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Great places for breakfast, lunch, dinner, light bites or big meals in Prague. Discover the best Restaurants, local Street food, international top cuisine or just some nice cafe to hang around. The local food community has grown, more and more fantastic places and food specials to discover ...  Prague.TV offers a comprehensive listing of restaurants, each with address, telephone number and map link - book a table simple and fast through our partner Prague.TV - Living Like a Local!

Deep-Fried Nostalgia

The almighty taste of America.

T. G. I. Friday’s Na Příkopě 27, P1 Tel.: 224 228 791 Way back in 1965 an enterprising perfume salesman named Alan Stillman...

John Caulkins | 09.11.2002
Karachi Kebab

Quick, simple and delicious

Lamb is typically the meat of choice for these kebabs, but flank steak can also be used. A good place to buy lamb is Carrefour ...

"Bad" Jeff Cohen | 30.10.2002
Meat Beat

Hunting high and low for the best edible flesh.

There are literally thousands of meat shops (uzeniny) in Prague. On most busy streets you’ll find one at every tenth door or...

Todd Benson | 30.10.2002
Café Veverka

High Times in Holeovice

Café Veverka pplk. Sochora 33, Prague 7 Tel: 608 112 782 Some people call it by its proper name, Hole ovice. Others...

Travis Jeppesen | 30.10.2002
At the Oasis

Slowing down for an authentic Middle Eastern meal.

Sultan Podolské nábře?í 1 in P4 Tel. 244 466 465 U cedru Národní obrany 47 in P6 If you pay the check before...

Tracy Dove | 30.10.2002
Recipe for Love

Mango and passion fruit dessert (with rum)

The hardest part about this recipe is going to be treating the rug burns and scratch marks you may suffer after someone tastes...

"Bad" Jeff Cohen | 30.10.2002
Fish School

Get caught in the current of one of Prague's finer fish restaurants.

The monk fish is not one of nature's pageant winners; its cavernous jaw and oversized head make it one of the fishmonger's...

Tracy Dove | 24.09.2002
The Ultimate Guide to the Local Liquor - Tuzemský (domestic) rum

The rum that isn't rum.

Be aware, if you have ever tasted rum of any kind (Cuban, Jamaican...

Felix Neumann | 05.08.2002
The Ultimate Guide to Local Liquor - Griotte

Griotte - the Sour Cherry Liquor

Griotte definitely falls into the category of sissy drink. It's a dark red and rather thick liquid made of sour cherry juice, and...

Felix Neuman | 30.07.2002
Czech Potato Salad

Potato Salad Czech style courtesy of Chi Chi Tornado

One thing that I have found to be true about life is the need for good food . Yeah sure we need world peace. We need love and...

Chi Chi Tornado | 09.07.2002
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