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Acrylics and Air

Filip Černý talks to the Pill about Prague, Japan and the airbrush

Filip Černý is a member of the Czech Republic’s most famous art...

The Pill | 21.08.2002
Who are you calling old?

Take a tour of the Vecernícek exhibition with the larger-than-life, world's famous, seventy-something Czecho-American couple, the Deitches.

You half-expect birds to flutter and tweet as the Deitches approach,...

John Caulkins | 29.07.2002
Welcome To Prague. Now Leave Prague.

I finally took my own warm weather advice and escaped Prague. Not far, half an hour on the train, but far enough to look around...

Alexander Zaitchik | 11.07.2002
Karlovy Vary Film Festival

Film Lover's Paradise

An impressive line-up for documentary films at this years 38th Annual Karlovy Vary Film Festval complements rich programs in the...

PTV | 02.07.2002

A Polish filmmaker takes to Prague’s streets for inspiration.

It's strange that Prague has somehow stumbled into a reputation for being a literary city – you can count the number of...

Micah Jayne | 28.06.2002
Czech TV – In English!

Filip Bezděk explains the dangerous magic of “Dual Sound”

There are people in Prague who don’t own televisions out of principle. And then there are monolingual expats who wouldn’t get...

Filip Bezděk | 20.06.2002
Czech Republic Represent

This small ex-bloc country has been supporting the four pillars of hip-hop for decades.

Someone once wrote that in America if it can be made, it can be sold....

Dennison Bertram | 24.04.2002
“We’re all gonna die!”

The Pill's exclusive interview with the most notorious musician in Prague

Prague-based musician Jaz Coleman is said to have the most diverse...

Mike Kyselka | 09.04.2002
Rock and Roll Renaissance

Reverend Vincent Farnsworth on Prague's Rock Glory - Past, Present and Future.

Reverend Vincent Farnsworth on Prague's Rock Glory - Past, Present...

Reverend Vincent Farnsworth | 08.03.2002
English Language Video Rental in Prague

Here are the locations and contact information for all the English language video stores in Prague.

Fed up of trying to follow ancient episodes of Dallas in Czech? Buy a...

Peter Lowe | 30.01.2002
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Norbert’s donuts

Superb Donuts in the heart of Prague

Ristorante Casa de Carli

Authentic Italian cuisine in Prague

Pražské Benátky

Enjoy Prague from a different view

Burrito Loco Spálená

Tasty Fresh Mexican fast food in Prague

Charles Bridge Museum

Discover the history of Prague’s famous Charles Bridge

Trabant Museum Prague

Trabant Museum @ STK Motol

Army Museum Žižkov

Armádní muzeum Žižkov

National Memorial to the...

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