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for kids. Discover family-friendly activities and helpful information for expat families living in Prague and Czech Republic. Your guide to fun things to do in Prague as well outside the city for kids, teens and families. Prague.TV – Living Like a Local!
Changes starting for child care benefits

Fathers newly can get seven days of leave, benefits can be used faster

Changes for families with children will take effect in 2018 in the Czech Republic. Child tax deductions have increased, and more...

Raymond Johnston - Prague.TV (Foto: fotolia) | 03.01.2018
Prague Lego Museum (Video)

The largest private Lego collection in the world

Prague Morning | 19.12.2017
Kids Market for Kids coming in September

Parents can still register for their kids to sell no longer used toys and other items

The Kids Market for Kids will be on Saturday, Sept. 23, from 2 pm...

Raymond Johnston - Prague.TV | 31.08.2017
DOX's Children's Day has workshops for kids

Experts will guide children on several topics that unleash the imagination

Play a photo thief or detective, animate figures, make illustrations...

Raymond Johnston - Prague.TV (Foto: © DOX, Foto... | 25.07.2017
Children and Exercise

How Much is Enough?

Exercise is an important part of everyday health and the benefits are numerous and widely reported. As gym classes and fitness...

Canadian Medical Care - Prague.TV (Foto: fotolia) | 13.07.2017
Prague Zoo celebrates Children's Day

Kids get in for Kč 1 and there will be events and games all day

Prague Zoo will celebrate International Children's Day on June 1 . Children under 15 can enter the zoo for the low price of...

Raymond Johnston - Prague.TV (Foto: Petr... | 30.05.2017
2017 Summer Camps for English-Speaking Children

When school’s out & your children want an adventure

With the arrival of warm weather (finally!) in the Czech Republic, summer vacation doesn’t seem that far away. For school-aged...

Emily Prucha - Prague.TV (Foto: fotolia) | 23.05.2017
Original baby box saves 25th child

But the option to anonymously give up a baby has its critics

Mothers in the Czech Republic can leave unwanted infants in baby boxes at the entries to some hospitals and clinics. The mothers...

Raymond Johnston - Prague.TV (Foto: fotolia) | 02.05.2017
Blue Whale is worth talking to your kids about

Opinions on whether or not it is a hoax are divided, but the web always poses dangers

There was not much interest in the internet game Blue Whale...

Raymond Johnston - Prague.TV (Foto: fotolia) | 21.04.2017
Easter Monday: To whip or not?

Why Czechs are ditching their whips to head to the cottage, walk in nature or visit castles instead

For Czechs, as in many nations around the world, Easter brings with...

Emily Prucha - Prague.TV (Foto: fotolia) | 14.04.2017
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