - Prague.TV (Foto: fotolia) | 01.03.2017
Prague working on smog plan

New regulations should take effect next winter

The final draft of a regulatory plan for smog in Prague should be finished Aug. 31 and should take effect Jan. 31, 2018. A smog...

Raymond Johnston - Prague.TV (Foto: fotolia) | 15.02.2017
Smoking ban becomes law

Czech restaurants will become no smoking May 31

A law banning smoking in restaurants and bars has been signed by President Miloš Zeman and will take effect May 31, which is...

Raymond Johnston - Prague.TV (Foto: fotolia) | 14.02.2017
Smog situation is back

The city may reconsider free public transportation if it gets worse

A smog situation has returned to much of the Czech Republic including Prague and Central Bohemia. The smog situation also...

Raymond Johnston - Prague.TV (Foto: fotolia) | 02.02.2017
Smog covers much of the Czech Republic

Cold temperatures have trapped dust particles in the air

High levels of smog have been detected across much of the Czech Republic due to high levels of airborne particles. Regulations...

Raymond Johnston - Prague.TV (Foto: fotolia) | 22.01.2017
Flu casualties increase

Hospitals in affected areas are banning visits to stop the disease

The influenza outbreak in the Czech Republic has had nine fatalities as of Jan. 6, according to a report by the State Health...

Raymond Johnston - Prague.TV (Foto: fotolia) | 10.01.2017
Flu season starts early

A large outbreak of flu is expected sooner than usual

Flu season is expected to start early this year, and a large number of cases are already filling doctors' offices. More cases...

Raymond Johnston - Prague.TV | 03.01.2017
Lower House approves smoking ban

The law may take effect in mid-2017 if it is approved by the Senate and president

A smoking ban in restaurants, bars, cafes and pubs may finally take...

Raymond Johnston - Prague.TV | 12.12.2016
Dentist Daniela Hájková will see the whole family

Finding an English-speaking dentist who will also take children can be difficult

Finding an English-speaking dentist in Prague can be a little...

Raymond Johnston - Prague.TV | 28.11.2016
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