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Prague.TV is an English language resource for those looking to rent or purchase property in the Czech Republic.

Our listings of real estate agencies is the place to look for the best realtors in the Czech capital to assist you in managing, renting, buying or selling property. You can choose from a wide range of agencies that cater to both local and foreign clients.

How to choose an apartment

Are you looking for a new apartment for rent? What are the facts you should consider? What should you be careful about? Here...

Vojtěch Stehno | 14.01.2013
Choosing an apartment from abroad

If you are coming to the Czech Republic to work or study and need to rent an apartment even before you arrive, it is important...

Vojtěch Stehno | 29.11.2012
Fairytale parts of Prague for great living

Unique residential apartments for rent offered by Albertov Rental Apartments

This is a sponsored article from Albertov Rental Apartments. ...

Albertov Rental Apartments | 03.08.2012
Affordability of Prague Flats Reasonable for Locals - Study

How do Prague property prices compare to those in other international...

Nathan Brown | 15.07.2010
Five Vitals to Execute a Maximum-Value Resale in the Czech Republic

Nathan Brown offers sellers five tips on getting the most for their...

Nathan Brown | 13.04.2010
Investing in Real Estate Investment Funds

Small investors now have a more flexible means of putting their money into Czech real estate

© Lifestyles Magazine® Open-ended real estate investment funds...

Martin Kolmhofer, Lifestyles Magazine® | 09.07.2008
Property Negotiation in the Czech Republic - Four Critical Points

The "must know" factors a Western buyer should be aware of when...

Nathan Brown | 12.06.2007
Czech Property Purchase Process and Timeline

Buying a home in the Czech Republic? Find out what kind of time frame you can expect between the start of negotiations and the handover

This is a sponsored article provided by Czech Point 101 . A...

Nathan Brown | 05.06.2007
Ownership of Czech Property

Agreeing to buy a house is only the first step -- next you'll need to register your purchase with the Cadastral Register

This is a sponsored article provided by Czech Point 101 , one of...

Nathan Brown | 24.05.2007
Property Purchase for EU Citizens: SRO or Czech Residency Permit?

Property purchasing vehicle or green card? Which route should...

Nathan Brown | 27.02.2007
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