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Prague hospitals need more blood

In the last decade the number of donors has been shrinking

Raymond Johnston - Prague.TV | 23.09.2018
Zoo and city cope with heat

Prague's polar bears get fish ice cream, humans get sprinkler trucks

The heatwave hitting Prague is affecting not only residents but also the animals in the zoo. The city is helping by watering...

Raymond Johnston - Prague.TV | 01.08.2018
Czechs second-biggest drinkers in EU

Health care experts say a strategy is needed to reduce overall consumption

Czechs are the second-heaviest drinkers, tied with France, in both...

Raymond Johnston - Prague.TV (Foto: fotolia) | 19.07.2018
Ticks are an increasing problem

Several serious diseases are in and around the Czech Republic

Experts are warning people to beware of ticks both when traveling in the Czech Republic and when going to neighboring countries...

Raymond Johnston - Prague.TV (Foto: fotolia) | 17.07.2018
Few smoking fines levied in Prague

Inspectors issued fines in only two cases since the ban took effect

Very few fines have been given out for violations of the anti-smoking law in Prague. Since the law took effect at the end May...

Raymond Johnston - Prague.TV (Foto: fotolia) | 26.06.2018
Czech smoking ban favored by large majority

A survey shows that the ban is still popular after one year

Some 71 percent of Czechs support the ban on smoking in restaurants, which has been in effect for about one year. The ban is...

Raymond Johnston - Prague.TV (Foto: fotolia) | 28.05.2018
Václav Havel Airport Prague increases cooperation with hospitals

The city's international airport will be better prepared in case of...

Raymond Johnston - Prague.TV | 14.05.2018
Heart disease down after smoking ban

But politicians are seeking to repeal parts of the ban on smoking in pubs

Smoking-related illnesses have dropped since the smoking ban in bars...

Raymond Johnston - Prague.TV (Foto: fotolia) | 10.04.2018
Flu epidemic ends in Prague

The number of cases has fallen and in to expected to rise until the autumn

The influenza epidemic has ended in Prague, according to the Prague...

Raymond Johnston - Prague.TV (Foto: fotolia) | 26.03.2018
Cocaine use on the rise

The economic recovery has led to more use of luxury drugs

The rise in wages in the Czech Republic has led to an increase in spending on recreational drugs. Both the use and purity of...

Raymond Johnston - Prague.TV (Foto: fotolia) | 06.03.2018
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