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Great places for breakfast, lunch, dinner, light bites or big meals in Prague. Discover the best Restaurants, local Street food, international top cuisine or just some nice cafe to hang around. The local food community has grown, more and more fantastic places and food specials to discover ...  Prague.TV offers a comprehensive listing of restaurants, each with address, telephone number and map link - book a table simple and fast through our partner Prague.TV - Living Like a Local!

Hookah, line and sinker

Prague's hookah havin' tea rooms and the search for descent cous-cous

Dahab Dlouhá 33 (entrance on Rybná), Staré Mesto, P1 Tel. 224 827 375 Open noon-midnight daily Siva Masná 8,...

Wil Tizard | 22.05.2003
Taste Holešovice

Prague's neighborhood just across the river is abound with culinary pleasures. You just need to know where to look...

Reference Map Our shopping trip begins at Obchod...

PTV | 06.05.2003
Prvni Pivni Tramway

Good Food, Beer and Czech Metal. A Hurewitz date spot.

Prvni Pivni Tramway End of 11 Tram, Spořilov Michle Prague 4 The end of the line is not always skid row, at least not if...

Jeremy Hurewitz | 06.05.2003
The Ambiente Empire

Tomáš Karpíšek waves his magic noodle.

The opening of Ambiente on Mánesova in 1995 was a revelation. Begun with a single dining room seating 40 and a couple of billiard...

Dan Levine | 08.04.2003
Time For Pie

Two of Prague's best spots for the real deal pizza

Pizzeria Rugantino Dušní 4, P1 Tel. 222 318 172 Open Mon – Sat 11 a.m. – 11 p.m., Sun 5 p.m. – 11 p.m. Long recognized as...

Scott McMillian | 27.03.2003
Pak a Punch

Seeking spicy South Asian sustenance

South Asian cuisine generally means a feast. Rarely is it a solo affair, and one of those intimate, multi-course European...

Scott MacMillan | 25.03.2003

The most unlikely mixer gets mixed.

Alright already, alright, we all know that Moravian motherfucker—clear, sometimes unlabeled, definitely dangerous. But is it...

Doug Roberts | 25.03.2003
Holy Meat!

Mmm ... slaughtered.

Like the scars of a well-done plastic surgery, like the small print on labels of prescription narcotics, the meanings of...

Doug Roberts | 12.03.2003
Eat Your Way East

New places to loosen your borscht belt

Tbilisi Dittrichova 25, P2 Tel. 224 911 507. Open daily 11 am – midnight Restaurace “Traveller” Pasaz U Radnickych,...

Scott MacMillan | 12.03.2003
Local Heroes

Pork, politicos and Pilsner for the pecunious.

U Hrocha Thunovská 10, P1 Malostranská Pivnice Cihelna 3, P1 Dig if you will the picture: You ankle into a bar on a...

Dan Levine | 12.03.2003
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