Czech Restaurants in Prague

The Czech Republic is seasoned with dishes special to this region, as you'll find in Prague TV's Czech restaurants listing. The food here is generally rich and flavorful, and Prague hosts a number of restaurants that have passed the taste test among the locals. Find the tried-and-true restaurants of Prague below, and you'll soon be on your way to guláš heaven. Prague.TV - Dinging Like a Local!

Zlý Časy

Perfect place to try some fantastic...

+420 723 339 995
Zorto Restaurant

+420 224 240 783
Ztráty & Nálezy

+420 224 216 389
Žižkovský restaurant Olše

+420 725 125 324
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American Pub Bejzment Lesnická

Finest Burgers - American Quality - Lesnická 8

Hostinec U Provaznice

Old Prague restaurant U Provaznice located near Wenceslas...

Žluté lázně

Prague River Beach!

Mexicali Mercado (Shop)

Offering the largest selection of Mexican goods!

Pivovar Lužiny

Beer with a taste of Hard Rock

Restaurace U Medvídků

Original Budějovický Budvar (Czech Budweiser) Restaurant

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