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Czech Real Estate Market Overview and Forecast 2007

From choosing a neighborhood to picking up the keys, everything you...

Marcus Fuchs | 09.01.2007
The Prague Real Estate Market - Part 1

An overview of the residential property market

The strength of interest in the Czech residential property market, particularly in Prague, has recently escalated to new heights....

Erik Webb Dempsey | 18.12.2006
The Prague Real Estate Market - Part 2

The EU and the effect of foreign interests in the Czech market

One cannot discuss the future of the Czech housing market without mentioning the effect of the Czech Republic’s entry into the EU...

Erik Webb Dempsey | 18.12.2006
Prague Neighborhoods

Prague TV's at-a-glance guide to the city's most important districts

Perhaps because it's built on seven hills, Prague sometimes feels more like a collection of small towns than a sprawling...

PTV | 18.12.2006
Prague Docklands

The riverside development concept hits the city's Libeň and Karlín districts

This is a sponsored article provided by CERES, one of Prague TV's...

David Friday | 09.11.2006
#One Palmovka

With the construction of this large-scale residential development, the future looks bright for Prague 8

This is a sponsored article provided by CERES, one of Prague TV's...

CERES | 09.11.2006
Korunní Dvůr in Královské Vinohrady

A new residential development in the "Royal Vineyards" brings modern living to one of Prague's most charming historical quarters

This is a sponsored article provided by CERES, one of Prague TV's...

David Friday | 20.09.2006
Old Town

What a load of old cobblestones: the enduring appeal of Staré Město, Prague's historic heart

This is a sponsored article provided by CERES, one of Prague TV's...

Nigel Mort | 13.09.2006
Foreign Buyers' Czech Real Estate FAQ

Investing in a Prague property from outside the country? Here's how to avoid the pitfalls and strike the best possible deal

Is there a currency risk when buying a Czech property? If you're...

Marcus Fuchs | 13.04.2005
Cross Price Cultural Anomalies in the Prague Residential Real Estate Market

What a foreign buyer should know about Czech negotiation tactics on...

Marcus Fuchs | 02.03.2005
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