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Books - A History of Bombing

Swedish historian Sven Lindqvist on whistling while you wait.

A History of Bombing By Sven Lindqvist Granta Books, 2002 (second edition) Of all the words carved into the 20th...

Alexander Zaitchik | 30.10.2002
The Conductor

Vladimir Ashkenazy on Prague, oppression and the artist’s calling.

During the Prague Spring of 1968, the Czech Philharmonic was struggling with rebirth. Formerly the country’s proudest...

Doug Roberts | 30.10.2002

Czech indie rock declares independence from nothing.

“Don’t forget to drop by our table at the back of the room where we’ve got Squall CDs, Squall t-shirts, Squall coffee mugs,...

Micah Jayne | 30.10.2002

DJ Shadow's The Private Press and Manu Chao's Radio Bemba Sound System

DJ Shadow The Private Press MCA, 2002 With the chaotic,...

Micah Jayne | 30.10.2002
Music - The Hub & Squall

The sound of New York’s Dirty Jazz scene comes to Prague.

The Hub and Squall Friday, October 18th at Belzepub U Rajské Zahrady 14, in >=i?kov When it comes to the expression of...

Jeremy Hurewitz | 30.10.2002

Arthur Phillip's new expat novel accomplishes nothing.

Review by Alexander Zaitchik Prague By Arthur Phillips Random House, 2002 367 pages As a publishing...

Alexander Zaitchik | 01.09.2002
Acrylics and Air

Filip Černý talks to the Pill about Prague, Japan and the airbrush

Filip Černý is a member of the Czech Republic’s most famous art...

The Pill | 21.08.2002
Who are you calling old?

Take a tour of the Vecernícek exhibition with the larger-than-life, world's famous, seventy-something Czecho-American couple, the Deitches.

You half-expect birds to flutter and tweet as the Deitches approach,...

John Caulkins | 29.07.2002
Welcome To Prague. Now Leave Prague.

I finally took my own warm weather advice and escaped Prague. Not far, half an hour on the train, but far enough to look around...

Alexander Zaitchik | 11.07.2002
Karlovy Vary Film Festival

Film Lover's Paradise

An impressive line-up for documentary films at this years 38th Annual Karlovy Vary Film Festval complements rich programs in the...

PTV | 02.07.2002
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The James Joyce Irish Pub

Best Irish Pub in Prague

Pražské Benátky

Enjoy Prague from a different view

Ristorante Casa de Carli

Authentic Italian cuisine in Prague

Charles Bridge Museum

Discover the history of Prague’s famous Charles Bridge

Trabant Museum Prague

Trabant Museum @ STK Motol

Army Museum Žižkov

Armádní muzeum Žižkov

National Memorial to the...

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