Basic information:

Company: Grafton Recruitment s.r.o.

Field: IT & Telecoms

Job Type: Full time

Posted on: 27.03.2018


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Job description

This experienced Software Design Engineer will help with design and implementation of medical grade video management system. In this role, he/she will develop both low level libraries controlling our own custom hardware and high-level services that will manage them. The Sr. SW Design Engineer will be part of a small team that has considerable experience working on medical systems and this position will need to collaborate with other team members to deliver maintainable code.
1. Develop C/C++/Go applications and libraries running on Yocto Linux.
2. Collaborate on the design of modular, service oriented system.
3. Design and implement medical grade video management system:
a. Web service layer for accessing lower level functionality.
b. Control libraries for our custom hardware.
c. Real-time video encoding subsystem.
4. Develop reusable code and libraries for future use.
5. Ensure all code is maintainable, scalable and testable.

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